Mastering Nude Photography: Best Techniques and Examples

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Nude Photography has been a popular genre of photography since the inception of film. The nude form has always been the subject of controversy because the human body is a sensitive subject. Some people and cultures may deny it and don’t want to talk about it.

Nude photographs may contain a person who is in complete nude or semi-nude.

In this current digital era, more and more people share images on social media, we are starting to see an increase in nude photographs being posted publicly online.

Although being nude is still a sensitive topic, we cannot deny that nude photography is still an important genre of photography and many people consider it an art.

This blog post will discuss various aspects of nude photography, from its history to the best techniques and practices, to provide you with the best ideas to create a strong foundation for you to work in this field.

Some people also confuse nude photography with erotic photography, but actually these two genres of photography have similar things. If you want to learn more about erotic photography, you may like this post from us.

Erotic Photography: The Sensual Art of Photography

In the scope of this post, we focus more on artistic nude photography rather than glamour nude photography. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t mention glamour nude photography. In a section where we mention nude photography ideas, we include a lot of glamour nude photos.

We will focus mostly on techniques for nude photography, and we also provide you with some ideas from real nude photoshoots (for example, what photographers often do behind the scenes).
Although this post is long, we hope you will like it and can learn a lot of things to apply in your real work.

Erotic Photography and Nude Photography

Erotic and nude photography have become increasingly popular these days. However, many people still confuse the two types of photography. In this part, we will help you understand the difference between erotic and nude photography.

Erotic photography is a form of photography in which the subject is sexual. Erotic photography focuses more on sexuality and not about art. The models in erotic images can be nude or semi-nude or still wear clothes.

It is typically shot in intimate settings and is intended to provide a sexual image.

Erotic photos can be used in advertising or for entertainment purposes, and may include images of couples engaged in sexual activity. Erotic images are generally taken for magazines, video, books, websites and advertisements. Naked women and naked men are a major part of modern erotic photography.

For example, products created for adults can be advertised with erotic images.

Nude photography is the art of taking photographs of a model in a state of undress. In contrast to erotic photography, it has a long and well-known history. Artists such as Man Ray and Cindy Sherman have made pictures in this way.

The nude or semi-nude body may be posed, or it may be natural, but the photograph should still be considered to be of high artistic value.

One of the most common misconceptions about erotic and nude photography is that nude photography involves showing the model completely naked. This is not always the case and many models use clothing to hide their genitals. Furthermore, there are many other creative ways to present nudity.

It is okay for models to be semi-nude in nude photography.

However, sometimes erotic and nude photography still overlap each other. A nude photograph can be erotic as well, and an erotic photograph can be about a nude model.

But the main subject of an erotic photograph isn’t always a nude model. That is the key difference.

nude photography ideas (173)

Let’s look at the above photo. This is a photograph of a nude model. The photograph can be considered an erotic photograph as well.

nude photography ideas (29)

The above photo can be considered an erotic image. But the main subject of the photo is a girl who is still wearing her clothes.

The market for erotic photography is growing at an explosive rate and has been responsible for many successful careers in the world of photography. In the USA, erotic photography is legal provided the model is over the age of 18. In other countries, it is not permitted for anyone under the age of 18. Most of the models that work for adult publishers are adult women over the age of 18. Nudity is not generally acceptable for women in most countries.

Nowadays, we still see a lot of people and models share their sexy images on the Internet, and we should know that there was a market and demand for erotic and nude photography.

In the United States, erotic photography has become especially popular with porn magazines such as Playboy and Hustler, and other mainstream magazines like GQ and Sports Illustrated sometimes use erotic images in their articles.

A Brief History of Nude Photography

Hippolyte Bayard (1801–1887) was a French photographer. In Self-Portrait As a Drowned Man, he portrayed himself as naked as a corpse, seated in a slumped position and covered with a shroud. He had invented his own photographic technique, but it was Louis Daguerre (1787–1851) and his “daguerreotype” that received official recognition from the French government.

The beginning

The nude female form has been a subject for artists in every generation of Western culture, and the early photographers that sought to establish photography as an art medium chose this demographic when capturing their nudes.

In the early 1840s, with the improvement of lenses and the development of the stereoscopic camera, the creation of portraits was easier. F. J. Moulin (approximately 1802–1875) and Auguste Belloc tried to take academic nudes and erotic, even pornographic, images. Their academic nude photographs were later referenced by some famous painters such as Courbet and Delacroix.

20th century

In the 20th century, many artists and photographers continued taking pictures of nude men and women. For example, photographer Herbert List (1903–1975) took pictures of nude men in the setting of Greek antiquity.

Avant-garde photographs taken after World War I can be divided into two categories: those that depict nudity in a classical allusion and experimental photos which allow the viewer to create their own meaning.

Alfred Stieglitz is an example of one such photographer who took nude photos with Georgia O’Keeffe, portraying her as more than just a subject but rather something personal between them.

In the 1930s, Edward Weston evolved a particularly American aesthetic, using his large format camera to capture images of nature and landscapes as well as nudes.

Some photographers specialize in the nude, like Diane Arbus who was attracted to unusual people and places, including a nudist camp.

Other artists focus on more conventional subjects, such as Lee Friedlander with Madonna being one of his many successful photographs taken throughout her career as a model while she got started.

At the end of 1930s, fashion photography started to grow and there were some photographers who captured nude images for fashion magazines. For example, Blumenfeld photographed some of the first nude photos for Vogue.

Until the end of 1960s, most nude photographs were about female bodies. But later, there was a trend to create nude photos from photographers. They were Dieter Appelt (Germany, 1935–), Jan Saudek (Czech Republic, 1935–), and Arno Rafael Minkkinen (Finland, 1945–), and John Coplans (1920–2003).

With the birth of some magazines like Playboy and Penthouse, erotic female nude photography grew in popularity in Western Europe and the US. Later, a growing number of female artists used nude to illustrate themselves and their inner souls. Francesca Woodman (1958–1981) created self-portraits to talk about her sexuality and desires.

In the 1970s and 1980s, photographers started to create new photographs about the female body. One of the most famous photographers was German Helmut Newton ((1920–2004). His photographs of nudes were overtly sexual. And later, he became very famous in fashion photography.

His work was thought to be too highly sexual for American magazines and popular in some magazines in Europe.

In the 1980s, Newton released a series about female nudes called Big Nudes. In the series, women were completely nude and wore high heels and some makeup. Later, many photographers also followed his ideas. More and more campaigns via media emerged like the Benetton campaign of the 1980s, the heroin chic look of the 1990s.

Today’s digital era

In today’s digital era, it is very easy for people to edit photographs. Photographers no longer need to capture “the decisive moment”. With the development of technology, there are a lot of possibilities for people with their creative and photography skills. Photographers can use Photoshop to edit and create magic changes for their photos later.

And nude photography will be continuously improved along with the development of artificial intelligence, and image editing tools.

Now, many social media platforms are also playing big. People can share and talk about nude photography easier. You can find a lot of nude photos on Flickr or Instagam.

We believe that nude photography will continue growing in the next decades, and we look forward to watching it develop together with other types of photography.

The Purposes of Nude Photography

Educational Purposes

Nude photographs are also used for scientific and educational purposes, such as ethnographic studies or demonstration of human physiology. In this context, the emphasis is not on the subject’s beauty but rather their usefulness in these fields of study.

For example, medical schools can use the images of nude people to teach their students about the human body. If you are studying to become a doctor, it is a must that you should be familiar with these kinds of nude photos.

In reality, medical students often have to study cadavers, which are not always available for study; therefore some medical schools employ “virtual cadavers” that allow students to study aspects of human anatomy without having to work on real corpses.

Sometimes, nude photographs can be used for analysis or scientific reports and articles. Many scientific journals or studies can use them to support or explain an idea.

Use for Commercials


Nude or semi-nude imagery can be found in all aspects of our lives. These images are often referred to as “adult” or “for adult entertainment” because they are only for people who have reached an age where one is both mentally and physically mature enough for such content. For example, you must be at least 18 years old to read or watch some adult entertainment products.

Now, it is easy to catch some nude or semi-nude scenes in some movies we watch every day. Many magazines for adults are also popular, like Playboy.


It is easy to realize that nudity is not widely accepted in many countries and cultures. Most early nude images were regarded as violations of social norms. Although some cultures accept nudity in art, others don’t.


It is easy to encounter many nudity or sexually – related images or videos during these days. The sole intent behind using these kinds of images for ads is to attract attention from users and consumers.

Attention can lead people to click on the videos or watch the ads to persuade them to buy a product.

Fine art

The nude is a controversial subject in all media. However, nude photography can be a bit different from the sexuality because it emphasizes aesthetics over eroticism.

Best Tips To Get Started With Nude Photography

Photography is a great hobby for all kinds of people, including kids and adults who want to improve their photographic skills.

However, nude photography is a bit different from other types of photography. This type of photography is a bit sensitive and private for your clients. You need to pay attention to a lot of things to get things done smoothly.

To get started as a beginner in this field, you can consider these tips and ideas from us. Even this post is also a good resource for you to get started.

  • You might even want to find other photographers who can help you take more nude pictures.
  • When you are taking nude pictures, you should be thinking about what kind of image you want to create.
  •  The more you take nude pictures, the better your skills will be. However, you might find it hard to take nude pictures at first. If this is the case, you should always try to take some practice shots so that you can work out what you want to do. This will make it easier for you to take nude pictures later on.
  • When you are taking nude pictures, you should always be thinking about how you can create the best image possible. This can mean trying different things like using various settings on your camera or varying the light in the room. As you get better at taking nude pictures, you should be able to create more creative and artistic images.
  • If you are looking for more information on getting started with nude photography, then you should go through our parts of information below. These ideas can help you to learn more about the topic and to understand some of the basic things that you need to know and get started.

This list of questions below is also very good for you to think about when you want to become a professional nude photographer:

  • Do you want to photograph intimate nudes, artistic nudes, glamorous nudes or erotic nudes? It is different if you just want to focus on erotic nudes or glamorous nudes. Here in the post, we talk more about artistic nude photos. If you like artistic nude photography, this post will help you a lot.
  • Do you like to tell stories with your pictures, or portray the models in a way that reflects how you feel about them? Or are you more interested in looking for shapes and forms? If you choose to portray the shapes of forms of human bodies, there are specific poses or ideas to help you achieve that.
  • Do you want to work mainly in black and white or in color? Of course, it is easy to convert colorful images into black and white photos, but taking black and white nude photos can be a bit different if that is your initial purpose. You can set up your scene, background, and props so that they are all suitable for a black and white nude photo.
  • How will you react to unexpected photographic opportunities that come your way? Will you ignore them and stick to your original plan, or incorporate them into your work? That will test your ability to be flexible with any plans and overcome any challenges that may happen during your photoshoot.
  • Are you going to overcome limitations of budget, equipment, space, time, and experience, and turn those challenges into opportunities? Sometimes, it is quite often that you may not have the best equipment for your photoshoot. But as an aspiring photographer, you should learn how to take great photos with what you are having. As we know, the best photographers out there don’t need expensive and fancy cameras or equipment to take the best pictures.
  • Are you confident in your use of hairstyling, makeup, and props, and able to use them selectively to contribute positively to the overall effect? It is better if you can be very good at selecting props for your photoshoot, so you can choose the right ones for your photoshoot. And makeup and styling skills are also good for your photography skills too.
  • And about your models. Where will you find them? How do you approach them? What body type works best for your imagery? All the things you need to consider carefully before any nude photoshoot. Here in the post, we also mention these questions, and we also help you with that.
  • Having found your models, how will you make them feel at ease? How are you going to direct them into expressing the mood you choose for your image, and convey to them clearly what you have in mind?
  • How much of your time do you need to direct your models for posing?

We hope that these questions and ideas in this part can help you visualize the tasks or challenges you need to overcome to be successful in nude photography.

Best tips to take nude photos of yourself (even if you are not a professional photographer)

The whole article you are reading is about tips and guides for taking nude photography for photographers. But in this part, we would like to give some ideas to take nude photos for those who want to take their own nude photographs of themselves.

Be relaxed.

This means that if you are nervous, you will feel awkward. To relax, try deep breathing, listening to music, or do something you feel comfortable first.

You can choose to take your own nude photos at a comfortable place, which makes you feel more relaxed. It can be your own room or your own house.

Also, it is good to know that there are ways to make yourself feel more confident in your body. For example, there are exercises like the ones that David Gandy suggests in his book “Perfect Body”. If you read that book, you will find out many ways to help your body become more beautiful.

When you feel confident about your body, and love yourself better, the better your nude photos will be.

Use a tripod.

For best results, choose a tripod with a built-in timer. A tripod is a helpful tool to use when taking pictures.

If you are not a professional photographer, you can use a tripod to help you stabilize your camera. It is good for nude photography because you want to take nude pictures by yourself without the help of other people. The reason is that you want to keep it private for yourself only.

Have patience.

If you are not a professional photographer, then this tip is for you. I mean, we can’t all be professional photographers or models, right? You can’t expect to take photos with a perfect body in one hour! You will need to plan for at least 2 hours for taking photos. Try not to judge yourself too much. If you do, you will end up hating yourself and not being able to take pictures.

If you are not satisfied with the result, you can try it again and learn from your previous photos.

Make sure that the lighting is good.

Remember, the camera uses the light to capture your image. For example, if your bed is facing a window, you will get better photos than if your bed is facing a wall.

If possible, take the photos in natural light. The light that comes from outside is more flattering. This is generally easier to achieve if you are outdoors and has the advantage that it will be flattering. Remember to use the flash sparingly and to take lots of different shots to make sure that you do not have one perfect shot.

We also mention in a very detailed way about lighting in this post. You can find the part to learn more.

Take photos of yourself from different angles.

It is better that when you take your own nude pictures, you can try to capture images of your body from different angles. You can try new perspectives and experiment to see what angles work best for you.

Prepare for Your Shoot

If you are going to be photographed nude, it is worth spending some time preparing. The skin can be sensitive, so take time to moisturize it well and try not to shave for two days before the photo shoot. This will allow the skin to recover and make it easier to take good shots.

Make sure your teeth are clean and have a smile that makes you look approachable.

Have a few outfits ready, in case you want to change. But with nude photography, you will not need too many clothes for your shoot.

Be aware of your body.

If you have a particular pose in mind, then check whether it is flattering to your figure.

You can take a minute to look in the mirror and look at your body from different angles and see what ideas you can try with your body. It is okay for you to learn from the sample nude photographs on the web.

Do not go on a diet.

Instead, choose food that is healthy and nutritious. These will give you energy to keep going through the day, and will not put on weight.

Other things to remember:

  • Don’t compare yourself to other people.
  • Don’t be afraid to be nude.
  • Take as many photos as you want.
  • Don’t forget to look at your photos later. If you don’t like them, you will be able to edit them and fix the problems you noticed.
  • The last tip is not to share the photos you took. You might regret doing it if people judge you. The nude photos should be very sensitive and private things.

Nude Photography Themes

There are some common nude photography themes you should know. You can take glamour, fashion, portrait, and erotic nude photography. You can also take nudes in different ways like scientific, pornographic, or educational way.

Artistic and Fine-Art Nudes

Artistic nudes are often classic nude images you see in some galleries and many photos are taken in black and white. However, color nude photographs can also be accepted as artistic nudes as well.

Artistic and fine art nudes are almost the same, we mean the intent of the photographs are the same. Photographers focus more on using the human body to create art, rather than trying to capture the beauty of their models.

To categorize a nude image as an artistic one or not, we can use some criteria below:

– Posing: the focus of artistic nudes is on shape and form. Sometimes, the poses for artistic nudes are abstract and can convey some hidden ideas and meanings.

– Lighting: the way you use your light in nude photographs can affect the whole images, it is true. Lighting in artistic nudes often focuses on revealing shapes or curves or some parts of the human body that you want to tell a story.

– Setting: photographers often try to integrate models into their location and settings or create a connection between your subjects and their surrounding environment in artistic nudes.


Glamour Nudes are often beautiful nude images of beautiful models. Here you can think about nude images in Playboy magazines.

Glamour nude photos are often used to describe seduction and focus on the models’ eyes. In this type of nude photography, models look very confident and don’t show their inner feelings and emotions much.

We can see that models in glamour nude photography often make direct eye contacts with viewers.

These above features can help us easily identify which sub-genre of nude photography it is, when you look at a nude photograph.

nude photography ideas (203)

The above photo can be considered a glamour nude photograph in which the blonde model has a direct eye contact with viewers. She uses her hand to cover her breasts and she is also confident. We can see that all the things this photo focuses on are about the model’s face, her eyes, and her nude body.


In fashion magazines, nude or semi nudes are all about fashion products, accessories, and the presentation of the model’s body.

nude photography ideas (262)

In the semi-nude photo above, we can see that the model is using her hands to cover her chest, while her outfit also covers her sensitive parts. This photo still creates some attraction, glamour and erotic feelings, and sensuality, while focusing more on the fashion outfit and the earrings the model is wearing.


Portrait nude photography is often about models’ personalities, so it is very important for photographers to focus on their inner souls while capturing their bodies.

It is better for photographers to capture their models naturally rather than in a story.

nude photography ideas (68)

This photo is a good example for portrait nude photography. We can see something in the model’s eyes, although it is very subtle. The model here posed naturally, and he didn’t play a role.


Erotic nude photography focuses more on sexuality rather than model’s personalities and eyes. This type of nude photography can be very provocative and sexually explicit.

In this kind, many models will be the main sexual subjects and show their sexual attraction and availability.

Here is an example:

nude photography ideas (256)

The model shows that she is very confident and makes direct eye contact with viewers. We can see that the model is very sexy and the location also contributes to this idea. There is a semi-nude attractive woman in a private bedroom. All these things can also create more imaginations in viewers’ minds.

Create nude photos based on a concept

Sometimes, you want to take nude photographs with a concept in mind. That’s okay. Of course, there are no rules about this.

We mean that you can create a series of three or more photos which support a big idea or concept. When you do this, your nude photography theme is the whole concept.

So, this is also very good for you to be more creative and experiment even with your own theme.

nude photography ideas (204)

nude photography ideas (117)

In the series, the model is portrayed with a concept named “forest”. The whole theme is based on the location where the model is photographed in a sexy and semi-nude way.

Black and White Nude Photography

Black and white is one of the most commonly used techniques in photography, and many photographers like working with black and white. The reason may be that they don’t have to be worried about working with colors and color theory.

But black and white brings a sense of art, mystery, and even sophistication in every photograph.

You can use black and white to create simplicity, contrast, and ambiguity.

nude photography ideas (1)

Here in this photo, you can see that the photographer used lighting and windows to create texture on the models’ bodies. And he used black and white to emphasize the contrast between the dark and light areas on the modes’ bodies.

These techniques create some effects that make the photo artistic, mysterious, and a sense of sophistication.

Things to Remember When Working with Your Nude Models

Choosing Your Models

When you choose your models, it is better to choose those who meet your needs.

You can think about the poses first and see if the models are good options for your photographs. Please don’t let your own biases influence your decisions. Please keep in mind that you should choose suitable people for your photographs and entire project.

Sometimes, if your photos focus more on a part of the images, you should choose models that can meet your needs. For example, if you want to concentrate on models’ facial expressions, it will be better if you choose the right models with good expressions in their faces.

The body shape of your model also matters. You should choose carefully because each pose will need its suitable body shape.

The personality of the models also plays an important role in the nude photos. So, it is better for you to choose someone who can convey their characters. Viewers will also have a feeling about their personalities and have a better connection via your photos.

It is better if your model has a relaxed and extrovert personality. But, it is not true that introvert models cannot be good ones.

If your model is relaxed during your shoot, it is better.

You can consider choosing a model who has good skin and pleasing proportions. However, each photographer has his/her own interests, so it is better that you choose your model to be suitable with your concept and project.

There is an important thing is that your nude models don’t need to be so beautiful or physically perfect.

The main thing of nude photography is to capture the beauty in your photos, not just capture the beauty of your nude models. Your models’ physical appearance can be average, but you can still take great nude photos by combining all the great things together: composition, posing, lighting, location, and creativity.

Sometimes, it is very easy for people to misunderstand that if you find a model beautiful, other photographers will see the same thing. It is not 100% correct, you may like tattoos on their bodies, but I may not like them.

In general, you should choose a model who can be a good fit for your specific concept or specific photoshoot. Some may be suitable for black and white, but some may be suitable for focusing on shapes and curves.

Where to Find Your Model

You can use workshops and group photo shoots to find your models.

If you are a beginner, and you haven’t had much experience in finding models or haven’t had nude images in your portfolio, you can join group photo shoots. You don’t need to find a model or direct the model because there will be someone else doing that for you.

There are also some experienced photographers in your group as well, and you should try to learn from them.

If you feel that the model is good to work with, you can contact her to discuss more.

There are some workshops that will focus more on teaching, and it is good for you to attend these workshops to improve your skills. Here you can meet other peers and maybe potential models as well.

You will know more about the instructors of the workshops, including their biography and accomplishments. They are often experienced photographers and maybe famous ones.

Attending these workshops will provide you with good experience, portfolio reviews, photo shoots, plus feedback on the images you create during the workshop. You can also ask questions if you don’t understand anything.

These workshops can cost you some money, but we believe that it is a good learning opportunity for you.

Using online channels

Now, it is easier to find models for your photoshoot. You can use the Internet to find via some websites like Model Mayhem is a website that connects photographers with models and other professionals in the industry.

You can learn more about Model Mayhem here.

There are also some models who advertise themselves on their social media accounts or their own websites. You can use Instagram, Facebook, or even Flickr to find their photos. If you see that their photos are a good fit with you and your concept, you can contact them for a cooperation opportunity.

Find Models via Agencies or Friends

If you have friends who are also photographers, you can talk with them, and they may introduce some nude models they know to you.

You can also contact some model agencies and ask them if they have contacts of any nude models.

You can also choose to work with a beginner model or an experienced model. It is up to you. And you can see there is a difference between a beginner and a professional. A beginner may charge you a cheaper rate, but an experienced model will know how to pose, what angles work best for them.


If you cannot find any models after trying some above methods, you can try advertising. You can advertise to find a model for your photoshoot: put an ad on social media or newspapers. However, you should think carefully about this way because some social media websites don’t allow advertisements related to nude, or you should know where your potential models are for more effective advertising.

Things to remember when you talk with a model for the first time:

– You should have something to prove that you are a photographer. It can be a business card, website URL, a social media profile where you upload a lot of photos.

– You should talk with her in a safe environment where she feels comfortable.

– Be polite and respect her.

– Mentions that you would like to work with her for a nude photoshoot. But if she refuses, you should be okay and accept that.

– You can show her the past nude photos you took. You can also tell her about your concept and the process of taking nude photographs. It is even better if you can give her the contacts of your past models, so she can contact them to know more about you.

– Be open and don’t hide anything.

If you contact a model via some websites or via emails, here are the things you need to consider to include in your email:

– Your name.
– Your location.
– Your email address.
– Your website or portfolio. You can share with her about your experience, the clients you have worked with.
– The level of work you would like to work with your model. For example, you should mention the scope of the project and what kinds of shoot you are going to take.

– The location of the photoshoot.

– The specific date of the photoshoot

– The duration

– The payment method

After receiving your email, if she is interested, she will contact or reply to your email with further questions. What you need to do is to follow up with the next emails and exchange information with her. If you don’t hear anything from her yet, you can wait a few days and send another email, but always be polite and accept if the model says no.

Make Sure You Have Your Photo Release Signed With Your Model

This is one of the most important things in nude photography. In your photo release, your model should clearly consent to her age and validity for nude photography.

The photo release for nude photography is an industry standard. You shouldn’t take nude photos if your model doesn’t agree to sign a photo release with you.

You should also take a picture of the photo release or keep the digital format of the photo release on your computer.

Any professional nude models know this, and they will be willing to sign it. Many professional models have never posed for any nude photographs, if photographers don’t make them sign a release form with all the details about them like their names, birth dates, addresses, phone numbers, and copies of their ID cards.

So, always have your photo release with you before taking any nude photographs.

Make Sure that Your Model Understands Your Concept

To create successful photos, despite that you are working on any types of photography, it is important to know that you and your models are a team, and you have to work together to reach the end goal.

So, your models should know what you are going to take pictures about. You should explain everything clearly to your models because they will present your ideas in the photographs.

Connect With Your Model

It is essential to connect with your model when doing a nude photoshoot. Mutual respect and trust are key in creating amazing images.

Take some time out to get to know the model you’re working with and have an idea of their personality. It is important that both the photographer and the model should have the same opinions prior to shooting; this eliminates any uncertainty that may arise during the shoot.

Be sure to use verbal cues as well as nonverbal cues such as body language, facial expressions, or even eye contact when communicating instructions or ideas. Showing your model examples of poses can be helpful in creating beautiful images as it gives them an idea of what you want them to do with their body movements.

In conclusion, connecting with your nude model is paramount for successful photography results. By taking time out for conversation, you will be able to understand each other better, create a more comfortable atmosphere for both parties involved, and ultimately produce great images!

Make Your Model Feel Involved

When shooting nude photography, it’s important to make your model feel involved in the creative process.

This will make models feel more confident when posing and help them know their best angles and poses for the best nude photoshoots.

As a photographer, always take the time to communicate with your model and ask for their input. This will show that you’re not just staring at them through the lens of your camera and that you value their opinion and ideas for artistry. It’s also beneficial to share a few frames from the session with your model, so they can get an idea of how it looks on camera.

This way, if there are any adjustments that need to be made or poses they’d like to try out, they can do so without feeling like they’re being judged or scrutinized. Ultimately, creating a collaborative setting between yourself and your model is key for successful nude photography shoots!

Never Touch the Model

When it comes to nude photography, one of the most important rules to remember is that you should never touch the model.

It’s easy to get so immersed in the craft and forget about how sensitive these types of photo shoots can be. We mean that you may want to describe the poses for your models and want to help them to do the right pose.

Instead of touching the model yourself, try mirroring or demonstrating poses to them or use words to communicate what you want from them. If there are any adjustments required, have an assistant on set who can do this for you instead. We encourage you to choose a female assistant to do that job.

This rule is extremely important and you, a professional photographer, should never break this rule for a long-lasting professional relationship with your models.

Nude photography requires a great deal of trust and respect between photographer, model and client so if this rule isn’t followed it could lead to a breakdown in communication which could ruin the whole shoot.

Direct Your Model

You should always carefully direct your models to follow your concept. You can explain in advance or describe in detail for your model to understand. You can ask some feedback from your models if they feel comfortable, or they think the pose is okay or not.

You can also demonstrate the pose first, and let your models try to do it later.

Listen to Your Model

The most important part of any nude photography session is the model. You want to get the most out of each and every shoot, so you need to make sure that you’re always listening to what your model has to say.

You can talk with them to understand what they need or their experience about posing for nude photos.

When it comes to posing, it’s important to remember that models are people too, and they have their own preferences when it comes to how they feel about being photographed. This needs to be more careful because they may have limits on how much skin they’ll show, or how much skin they’re comfortable showing.

It’s up to you as a photographer to work within those parameters so that you can create an artistic nude scene that both parties will be proud of.

If you’re not sure where these boundaries lie, don’t worry! Just ask your model what she’s comfortable with and then find ways of working around them so that you can create something beautiful together.

Allow Your Model to Move Naturally

Nude photography can be a difficult art form to master. When it comes to nude photography, it’s important that photographers should not make their models hold a pose for longer than two or three images from different angles. We think that this idea can be applied to other forms of photography as well.

Instead, photographers should allow their models the freedom to move naturally as they do so. If the pose starts to become uncomfortable for the model, let them know that they can move out of it at any time.

Giving your model this freedom helps capture more natural and relaxed poses which allow for more interesting shots that look far less posed and artificial. You may be surprised because this idea can work really great.

So instead of trying to keep your models still and posing for long periods of time, give them room to move around and create beautiful shots naturally!

Provide Anonymity for Your Model Through a Silhouette

When it comes to nude photography, providing anonymity for your model is key. To achieve this, you can try a silhouette shot. You can discuss this with your models first in advance.

A silhouette is simply a photo where the subject is not seen at all but rather just their form is shown. This can be done through the use of lighting or other techniques such as Photoshop. When done right, silhouettes can create an interesting effect and allow you to take nude photos without showing your face or body.

When your model doesn’t feel comfortable with their identity being known, having them pose in silhouette can help them relax and free them up to be more creative with their movements and poses. You can show your models some sample photos for them to understand what a silhouette photo is and how you will apply this idea into the nude photoshoots.

For these reasons, trying a silhouette shot is an excellent tip for anyone looking for ways to improve their nude photography sessions.

nude photography ideas (62)

The dark area in the man in the silhouette photo creates a strong color contrast with the colors of the sky and the sunset. This photo is a great example of using silhouettes for nude photography.

Convey a Mood

When taking nude photography, it’s important to convey a mood in your images. A nude image can only be successful if the subject looks comfortable and relaxed, as if they are in their element.

Facial expression: Facial expression is extremely important in nude photographs. Only small changes in their faces will result in different emotions and convey different moods like anger, sadness, fear, boredom. Smiling is usually a good idea when taking nude photography. If the subject is uncomfortable or nervous, try to make them laugh or at least smile for the camera. This will help them relax, and the photos will look more natural.

Remind Your Model Not to Wear Tight Clothes Before the Shoot

Before the shooting day or the shoot period, you should discuss with your models to remind them that they should not wear any tight clothes before the shooting time.

The reason is that there will be skin marks due to the tight clothes, and they will not quickly and easily fade away. As a consequence, you will have to remove them using Photoshop later, which takes a lot of time.

nude photography ideas (148)

In the photo above, we can see that the expression on the model’ face makes the model and photo have more feelings.

The overall idea of the photo can be sensuality which we can see on her face, which is very appropriate for nude photography and sensual art.

Eye direction: the eye direction is extremely important because different eye directions will create different moods and feelings. For example, if your models’ eyes look down, it can convey that they are thinking about something or their inner souls.

If your models look directly to the camera and smile a bit, viewers can understand that they are confident and happy.

Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup are important in your nude photographs, especially if your model is female.

However, if you like a natural look from your models, your model should only apply a little makeup.

The most important thing is that you should direct your model to use makeup and make her hair suitable for your concept.

Hair and makeup can be vital when you shoot glamour nude photography. Please look at this example:

nude photography ideas (272)

We can see that in these photos, the model’s hair and makeup are carefully prepared. In the first one, the photo shows a modern, sexy, confident, and strong nude woman looking at viewers. Because of the characters of the concept, the makeup should also be “stronger” and clearer to make the woman more confident.

The short hair also shows that she is a modern woman and ready to do different things rather than traditional things such as the long hair of a traditional woman.

Clothes and Accessories

It is a bit weird if we talk about clothes and accessories in a post about nude photography. But in many cases, clothes and accessories can be good elements for your nude photos.

In some situations, they can convey a mood, add a point of focus to your photos, or add an element to your composition.

nude photography ideas (249)

In the photo above, we can see that the model wears earrings and a necklace that can attract a lot of attention.

The necklace is also big enough to cover almost her front body and chest. It cannot be denied that the earrings and necklace play an important role in the photo.

Colors and textures in your clothes can be important because they can be dominant elements in your composition.

Colors and textures can create a color or tonal contrast, which makes a good harmony in your photo. Sometimes, when you photograph your models outdoors, accessories like hats or necklaces or bracelets can be helpful. In some cases, jewelry can create a good interest or to create a mood or style.

Use Props

In nude photography, props can be used to add character and interest to your image.

Whether it’s a curtain, table, or chair, props are a great way to center the scene around an interesting concept. For example, you can use flowers, bottles, hats or even shoes to help set the scene and make it more interesting for viewers.

You can even use jewelry as props to support your models. But when you use props, make sure that the props will match the topic of your photo.

Using props also gives you more freedom when creating poses for your subject and allows you to experiment with different ideas without feeling uncomfortable or out of place.

Here are some ideas if you need:

A chair or stool. This is a good prop to use if you want to take a portrait-style photo of your subject sitting down. The chair will give the subject something to lean against, and it will also create a sense of intimacy in the photograph.

nude photography ideas (212)

In the photo above, the chair creates converging lines and when the model sits on the chair, her body also follows the lines, which helps create an interesting and unique photo.

nude photography ideas (212) Copy

nude photography ideas (222)

In the photo above, the white chair is a useful prop which is used to cover the model’ sensitive part.

A mirror. A mirror is a good prop for photography. You can use it to reflect your model image or create an interesting look. This is an example:

nude photography ideas (250)

In the photo, the model lies on the mirror and her image is reflected. The photo is pretty successful in our opinion. The photographer can show her beauty and capture a good pose as well.

nude photography ideas (231)

This black and white photo creates a different mood while the photographer still uses a mirror as a prop to show the model’s face and body. We can see that some minor changes in the colors and composition will affect the whole photo.

Trees or other plants that grow naturally in the area where you’re shooting. These plants will provide some variety in the background of your photos and can also help give an outdoor feel even if you’re shooting indoors.

nude photography ideas (273)

This above photo is a great example of using trees and plants as props. We can see that the photo looks like being taken indoors rather than outdoors when we use plants and trees like this for the background.

Roses – The classic flower is always a good bet for a feminine photo shoot, but there are many other types of flowers as well for you to experiment and use for your nude photoshoots. You can even use different colors to emphasize certain parts of your model’s body or face if desired.

nude photography ideas (4)

The photo above is a very good example of how flowers can be props for a nude photo. The model is sitting and having eye contact with the viewers while holding flowers. The yellow color in the flowers can be a focus because it attracts a lot of attention from viewers.

Books or other items. You can even use some items we use everyday like books, smartphones, cups, laptops, tables, and so on as props to use in your nude photos. These items are related to our daily lives, so they can create a connection with your photos, especially when viewers look at your photos.

nude photography ideas (15)

In the above photo, we can see that the bookshelf becomes a very good background for the photo. The bookshelf also adds an element to the photo and makes the photo more interesting.

Pets. Sometimes pets can be good props for your nude photography. Pets are lovely animals which are often close to people. Many women also like pets. So, it is good if we can use pets as props because they have a close connection with women.

nude photography ideas (207)

In the photo above, the model is holding a rabbit and the tone of the photo is light pink, which represents a cute and warm mood.

When used correctly, props can really enrich the quality of your nude photos and make them stand out from others in the same genre.


Lighting plays an important role in not only nude photography but also other types of photography.

Here we will focus on daylight indoors, daylight outdoors, studio lighting, artificial lighting effects, using shadows for nude photography.

Natural Light: Natural light can be used for photographing nudes inside the house or outside the house. However, it has its limitations and should be used with caution as well. It is best used when you have an open shade and do not require any extra lighting effects like shadows or mood lights etc..

Daylight indoors:

Use a window with good lighting and open the curtains to let in natural light. The window should be at least three feet from the model. The best time to shoot is early morning or late afternoon when there are no shadows on the face and body. If you want to shoot at night, then use flashlights instead of window lights as they provide more consistent light over a long period of time and can be adjusted easily for different situations.

If you use a window for lighting, you can also try reflected lighting from below, from the side, and from above. You can also move around your models and try to capture the images from different angles.

nude photography ideas (121)

Here in the photo, the photographer chose the pose where the model stood near a window. The photographer can take advantage of the natural light, which makes a better photo.

Daylight outdoors:

When you shoot outdoors, you can try looking for shadows or areas where there are no direct sources of light such as under trees or behind buildings etc…
However, you can also use direct lighting on your model’s body to create an amazing effect. Please look at the image below.
nude photography ideas (133)
To capture this image, the photographer decided to take pictures of the model from the side of the model, not from a front position. As a result, he can have contrast for the photo while taking advantage of the natural lighting.

Use A Long Focal Length

When shooting nude photography, it is important to always keep a safe and professional distance away from your talent or model.

A long focal length can be the perfect tool to make sure you are capturing your desired shots without making the model feel uncomfortable.

With a longer focal length you can get closer to your subject without actually getting physically close. This will create an environment of respect and safety for both the photographer and the model.

Furthermore, a longer focal length can even help create interesting perspectives that you may otherwise not be able to capture with a wider angle lens. Whether you are shooting portraits or full-body shots, using a long focal length is an effective way to ensure that you are creating beautiful images while still respecting your models’ privacy.


Try to Incorporate the Features of the Location in Your Photos

Sometimes, each location will have its own unique features. And when you plan your photoshoots, it is better if you can take advantage of the features to create awesome photos. You can answer these questions to get more ideas:

  • What features can we use to enhance our composition?
  • How can we direct our models to interact with the features of the location?
  • How can we create a connection between our models and those features?
  • How can use lighting to convey the mood of the place?

Use A Private Location 

When considering nude photography, it’s important to make sure that the location is private. This doesn’t mean finding a secluded area of your own; instead, you should look into finding a space that’s not accessible to anyone else.

For example, you can choose to take photographs in a studio where only you and your team can have access to. Make sure that you have a talk with your models, and they also agree with the location.

Not only does this provide peace of mind for both the photographer and the talent, but it also prevents any mistakes or embarrassing moments that could arise if someone were to unexpectedly stumble upon a session in progress.

If you choose to take nude photographs of models at home, make sure your neighbors or family members don’t walk in on you! It is best to go somewhere that is not easily accessible by anyone else. If you must take photos at home, make sure all windows and doors are locked before you start shooting.

Additionally, having a private space allows for more freedom during shoots – whether you’re shooting indoors or outdoors – as there won’t be any distractions from bystanders.

Be aware that some locations may require permission or permits before being used for photography, so always check with the relevant authorities beforehand. Ultimately, finding a secure and private location will help ensure smooth sailing during any nude photography session.

nude photography ideas (5)

nude photography ideas (170)

In the examples above, we can see that using a studio or a private room or house will be better options for nude photography. And the photos taken in these locations are also very beautiful and amazing.

Be Careful When Choosing Your Location

When it comes to nude photography, location can make or break your final product.

A good place for nude photography will have enough natural lighting for your photoshoots, and you should make sure that the location can help to create a good contrast in black and white for your photos.

But on the other hand, you also need somewhere that will make your model feel comfortable being nude. This is why it’s so important to be picky about your location when doing nude photography.

Ask yourself if your model will be okay being nude in public and make sure you’re not breaking any laws by having an outdoor photoshoot. If possible, scout out a few locations beforehand, so you can find one that fits all of your criteria before taking any photos. So, the most important thing here is to discuss your models carefully about the shoot.

By being careful about where you shoot, you’ll ensure both yourself and your model are comfortable making art together.

Rent a Studio Instead of a Hotel for the Photoshoot

When shooting nude photography, it’s important to ensure the safety and comfort of your model. This is why many photographers recommend renting a studio space rather than a hotel room. Studios offer more control over the environment, allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere for your shoot.

Plus, meeting in a hotel could make some models feel unsafe and therefore less relaxed in front of the camera. If your models know that you are taking photos in a studio, it creates a sense of professionalism and trust.

On top of that, shady photographers often work out of hotel rooms due to their private nature, so you don’t want to give off any wrong signals. In the past, there was a case related to Jane Dose case of Model Mayhem. You should avoid this anyway to create a long-term working relationship with your models.

Renting a studio will help you create beautiful images while making sure your model feels safe and secure.

Explore All The Best Angles from Your Location

It is better to have a walk around your location you choose to photograph. You may find new angles or better views for your nude photography from this walk.

Stairs and Doorways

When shooting nudes, you want to find a location that is both beautiful and meaningful. In other words, you want your model to be able to connect with the place as well as create some interesting poses. This can be done by choosing an interesting stairway or doorway and crafting an image around it.

Doorways can be used in several different ways: as a framing device; to create leading lines; or as a natural frame (for example, shooting through an open door).

nude photography ideas (103)

The nude photo above is very beautiful. The model is standing on the stairs while having a big smile. The stairs here can be a frame to make the model more attractive and become a focus for viewers.

Connecting with your location

It is better that you can create a connection between your model and the location. You can do it by repeating forms or juxtaposing elements to create contrast.

Use Nature as the Location for Your Nude Photos

Nudity is often about their inner souls and the beauty captured in the images. But what if you choose nature for your nude photography?

But remember that putting your model in a natural setting is not enough. You should create a relationship between your model and the environment as well.

nude photography ideas (49)

In nude photography, nature is one of the best friends if you and your models feel confident taking photos outdoors. In the photo above, the model looks like having a connection with the surrounding nature, and she feels natural and comfortable walking and enjoying any breeze.

Don’t Limit Yourself with Creativity

Locations for nude photography can be a private one like a studio or a room.

You can even use a lake or a swimming pool as a location for nude photography.

nude photography ideas (177)

In the photo above, the model feels so comfortable and enjoys her life in the water.

We can understand that with your creativity, you can use many different locations for nude photography.

Old Buildings Can Be Good Photography Locations

Old and abandoned buildings can be good photography locations for nudes. The locations will reduce the risk of being seen by other visitors. You can also have an assistant watch out for unexpected visitors. And if the assistant is a female, she can also help to relieve the worry or stress of your female model in a not crowded area.

Sometimes,  abandoned or old structures often work best in black and white photos. Monochrome images can convey the mood of the surroundings very effectively.

However, there may be some broken glass, rotten wood, or abandoned metal. So, it is better to remind your models to be careful when she stands for posing, otherwise her feet can be hurt.

Some suggestions and ideas for nude photography locations

Here is a list of some ideas and locations for you to think about:


Near windows

nude photography ideas (2)

In the photo above, the photography location is near the window. We can see that natural lighting will be very good for our photos, and it will be able to create better contrast.



On a sofa or on a bed

A studio

A Lake

A Swimming pool


In a forest

nude photography ideas (268)

The trees in the photo create a good frame for the model to be in the center of the image.

Famous Nude Photographers of All Time

Modern photography has allowed for a re-evaluation of traditional definitions of sensuality and masculinity, particularly through the genre of nude self-portraiture.

Here in this part, we will introduce you to many grand masters of nude photography, from Alfred Stieglitz to Diane Arbus. You will know more about them and the ways they take nude photographs, so you can learn to improve your photography skills.

Alfred Stieglitz played a major role in bringing modern art to America by exhibiting this new genre in his New York galleries at the beginning of the 20th century.

Stieglitz used the camera as a mirror, capturing his inner experiences and visions of life through photography.

Imogen Cunningham also made significant contributions to modern photography, developing a sharp-focused style and being credited with taking the first nude photograph of a man by a woman photographer.

The work of Judy Dater, including her iconic image Imogen and Twinka, continues to inspire contemporary photographers today. Modern photography allows us to challenge societal norms and explore new ways of seeing ourselves and our world.

Alfred Stieglitz

Alfred Stieglitz was a major figure in the world of photography, known for his role in bringing modern art to America. He used the camera as a mirror, capturing inner experiences and visions of life through photography.

He was taken to Europe by his family to improve his education in 1881. His first successful photographs were created in 1890 after he returned to America.

Stieglitz’s greatest contribution to the art form was his exhibition of nude self-portraiture in his New York galleries at the beginning of the 20th century.

This new genre challenged traditional definitions of sensuality and masculinity, paving the way for contemporary photographers to explore new ways of seeing themselves and their world.

Despite controversy surrounding his personal life, including exhibiting nude photos of Georgia O’Keeffe while married to someone else, Stieglitz remains an influential figure in the history of photography.

His famous work was about the self-portraits of O’Keeffe and later the cloud shapes related to emotional experiences.

His legacy continues to inspire artists today, encouraging them to capture their own inner experiences and express them through their work.

Imogen Cunningham

Imogen Cunningham was a pioneering photographer who began her career in Seattle in 1905, using the soft-focused style popular at the time. However, she is best known for the sharp-focused modern style she developed later on.

Cunningham’s work often focused on nature and the human form, with a particular interest in nude photography. She is attributed as being the first woman photographer to take a nude photo of a man – her husband, pictorialist Roi Partridge. Despite being ahead of her time, Cunningham faced challenges as a female artist in a male-dominated field.

Nevertheless, she continued to push boundaries through her innovative approach to photography and dedication to capturing beauty in all its forms.

Imogen liked nude photography, and she did a lot of experiments with her nude photos.

Today, Imogen Cunningham’s legacy lives on as an inspiration for photographers around the world who seek to capture their own unique vision of life through the lens of a camera.

Man Ray

Man Ray was a painter, director, pioneering photographer and artist who played a major role in the Dada and Surrealist culture. He experimented with various techniques, including the Sabattier process, which won him critical acclaim among the Surrealists.

He was also best known as a fashion and portrait photographer. He often combined artistic techniques with industrial materials to produce unique and unconventional works.

Man Ray’s innovative approach to photography inspired many other photographers, such as Maurice Tabard and Raoul Ubac, who directly followed his example. Indirectly influenced by his work were photographers like André Kertész and Brassaï.

Man Ray’s approach to nude photography:

– His nude photography is not about pornography and mostly about artistic approaches.

– He considered women’s bodies as a curiosity to explore.

– He didn’t prepare much for any photoshoots, and only wanted to capture “the important moments”.

– His nude photographs were often taken in black and white or in monochrome.

– He liked to focus on a single trait or attractive detail about the woman’s body that can be a good point for his photographs.

Currently, many nude photos of Man Ray are now worth millions of dollars and one of the most expensive photos in the world now is

Man Ray’s avant-garde portrayal of nudity helped push the boundaries of photography during his time, and he is considered one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century. His legacy continues to inspire artists around the world today.

Edward Weston

Edward Weston was an American photographer who is known for his contributions to fine arts photography. He was also known for modern and straight photography.

He used a large format camera to capture images of nature, landscapes, and nudes, establishing photography as a medium for artistic expression. His work helped to elevate photography and bring it into the realm of fine art.

Weston’s photographs of nudes are particularly notable for their elegant simplicity and sensitivity to form. He was able to capture the beauty of the human body in a way that was both natural and refined.

What we can learn from his nude photography techniques:

– He mostly took photographs of close-up organic forms and his models were his friends, lovers, family.

– He often put a series of close-up nude photos in a chronological way and used different techniques like negative spaces and asymmetrical composition to create interest for

– Women’s full bodies weren’t exposed, and he just cropped and used dramatic lighting techniques to create strong contrasts to highlight the curves of women.

– He always tried to capture the “ideal beauty” of women.

– He made his nude photos in a distinctive way that no one else did before.

Weston’s work has had a lasting impact on the world of photography and continues to inspire artists today. Susan Sontag once complimented his nude photos and techniques that nude photographer became more respectable thanks to him.

Bill Brandt

Bill Brandt was a British photographer known for his artistic contributions to nude photography. He developed a series of nudes between 1945 and 1961 that reflected his personal vision, which varied in both subject and printing style throughout his career.

His work has been recognized for its evolution, making it the first exhibition to trace this development. Brandt’s approach to nude photography was unique, capturing the human form in a way that was both provocative and elegant.

Bill often used a wide-angle lens to capture more for a small space and his nudes often presented a simple beauty. He once said that he would like to focus more on simple and straight approaches to photography, rather than try to find extraordinary angles and views.

His nude and semi-nude photographs were associated with modernist sculpture.

In 1961, he released “Perspectives of Nudes”, a collection of his abstract nude photographs. He often put women’s body parts very close to the camera lens so that people may not realize them as “body parts”, and made his photos like abstract sculptures.

He often created a connection between photography and fine art. Brandt was not interested in eroticism, but the human body, its sculptural form, and its relationship to nature and the surrounding environment.

If you are a photographer who likes simplicity, you can follow and learn from him and his works.

Diane Arbus

Diane Arbus was a renowned American photographer known for her unconventional subjects and unique approach to photography. Her fascination with the unusual led her to frequently visit nudist camps, capturing the human form in its most natural state.

Arbus’s work challenged traditional beauty standards and societal norms, showcasing individuals who were often marginalized or overlooked. Her photographs of nudists emphasized the beauty of imperfection and celebrated the human body in all its diversity.

Despite criticism from some circles, Arbus continued to push boundaries through her art until her tragic death at a young age. Today, she is recognized as a pioneering figure in photography and an inspiration to many contemporary artists seeking to capture the beauty of humanity in all its forms.

Although there are many other great nude photographers out there in our history, here in this part, we only mention the most notable ones. We will soon write a new post about all the best nude photographers of all time.

Top Nude Photographers Nowadays

Nude photography has been a powerful art form since the dawn of photography. In this part, we will give you an introduction to top nude photographers on Instagram.

From this part, you can follow them on Instagram and study the way they take nude photographs. And you can improve your own photograph skills when learning from them.

Harley Weir

One of the most renowned nude photographers is Harley Weir, based in London. Her images are notable for their intimacy and composition, as well as her highly attuned sense of color. Her work has been featured in numerous exhibitions, such as at Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam (2017) and Brighton Biennial (2018). Additionally, she was awarded the Milano Fashion Film Award (2015).

Her nude photographs are often abstract and considered abstract arts. Her photos

Weir’s Instagram account is one of the best sources to find interesting and inspiring nude photography. Here you can find her personal projects, editorial work and commercial works.

Alasdair McLellan

Alasdair McLellan is a highly acclaimed photographer based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. His work is renowned for its intimate images and films in both his personal work and his editorial and commercial work. He has an eye for carefully composed shots with a sharp sense of color and composition which can be seen in his books Umbro by Kim Jones (2005), Ultimate Clothing Company (2013), Ceremony (2016), The Palace (2016), and Blondey 15-21 (2019).

He has worked for many famous fashion magazines like Vogue UK, Vogue Paris, i-D, Love, Another Magazine, Another Man, The Gentlewoman, Fantastic Man, and W.

He has also participated in so many well-known advertising campaigns of big brands like Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Topshop, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Miu Miu, Margaret Howell, Palace and Supreme.

Overall he has achieved great success as a nude photographer thanks to his unique style showcased through his impressive body of work.



Alexandra Leese

Alexandra Leese is a nude photographer based in London, specializing in breaking down the socially-constructed barriers creating divisions between people. Through her work, Alexandra has made an impact on society.

With an eye for composition and color as well as her mixed cultural background, Alexandra began to bridge the gap between east and west. She has exhibited her work such as Boys of Hong Kong (2018) and Yumi and the Moon. Her achievements include studying a BA in Photography.

Yumi and the Moon: The series of photo features a model and the moon. Most of her photos in the collection are monochromatic photos. Viewers can see photos of Yumi and photos of the moon respectively. The photos have some symbolic and abstract meanings.

For Alexandra, photography is an art form that speaks to both the heart and mind. It challenges us to look at things differently – to see beyond our own assumptions, preconceptions and prejudices. Through her work, she hopes to create honest images that capture an individual’s true essence while exploring themes of gender, identity, sexuality and power dynamics.

Alexandra’s goal is to create meaningful images that will start conversations about social issues while inspiring people to take action towards a better world.

Her Instagram:

Denisse Ariana Pérez

Denisse Ariana Pérez is a nude photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is also a copywriter who has worked with multiple brands around the world.

It can be said that she is very excellent at photographing people, nature, gender, culture, and words, and combine them into harmony in her photographs.

Her nude photographs are often abstract and artistic with underlying meanings. She often chooses outdoor places and nature as nude photography locations.

Her work has been featured at various exhibitions, including Red Hood Labs New Artists III (2019), Zona Maco (2020), PhotoZürich Black Art Matters Exhibition (2020), and Foto Europea (2020). Denisse has also been a finalist for the Musee du quai Branly Grant (2019) and Taylor Wessing Prize (2019). Additionally, she was the winner of the BarTur Award (2020) and was shortlisted for Portraits of Humanity 2020 by the British Journal of Photography. To view her work or learn more about her journey into nude photography, please visit

Her Instagram:

Dan Hecho

Dan Hecho is a renowned nude photographer from Kiev, Ukraine.

People often find some unique things about color, light, and art performances in his photographs.

He has developed workshops, master classes, lectures and video courses for distance learning on the subject.

Hecho has had two personal art exhibitions in Kiev (2012, 2014) and an exhibition of ballet pictures in Kiev national opera theatre (2019). His impressive accomplishments have earned him a spot on the list of top nude photographers worldwide.

Hecho’s photography skills are unparalleled and his ability to capture bodies in their natural beauty is truly remarkable. His passion for photography shines through his works which capture the essence of humanity with grace and finesse.

His commitment to excellence has resulted in countless awards and accolades that recognize his outstanding talent. Dan Hecho is one of few photographers who have mastered the art of nude photography, making him an invaluable asset in the field.

You can learn more about his photography techniques on his website

Joel Belmont

Joel Belmont is a Colorado-based photographer specializing in nude photography. His work pursues spiritual narratives, employing visual metaphor and symbolism to hint at underlying truths and questions of the human condition. He can take photographs using film and digital formats, and often prints his photos in traditional darkrooms.

He often takes nude photography in black and white and if you look at his images, you can see that many images are abstract photos.

To further enrich his visions, he also utilizes oil paint (‘Oilgraphs’) into his monochromatic visuals, as well as encaustic and mixed media.

Belmont’s artwork is held in private collections in the US and Europe; and he has also served as a curator for multiple photographic exhibitions.

Additionally, he is an editor for a very famous art magazine, and a Lead Instructor for Dynamic Photography Workshops.

The artistry of Joel Belmont has been recognized throughout the world; offering viewers a striking perspective on the beauty within us all.

You can learn more about him and his photos here: Joel Belmont (

Pascal Baetens

Pascal Baetens is a renowned photographer based in Reggio Emilia, Italy specializing in nude photography.

His photos have been mentioned in various books, works, and in famous exhibitions in Asia, Europe, and North America.

He is an editorial photographer for magazines such as Elle, Men’s Health, and FHM and also an author for various books like ‘The Fragile Touch’, ‘Allegro Sensibile’ (‘The Art of Nude Photography’ USA-edition).

His unique take on nude photography captures the beauty of women from different cultures and countries. His works are stunningly beautiful and filled with emotion. Through his photographs, Pascal seeks to explore the fragility of life and the complexities of human relationships. He believes that nudity can be a form of art that celebrates the power of female beauty without any judgment or shame attached to it.

His published works include The Fragile Touch, Allegro Sensibile, Heavenly Girls, A Pocketful of Nudes, A Moment Death (a photographic essay about sexual abuse), Nude Photography: The Art and the Craft (a guide for photographers).

Pascal Baetens’ work is truly inspiring; his passion for capturing beauty through art speaks volumes about his dedication to his craft.

Maria Clara Macrì

Maria Clara Macrì is an Italian nude photographer located in Reggio Emilia. She specializes in photographing different women, strangers and more from different cultures and countries for exhibitions and other projects.

She likes street photography, but she is also interested in portrait photography. She likes capturing women and girls’ bodies and their emotions in a connection in images.

Her nude images show her empathy about girls and women with their intimacy and personal freedom. That is the reason why she often takes nude photos of her models in their bedroom or in a private house.

Her work has been highly acclaimed internationally; she was nominated at the Foam Paul HUF Award in 2019, featured on i-D Global’s list of 20 photographers to follow in 2020, and published in the New Queer Photography Book 2020 by Verlag Kettler publishing house.

She often takes nude images of girls and women like taking them for fashion magazines. We mean that her nude photos are like fashion nude photos.

Macrì’s photographic style is intimate and provocative, exploring themes such as identity and body politics through her lens. She has a knack for capturing the beauty of the human form, no matter its shape or size. To see more of Macrì’s stunning photography, check out her website


Aktonymus is a nude photography studio located in Bratislava, Slovakia. Specializing in highlighting the feminine beauty and evoking raw emotions, Aktonymus also seeks to increase awareness of environmental issues.

The photographer, who goes by the same name, makes great use of carefully planned lighting, shadows, locations and properties to create stunning visual messages. Their pictures often feature powerful portrayals of the female form that exude an air of strength and elegance.

Additionally, Aktonymus is passionate about their commitment to environmental preservation and protection from climate change. By utilizing natural backgrounds and incorporating eco-friendly practices into their shoots they are making a statement against pollution and global warming.

From high fashion editorial work to intimate portraits capturing the essence of femininity, Aktonymus’s portfolio showcases many different styles that make them stand out from other photographers in the area. Check out their website at for more information!

Phil Raynaud

Phil Raynaud is a talented photographer based in Lyon, France.

His primary focus is on portraits and artistic nudes. He incorporates his interest in street and fashion photography into his nude photographs, giving them a unique visual depiction and feeling that captivates viewers. His outdoor portraits are especially noteworthy for their individual personalities.

He often uses black and white to create unique and spectacular nude images that represent the beauty of women in an artistic way.

Phil has yet to exhibit his work or receive any awards or achievements, but this doesn’t take away from the skill and creativity he puts into every photograph. His talent for combining classic portraiture with modern street style makes him a rising photographer to watch out for.

So if you’re looking to add some unique flair to your photos, consider taking inspiration from Phil Raynaud’s works! You can have a look at his nude photos here: Nu artistique (

Olivier Valsecchi

Olivier Valsecchi is a renowned nude photographer based in France.

His work, which often features the human body, aims to explore the emotions of his psyche and bring it to life through photography. His unique approach involves directing models in order to create surreal and dramatic images that lack identity or gender.

If you look at his nude photos, you can see that his nude photos are often abstract and surreal.

He also chooses unique posing ideas and sometimes combines different unique ideas into one complete composition.

Valsecchi has had his work featured at Photofever Paris and Brussels, as well as the European Festival of Nude Photography in Arles and Lille Artfair. He was also the recipient of the Hasselblad Masters Award for his outstanding contributions to photography.

No matter what subject matter he chooses, Valsecchi’s dedication to creating meaningful imagery remains unchanged.

When you look at his nude images, you will not see eroticism, but artistic and abstract parts.

Henriette van Gasteren

Henriette van Gasteren is an award-winning photographer based in Sevenum, the Netherlands. Her specialty is self-portraiture and she frequently uses it to explore themes such as identity, gender roles, freedom, equality, religion and the positive and negative dimensions of human existence. Through her work Henriette manages to capture both humorous and sensual moments while also challenging societal norms.

She often uses self-portraits to provide a different view of women today. Her photography themes are often about identity, gender roles, freedom, equality, and religion.

Her work is sometimes humorous, often sensual, frequently confrontational, and always original and insightful. Her work often attracts the attention of art collectors and museums.

Her art has been exhibited in numerous galleries around the world, including Portfolio ‘Just Me’ Artxcel Capelle a/d IJssel in The Netherlands (2008) and ‘Familiar Faces, New Work’ at Eduard Planting Gallery in Amsterdam (2009). She has also won several awards for her photography including IPA 2022 Official Selection One Shot Photocontest – Color / Portrait / Bunny in the tub self-portrait (Series: A house is not a home) (2022) and IPA 2021 3rd Place / People / Self-Portrait plus Jury Top 5 selection with part of the series ‘Faded Glory – Will we become immortal?’ (2021).

Henriette van Gasteren’s photography provides an insightful look into contemporary society, offering viewers a unique perspective on life today.

Daria Harris

Daria Harris is an accomplished fine art photographer based in Houston, Texas, US.

She specializes in portrait, boudoir, and family photography. She likes learning about photography and loves trying different techniques, editing approaches, and lenses.

With her unique style of nude photography, she captures the beauty of her models. She has a remarkable talent for capturing individuals at their best in photographs, emphasizing the emotion and energy that lies beneath the surface. Daria strives to create a connection between her images and viewers by expressing her models’ unique personalities. Her goal is to capture moments that showcase the beauty of life and all its complexities.

For Daria, taking pictures is more than just a job; it’s a passion. Through her work, she aims to create meaningful art that speaks to people on an emotional level and ultimately inspires them to see things differently.

In her boudoir and nude photos, she often uses high contrast and makes the model more focused and visible than the surroundings. You can go to this link to view more about her boudoir works: Boudoir — Daria Harris Photography

Mona Kuhn

Mona Kuhn is an internationally acclaimed photographer based in Los Angeles, and she has been working in photography for more than 20 years. She is known for her beautiful photographs of nudes and has a unique approach to nude photography.

She often makes friends with her subjects and uses natural light and minimalism to create unique and beautiful nude arts that show the relationship between her models and their environment.

Kuhn’s works have been featured in numerous exhibitions across the world, such as Works at Edwynn Houk Gallery in New York (2021), Early Depictions at Flowers Gallery in London (2020), and Bushes and Succulents at Euqinom Gallery in San Francisco (2019), Mona Kuhn: Intimate, UP Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan (2020), Mona Kuhn: Intimate, UP Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan (2014), Native, Brancolini Grimaldi, Florence, Italy (2012), Acido Dorado, Flowers Gallery, London, UK (2012) and many more.

She has also appeared on various magazines and online news for discussions and reviews. She received two awards for her works. They are: The Stieglitz Award, for continued excellence and commitment to the photographic community, Los Angeles Center for Photography (2021) and The Julia Margaret Cameron Award, for Fine Art Figurative Works, Mediterranean House of Photography, Barcelona, Spain (2020).

Her nude approach is often natural and a representation of contemporary art.

Her photography captures the beauty of human beings without the need to add sexual connotations or objectification. If you look at her nude photographs, you will not find the sexuality and eroticism in her works.

She makes things simple, natural, and artistic. Mona Kuhn’s nude photography is a testament to her ability to capture natural beauty through her lens. She always uses minimalism and the human body as a source of inspiration to tell stories and convey metaphorism.

If you like minimalist, simple, and artistic nude photography, you can learn more from her.

Nude Photography Techniques to Help You Succeed in the Shoot

Nude photography requires a delicate and creative approach when capturing the beauty of the human form. It is essential to understand the basics of nude photography in order to create beautiful images that are tasteful yet captivating. Here are nude photography techniques that will help you capture stunning images. But the first five points we listed for you to learn are always the most important:

  1. Choose the right lighting: Lighting can make or break a photo, so it’s important to choose your light source wisely. Natural light is ideal, but if indoor lighting is necessary, try adjusting the white balance and using reflectors to get the perfect shot.
  2. Find an interesting background: The background should be simple but interesting enough to draw attention away from any imperfections in the model’s body. A plain wall with good texture or a field of flowers can make great backgrounds for nude photos.
  3. Use props creatively: Props don’t always have to be literal – they can also be symbolic or abstract objects that add interest and depth to your photos. Think outside of the box when selecting props for your shoot!
  4. Capture motion: Capturing motion in your photos adds another level of interest and beauty to them – use panning shots or long exposures for best results!
  5. Play with angles: Try shooting from different angles – high above, below, straight on – for maximum creativity and variety in your final images! These are just some of the techniques you need to know when shooting nude photography – understanding these basics will set you up for success when creating stunning images that capture both beauty and artistry!

Be prepared early on

If you’re planning on shooting nudes, you need to start preparing early on in the process. Preparation is so important. If you are not well-prepared for the shoot, it may ruin the whole photoshoot.

You should prepare, and these questions may help you. For example:

  • What kind of makeup will we need available?
  • How many assistants should we bring along?
  • How many lights do we need?
  • What kind of background should we use?
  • Do we need proper heating for our models (especially in winter)?

In general, you should prepare for all the things. The more detailed and careful your preparation is, the better your photoshoots will be.

You should also prepare for your concept, the poses and ideas for your shoot, the location you choose, the equipment you want to use, and the way you work with your models.

We have provided you with a list of things to prepare, you can keep it for reference later:

  1. Prepare a shot list and your concept. Prepare your poses and previzualization
  2. Arrange transportation
  3. Choose your nude models. Get a model release form signed by the model(s) and yourself
  4. Make sure you have all your equipment ready: lighting, laptop, camera, tripod….
  5. Know how to use your camera and lenses properly
  6. Prepare your lighting. If you’re using natural light, know where to set up your lights and reflectors.
  7. Prepare all the makeup tools, clothes, props.
  8. Think about how many assistants you will need.
  9. Prepare your backgrounds.
  10. Choose your photography location, and make sure it is a good location for nude photography.
  11. Think about ways you will direct your models to present all the ideas you are having your mind during the shoot.
  12. Prepare all the image editing software you need.

These are just a few questions that should be answered before-hand so that everyone knows what they’re doing. And you can focus on these questions to know that you have fully prepared for everything or not. You can consider these questions as a to-do list, and check for each task when it is completed.

Previsualization Should Be Done First

It is important for both photographers and models to know about the shot before they actually take photos. We mean, previsualization.

Previsualization can be understood that models and photographers have already known the poses of models and even the composition of photographs. Or they have already known what completed nude photos will look like.

Before you start shooting, it’s important to create a shot list with specific poses in mind. This will help you plan out the entire photoshoot and ensure that your results are exactly what you had envisioned. To ensure that your model is on board as well, have them look at example poses similar to the ones you want to capture during the planning process. By doing this, they’ll be more comfortable and confident during the shoot, and you can get closer to achieving your desired results.

Previsualization is an important part of any photoshoot, but especially nude photography. With proper preplanning and consideration, you can produce stunning images that will make for beautiful memories for years to come.

Professionalism and Respect are the Key

Keeping nude photography professional is key to ensuring a comfortable and safe environment for the model.

Professionalism goes beyond simply not touching the model without explicit permission—it’s also important to phrase questions in a way that allows the model autonomy while still getting what you need from the photo shoot.

For instance, rather than asking “May I lay your hair over your shoulder?” it’s better to ask “May I lay your hair over your shoulder, or would you like to do it?” This gives the model control of how they want their hair arranged and can prevent them from feeling uncomfortable if they don’t want to be touched.

By following these simple tips, photographers can create an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust which will result in amazing photographs.

You can also have your female assistant or friend during the photoshoot, or you can allow your model to go with her friends. That would make her more comfortable.

Many photographers have been accused of unprofessionalism because they failed to set boundaries properly with their models. Do not take advantage of the power dynamics involved in photo shoots – always strive for a professional atmosphere so that everyone involved feels safe and respected.

You may hurt your reputation if you violate this rule and it is hard to grow and develop in this industry.


You should focus on composition because it will help you create a great nude photograph. All the things from light, shadow, texture, background, colors, patterns, and lines can contribute to the successful composition of a photograph. These ideas can be used for any type of photography, not just nude photography.

Having a good composition requires you to experiment with every element. If you are a beginner, you should focus on practicing and learning the basic things first.

The more you practice and develop your composition, the better your photography skill is.


Nude photography is about the figure of your model which contains straight lines and curves.

Lines are everywhere if you notice them. A line can be a direct path between two points. Strong or dominant lines will draw attention. Lines can be created by nature (mountains, trees, flowers), man-made objects (doors, windows…), and people.

nude photography ideas (139)

In the photo above, we can see that the photographer uses the doorway and windows to create a frame and use them as lines to make viewers focus more on the model.

There are many different types of lines which you can use to enhance your nude photography:

  1. Horizontal lines – these run horizontally across your subject’s body, either from side-to-side or front-to-back.

nude photography ideas (54)

You can see that the photographer takes advantage of the horizontal line and put the model in a horizontal composition. This photo will be more unique and exciting because of this.

  1. Vertical lines – these run vertically up and down your subject’s body, either from top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top.
  2. Diagonal lines – these run diagonally across your subject’s body in either direction (from left to right or right to left).

Diagonal lines are often more exciting than horizontal lines and vertical lines.

nude photography ideas (269)

For example, as you see the model in the above photo, she lies on the grass in a garden in a diagonal line. The diagonal line makes the photo more exciting.

nude photography ideas 269

Converging lines are also pretty good in nude photography. You can look at this example:

nude photography ideas (51)

nude photography ideas (51) Copy

The way the model poses for this position creates converging lines. Converging lines often creates an interesting and unique composition for the photo and posing as well.

Rules of Thirds

You may have already known about the rule of thirds. It is a rule that you divide the photograph into sections using horizontal and vertical lines to know the best place to put your subject in your frame.

In Western countries, people often read from the left to the right, so the right-hand thirds are visually better than the left.

nude photography ideas (116)

The photo above is an example of putting your model in the right hand of your photo. Using this composition, viewers will have a focus on your model more than when she stands in the left of the photo.


You should put your model into the center of the frame, so that viewers can have a concentration and a focus on the main subject of the image.

You can also capture a frame using the features of the location, and put your model in the frame.


The emphasis in your nude photographs is so important. You can achieve this by:

– Focusing on an action or a behavior of your model.

– Using an object to draw attention

– Focusing on your model’s eyes

– Focusing on a contrast

– Focusing on a part of your model’s body: hands, gestures, arms, legs, her hair and face.

Diagonal Composition is Important in Nude Photos

A diagonal composition can be very important when you are taking nude photography.

When you’re taking nude photography, there are important things you should pay attention to. And one of them is that all the elements in your photo should be arranged in a way that leads the viewer’s eye to the center of interest. Why?

Because the center of interest is the most important element in your photo. It’s usually something that catches your viewers’ eyes and makes them want to focus on it.

Diagonal compositions can be created through the positioning of your model, but props and light can also add to the drama and depth in your shots.

You can create diagonal composition in your photos by positioning your model at a diagonal is a great way to capture movement and convey emotion in your photos.

nude photography ideas (107)

Here in the photo, you can see that the mode’s pose is based on the diagonal composition. This pose makes the photo look better and unique, while attracting attention from viewers.

Another great example of diagonal composition is using a chair or stool as a prop for your subject. This allows for some really cool angles that can be very flattering for your subject.

Additionally, using diagonal lighting can help highlight parts of the body you want to emphasize without taking away from the overall composition of the photo. With some careful thought and planning, you can create stunning photos featuring diagonals that will take your nude photography to the next level.

Empty Space

Empty Space is also important too in nude photography. It is okay to leave some empty space in your photos. It is great to help you create a story or a mood.

nude photography ideas (140)

In this photo, the left of the photo is left empty. The dark empty space here creates a very good way for the photo and viewers to focus on the model herself. And it also creates a contrast between the two parts. (see the below photo)

nude photography ideas 140

Positioning Your Model

There are multiple options for you to position your model in your nude photographs.

The first one is central framing, which means that the whole body will be shown in the picture. This is also known as full-body nude photography. It is usually used when taking pictures of a model who has a very good physique, or if you want to show off your model’s assets.

This style of framing works so well because it helps eliminate distractions from the background, allowing the viewer to focus entirely on the subject.

The second option that you can use is cropping framing, which means that only part of the body is shown in the photo. This can be done by cropping out arms or legs from the shot. If you want to focus on one specific part of your model’s body, then this can be a good option for you.

The third option is asymmetrical framing, where the model is positioned in just a part of the photo. For example, you can position your models in the right-hand third of the frame.

You can also create a different image by changing your position. For example, you get close to your subject.

Key Points of Composition

– It is better to think that composition is the way you arrange and put your subject and other visual elements in harmony in a photo.

– You should look for contrast, lines, repetition which attract viewers’ attention.

– You should put the main subject away from dead center and far edges.

– Positioning your model in a creative way that makes your photo look great.

– Utilize empty space, diagonal composition in your photos.

Don’t Take Any Rules Too Seriously

Nude photography is a delicate art, and it’s important to remember that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to capturing the perfect shot.

While professionalism should always be taken seriously, don’t be afraid to experiment with something a little out of the box if both you and the model feel comfortable. In many cases, these shots will turn out to be your best work! You will be surprised because you may take amazing nude photos thanks to your creativity.

You can also encourage your model to explore their creativity by moving around and trying different poses; never limit them to one particular area or position. Sometimes, your models with much experience may suggest some golden ideas that can help you as well.

Take plenty of photos during this process and keep an eye on your model’s expression – if they’re having fun then you’ll know it’s working!

Remember that it is always good to be creative and do some experimentations because ultimately you’ll end up with more creative images that show off your unique style.

Nude Couples Photography

Nude couples photography is an often overlooked genre of nude photography, but one that can be just as creative and rewarding. This type of photography allows couples to express their feelings for each other in a creative way through pictures.

So, the most important thing in nude couple photography is how you can show the feelings and the connection between two people.

But to make them have a connection in their photos, if they are partners in real life, they should have a trust for each other. If one person doesn’t feel comfortable being naked around their partner, then it could ruin the experience for everyone involved.

If you choose to photograph professional models for nude couple photography, it is easier for you because the models have already known what they need to do.

When photographing nude couples, the same rules apply as when photographing individuals – pay attention to how each model is posed in order to highlight their beauty. You can use all the ideas here in the post for individuals to apply for nude couples.

However, due to the complexity of having two people in the shot, posing takes a bit more thought.

It’s important to ensure that both models are properly capturing the light and angles for maximum effect. Additionally, it’s critical that both models remain comfortable throughout the shoot so their natural confidence shines through in each photograph.

With dedication and experimentation, any photographer can take stunningly beautiful photos of nude couples with ease.

nude photography ideas (189)

If you look at this above photo, you can see that the couple has a connection in their emotions. It can be the result of the pose where both people are hugging each other, but the true feelings they must have in their minds.

nude photography ideas (76)nude photography ideas (77)

In the photo, we can see that the hugging pose and the hands of the female model create a connection between the two people.

The hands on his back show a close and tight feeling which can tell a mood about their relationship. The images show that they are very close and in an intimate setting.

nude photography ideas (21)

In this photo, the male model’s hands are covering the female model’s sensitive parts, which still creates an intimacy, a curiosity, and a sexuality in viewers’ minds.

Male Nude Photography

Male nude photography is an essential element in this type of photography. Obviously, female nude photography is still dominant, but there are many photographers taking pictures of males. In this post, we focus more on female nude photography, but you can also find some ideas for male nude photography as well.

Many techniques about lighting, composition, camera settings, backgrounds for female nude photography can be applied to male nude photos. However, there are some distinctions you need to care about:

The curves of a man’s body are different from a woman’s.

When you look at men and women, we can see there are some differences in their bodies:

  • The male body is more angular and less round than the female body.
  • Males also tend to have larger chests, shoulders and arms than females do; this helps them with their physical strength when carrying heavy objects or lifting heavy furniture (as well as playing sport).
  • The male body is generally more muscular than the female body. This means that males tend to be bigger and stronger than females.

Men often represent ideas of strength, muscles, and masculinity, so your posing ideas and concepts should not be so feminine, which will not be suitable.

Because of the differences in male and female bodies, when you plan a concept for your nude photos, you should choose suitable backgrounds, posing ideas, photography locations, props, and composition.

For example, in the photo below, you can see that the male model is very strong and muscular. So, a black and white portrait photo should be suitable for expressing the strength of the man. The model also stands still, which conveys a sense of calmness via the photo.

nude photography ideas (25)

nude photography ideas (26)

This nude photo is very good to show an artistic male nude posing ideas. Here the sitting pose can cover his sensitive part while still showing an artistic feel of the photo.

It is worth mentioning that black and white is very good for male nude photos. If you are choosing this field, you can apply the ideas and techniques of black and white to male nude photography.

nude photography ideas (27)

An implied nude portrait photo like this is also a good choice if you like portrait, black and white, and nude photography.

nude photography ideas (1)

This photo idea is very good when you use water as the location for your photo.

If you like taking male nude photos, you can also try Couple Nude Photography, the sub-genre of nude photography where you take nude photos of a couple.

Cover Up

Covering up is an essential part of nude photography when it comes to making the session less raunchy and more artistic. It is possible to use hands, legs, or even oversized clothing to cover up certain areas. This not only makes the image more aesthetically pleasing but also allows the photographer to evoke a certain emotion or mood in their work.

You need to know that some models don’t want to show all their bodies, and it is easy to understand that they want to cover up some parts of their bodies.

For instance, a model can use their hands to cover up their chest while leaving their back exposed, creating an intimate and sensual atmosphere. Using clothing such as an oversized shirt can be just as effective; it allows for a more romantic feel without being too suggestive.

nude photography ideas (199)

For example, in the above photo, the way the model expresses her emotions in her face, her way of sitting, the black and white tone, lighting, and an appropriate composition make the photo look really great.

She uses her left hand and arm to cover her chest, while using her right leg to cover her below sensitive part. All the things make the photo perfect work.

We have to admit that covering up is very popular in nude photography. Covering-up nude photos can be a good option for companies and brands which want to use the images for their products like skin care and skin products. They can crop some parts of the photos and keep the important part for their own purposes. The reason is that the images don’t reveal too much about sensitive parts of women, although they still look artistic.

nude photography ideas (195)

In the above photo, the use of lighting creates a very effective contrast while the photographer captures the covering-up photo of the female adult. Here we can see the artistic parts more than the nudity and sexuality themselves.

Overall, covering up during nude photography sessions can be an excellent way of conveying your artistic vision while avoiding any potential uncomfortable situations. As a nude photographer, you must always keep in mind that less can be more when it comes to shooting nudes and having your models cover up will help you capture the perfect image every time.


Nude photography can be a powerful way to tell stories and capture beauty, but it is important that the model remains anonymous. It is better if you can make her face not be visible and help to protect the model’s privacy.

When photographing nude models, it is essential to have a disclosure contract in place, and you also need to have a discussion with your models. This ensures that both parties are aware of where the images will be published and under which conditions. It provides protection for both the photographer and the model by making sure that any expectations they have regarding usage of their photos are clearly discussed beforehand.

If your models don’t want to show their faces or any parts of their bodies or skins, respect that.

Ensuring anonymity should not prevent people from having private nude photography sessions if they wish, as long as all necessary paperwork is filled out properly and both parties feel secure about how their photos will be used.

Photographers should consult with a lawyer or more experienced photographers in order to ensure that all agreements are legally binding. With proper precautions taken, nude photography can be an enjoyable experience for both photographer and model alike.

nude photography ideas (41)

In the photo above, although the model uses a blanket to cover her body, the photo still have a sense of sensuality and erotic parts because it still shows parts of her body.

The dark brown blanket is also good because it creates a color contrast with the model’s skin.

Consider the Ambient

Nude photography requires more than simply setting up the right lighting and equipment. Here we mean that you should do everything you can to support your team and nude models in order to make the photo session perfect. Here are some examples:

– Consider providing enough heating for the area where the studio session is taking place.

– It is better if you can add some cushions to the place where you are taking photos, because your models may need some space to sit or rest during the photoshoot.

– Neutral-toned blankets can also be used as part of the scene you are portraying, or just as an extra source of warmth in case it’s needed.

– You and your team can prepare some refreshments available during the photo breaks.

– If your team feels like they are supported and appreciated, they will be much happier and more productive during the shoot. You can also allow them some time off after work, especially if they went through a long day of shooting photos.

– You can help boost morale among your team members by giving them some recognition when they do something good (or even bad) in front of clients or customers. This could be a simple thank-you note or an award on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

In general, it is better to look for details that will help create an atmosphere that is both comfortable and inviting for your models and your team.

Practice Some Empathy

Nude photography can be an intimidating experience, both for the photographer and the model. As a photographer, it’s important to remember to practice some empathy when shooting these types of portraits.

If you are too strict with your models, you may make them feel uncomfortable and awkward. This will make the photoshoot not achieve its results.

Instead of just jumping into a complex pose you may have seen in a magazine or while studying, take a moment to ask your model what they think about the pose. You can discuss with them to know what they think. And they may give you some suggestions to improve the photoshoot. You may feel surprised because they can suggest some ideas you have never thought about.

Moreover, try to put yourself in their shoes – what would it feel like to be on the other side of the lens? This will ensure that your model is comfortable throughout the session and that you are getting the best possible results out of the shoot. With some empathy and consideration, nude photography can be a rewarding experience that yields stunning results! And your models will like working with you for a longer time because you have a very good character that other photographers don’t have, which will differentiate you from others in this competitive industry.

No Cell Phones

It is better not to use cellphones during the nude photoshoots. We believe that this idea can be applied to any photography sessions.

The reason is that photographers and models can concentrate on the shoot and ensure that high-quality images or videos are taken during the session. And nobody in the studio can take pictures or reveal the photos to a third party during the photoshoot. So, you can understand that we should ask staff to leave their phones outside the shoot.

Or this is to protect models and their privacy because they are working with photographers to take nude photos.

Nude photography can be an incredibly intimate experience, and it is important that all parties feel comfortable and secure in their environment throughout it. By ensuring everyone has to comply with this rule about no cell phones, you will create trust, respect and comfort for your models and you and your partners can create great nude photographs.


There are many poses for nude photography that you can use to create different effects. But the main thing to understand the body language to master nude poses. You need to understand that poses are not right or wrong. Some poses work with some models, but don’t work with other models.

The best way to understand about human body is to study people, for example study the way  they sit, stand, or even lie in bed.

You should be able to analyze a pose very quickly to make the pose suitable for your models and pictures. And sometimes a light change in your poses can result in new and better poses for you.

You can have a look at the “Nude photography ideas” part in this post for more posing ideas.

Sharpness and Blur

In nude photography, you need to have a good understanding of how to use focus and blur to create impact. When using focus, photographers seek to either create a subject that is sharp or an image with a blurred background. Blur can be used to create depth and draw attention to the subject.

Blur is also used as a way to capture movement in an image, such as waterfalls or clouds moving through the sky. This can be done by setting your shutter speed faster than 1/60 second (or slower depending on the situation) and moving with your subject so that when you press the shutter button, they are in motion.

Achieving sharpness in nude photography is simple enough if you know how to use depth of field (DOF). DOF refers to how much of your image will be in focus from front-to-back. A shallow DOF means only part of your image will be in focus while a deep DOF means more of your image will be in focus. Shallow DOFs are great for portraits where only one person’s face should be sharp while deeper DOFs work well for landscapes where everything from foreground through background should be sharp.

Focus and Blur

In the nude photography world, focus and blur are two words that are often confused. Focus is not only sharpness, but also the extent to which an object stands out from its background. Focus is usually determined by the relative distance between the camera and subject. Blur is the opposite of focus, meaning the image is less distinct or clear.

Blur can be created using several techniques, including:

Shutter speed – The longer your shutter stays open, the greater amount of motion blur you will get. This can be used to create a sense of movement in a still image.

Aperture – A wide aperture (f/2) will result in more motion blur than a narrow aperture (f/16). You can use this technique to create an aesthetic effect known as bokeh in your images by blurring out background objects while keeping your subject sharp.

ISO – A higher ISO setting will result in more noise but less motion blur than a lower ISO setting. If you want an image with minimal noise but still want some motion blur, then raising your ISO could be helpful!

Some common posing techniques

Nude Portraits

The term nude portrait refers to the depiction of a person in the nude. The subject of a nude portrait is typically a person who is nude, or partially nude, in front of a camera. The subject may be either male or female, although there are more depictions of women than men.

And you can see the word “portraits” here. This style of nude photography focuses more on portraits of nude models. They focus on their expressions, their characteristics with the beauty of the models and the beauty of the moment they capture.

nude photography ideas (93)

In this photo, we can see that all the expressions on the model’s face are worth capturing. She closes her eyes but we can see a dramatic mood and a story here.


Many photographers also use self-portraits for nude photography to illustrate their ideas better. Many years ago, a lot of artists tried self-portraits as we mentioned earlier in our post.

There are many challenges for photographers, but they can have more benefits over them if they choose this path.

The body in motion

The body movement is great for nude photography. However, the challenging part is to find ideas to make photos look great and pop.

You should be able to capture the best “moment”, and the reaction of your model.

The implied nude

This safer approach can refer to images that models can use their hands or clothes to cover some parts of their bodies, for example, their genitals. Their hands can be used to cover their breasts.

nude photography ideas (87)

In this photo, the model uses her hands and arms to cover her breasts, but the way the photographer captured the moment her movement creates a very good sense of style and art for the photo.

Full body

This type of shoot is the most popular one, and you can see that many photographers choose to take this type of nude photography.

nude photography ideas (233)

The above photo is a great example of a full body nude photograph. The composition, lighting, and posing are all great, which makes such a great photo.


Whenever you move closer to your model’s body and it covers most of your frame, it will create a sense of intimacy.

So, you can start with this approach which you focus on body parts of your model.

nude photography ideas (94)

This photo is a great example of how a photographer zooms in or moves his camera closer to his model. The model’s hands also cover her breasts, and the point of focus is the space between her breasts, which makes the photo attractive and creates intimacy, curiosity and attracts attention of viewers.

Also, it can help the photographer tell a story or convey a mood if it is listed in a series of nude photos.


Abstract nude photography is also very popular. That’s the reason why you can see so many abstract nude photos out there.

You can use your model or present her in an abstract way, or use parts of her body to present your ideas.

nude photography ideas (82)

In the photo above, the model is standing in the tree body or behind the tree. But the way she stands makes us understand that she is standing in it.

We can understand that the photo can convey an abstract meaning that the photographer wants to express. It can be a story or a deep meaning.

Body and Nature

Nudity and nature can have a great connection and relationship. You can see that many photographers use this concept to create abstract and beautiful nude photographs.

The connection between nature and nude photography is something that has always been there, but it wasn’t until recently that people started to realize it. There are many reasons why this connection exists.

  • First of all, we are part of nature, so it makes sense that we would be attracted to it.
  • Secondly, there is something about the beauty of nature that makes us appreciate life itself more deeply.
  • When you spend time photographing nudes outdoors in nature, you are able to capture more than just the body; you capture moments in time that will last forever.

When you combine the two together, your photos become more meaningful than ever before!

nude photography ideas (217)

In the above photo, the model is sitting on the beach while enjoying a breeze and sunlight. The color of her skin, the light, and the color of rocks are all in harmony, which makes a good photo with beautiful colors.


You will focus more on your model’s skin and you can use arts, textures, colors, or body paints to illustrate this approach.

With this approach, you can use macro lenses and the power of lighting to make the characteristics of skin become more prominent and create great effects for your photos.

nude photography ideas (17)

Please look at the above example, here the photographer used texture to illustrate his idea. The texture here is a point of interest and attracts viewers’ attention. The color of the texture  also creates a contrast with darker areas near the right of the photo.

nude photography ideas 17


Images about nude photography can be viewed in two ways: abstract/artistic images or erotic images.

If you focus more on the erotic genre, it means that your photography conveys and emphasizes the sexuality over the artistic beauty.

Sometimes, people misunderstand and confuse these two ways of nude photographs.

nude photography ideas (152)

The nude image above is a beautiful erotic nude photograph. We can see that the composition, posing, lighting, location, and expressions on the model’s face all work well together. And her breasts and body in black and white create a sense of erotica in the photo.


In this part, we will quickly go through a list of equipment you should have as a nude photographer. Although the list is just optional, you can use more equipment if you need in your real photoshoots.

Your camera is your most important thing in every type of photography.

Although digital cameras are still dominant today, film cameras are still a good choice for many photographers. You can buy a used 35 mm camera at a good price. You can find them online via e-commerce websites or on Ebay.

The main drawback of using film cameras is the cost of film and processing. We mention some types of digital cameras that nude photographers often use in a separate part later.

Electronic Flash

Sometimes, it is better to use natural lighting to light up your images. But it is always possible to use it in every setting.

The first piece of lighting equipment you can consider buying is an electronic flash unit.

Higher end flash units are more useful and can help you solve a lot of problems related to lighting. You should also prepare batteries because flash can use up your batteries very quickly.

Flash units can be very useful if you use them as fill light for outdoor photoshoots.

Studio Equipment

If you work in a studio setting, sometimes you need to prepare for yourself. Sometimes you can use the studio’s equipment.

You can go well with a good monolight and a medium-sized softbox. You may also need a light stand and should know how to trigger the light.

Light Meter

Light Meters can be very useful for indoor, studio, or outdoor settings. There is a very good type of light meters. It is an ambient-light meter and the light meter in your camera is a reflected-light meter.

Ambient-light meters measure how much lighting falls on your subject and reflected-light meters measure the light bouncing off your subject.


Sometimes, it is okay to light up your model a bit, you can use a reflector. Reflectors can help you see the effects of the light when you move them.

In nude photography, we think that it is okay to use a medium-sized reflector.


A tripod is very useful if you want to keep your camera steady, or you take photographs in a low lighting setting.

You can shoot with slower shutter speeds but still produce sharp images with a tripod.

Lenses and Filters

Lenses are very important in every type of photography and in nude photography. But when you invest in expensive lenses, you should think carefully if you need them or not for your nude photography sessions.

If you are a beginner, you can start using the basic lens which comes with your camera. If they are not suitable for you, you can use zoom lenses with wide ranges or long focal lengths.

If you want to get close to your subject, you may need a macro lens.

Filters can be used to achieve some certain effects in your images, but now you can use Photoshop to improve your photos. So, when it comes to digital photography, filters may be not as useful as they are.

Photo editing software

Photoshop and other photo editing software are a must when it comes to digital photography.

Besides improving your photography skills, you should also improve your photo editing skills.

It is obvious that you should also have a good computer or laptop as well. Because if you don’t have one, you cannot process or edit your photos, which would be a nightmare for your photography business.

A Few Ideas about Camera Settings

When you take nude photography, you may ask how you choose the right camera settings for your nude photos. That is a normal question. Here are some examples of camera settings photographers often use for their nude photos. And we also give you some nude photos with their settings.

  • 0mm · ƒ/2.8 · 1/80s · ISO 640
  • 0mm · ƒ/4.0 · 1/200s · ISO 800 ↯
  • 0mm · ƒ/2.8 · 1/160s · ISO 160
  • 0mm · ƒ/11.0 · 1/200s · ISO 100
  • 0mm · ƒ/3.5 · 1/80s · ISO 800
  • 0mm · ƒ/8.0 · 1/125s · ISO 200
  • 0mm · ƒ/2.8 · 1/1000s · ISO 160
  • 0mm · ƒ/13.0 · 1/200s · ISO 100
  • 0mm · ƒ/5.0 · 1/125s · ISO 200
  • 0mm · ƒ/2.2 · 1/125s · ISO 400 ↯
  • 0mm · ƒ/1.8 · 1/400s · ISO 500
  • 0mm · ƒ/1.4 · 1/1000s · ISO 100
  • 0mm · ƒ/2.8 · 1/60s · ISO 500 ↯

Please look at these examples and the settings the photographer used:

nude photography ideas (109)

Canon EOS 5d Mark II

45.0mm · ƒ/4.0 · 1/50s · ISO 200

nude photography ideas (238)

Canon EOS R: 24-70mm F2.8 DG OS HSM | Art 017

50.0mm · ƒ/2.8 · 1/50s · ISO 160 ↯

nude photography ideas (221)

Canon EOS 5d Mark III: EF85mm f/1.2L II USM

85.0mm · ƒ/9.0 · 1/200s · ISO 100

nude photography ideas (224)

Canon EOS R

24-70mm F2.8 DG OS HSM | Art 017

56.0mm · ƒ/3.2 · 1/200s · ISO 100

There are no fixed answers for this question, so for each photo, you should experiment and learn how to choose the right setting for each photo. You can learn and use the settings we provide in this part to get started. When you are skilled enough, you will know how to choose the right settings for your photos.

What types of camera should you use for nude photography?

A professional photographer can have the ability to capture the best images with a decent camera. We mean the results he can create are all based on his skills and knowledge.

We hope that you will have that ability through various trainings and practices.

These are some camera models many nude photographers often use to take pictures. You can learn and choose a suitable camera for you.

They are:

  • Canon EOS 60d
  • Canon EOS R
  • Canon EOS 5d Mark III
  • Nikon D3100
  • Canon EOS 5d Mark II
  • Canon EOS 5d Mark IV
  • Nikon D700
  • Fujifilm X-T5
  • Nikon D750
  • Nikon D3100
  • Canon EOS 5d
  • Canon EOS-1ds Mark III
  • Canon EOS 600d

However, you can still use the camera you like, and you are comfortable with. The key to creating a beautiful nude image is knowing how to use your camera properly.

Steps to Take in a Real Nude Photoshoot

Here in this part, we will introduce you to some steps professional nude photographers often do in a real nude photoshoot. These steps are just for reference and they can be varied and different, which is up to each photographer.

  1. Some photographers will assess their photography locations, especially if you shoot outdoors. Models can prepare for the shoot at this time when they arrive. Makeup artists can do the makeup for models as well.
  2. Some photographers will set up their lights and put props in their photography places.
  3. Photographers can check their cameras and laptops, and other equipment.
  4. Some assistants will apply oil to models’ skin to hightlight their skin and curves.
  5. Some photographers can explain the poses they want to their models. Many have to explain very carefully the details of the shoot. Some draw sketches of the poses they like to make models easier to understand.
  6. Some photographers and models will try out some poses first without taking a photograph.
  7. Some final adjusments are made before they start shooting.
  8. They take photos and check the images on the cameras’ screens. Maybe photographers want to make some changes if they need to. Their assistants can hold a reflector while they are shooting or directing their models.

Many will notice the ways their models use or put their hands and legs to correct them. Even pretty hands, feet, or legs can look unattractive if they are put in the wrong positions.

  1. Some photographers can try a new series of shots to experiment. Photographers can talk or direct their models right during the shoot.
  2. Photographers usually look at images on the camera screen during shooting, which is good
    for checking their progress on the photoshoot.

Nude photography Ideas

In this part, we will give you some posing ideas and nude photography ideas to help you understand more via examples. You can learn a lot from these examples, and it is very good for you to know more techniques to take great nude photography. Although you have learned a lot via the examples we gave above in each part and section, we hope that this part is still useful for you.

In general, there are only three types of posing ideas for nude photography. They are:

– Standing poses

– Sitting poses

– Lying poses

If you look at all the ideas below, you can see that they all fall into one of the three types we mention above.

We categorize like this to help you have a general overview of posing ideas. So that, you can quickly identify and use posing ideas for your nude photoshoots. So, let’s get started.

nude photography ideas (6)

In the photo above, the use of a green armchair is a very good addition to the photo. The composition and the pose are also very good. If you notice, you can see that the color “white” of the wall also looks well with the color of the armchair.

nude photography ideas (123)

This posing idea is about the model’s full body. Here you don’t take photos of her face and focus only on her body. The lighting comes from the left side and will create a strong contrast in the photo.

nude photography ideas (119)

Another black and white nude photo idea for you. The model is looking at her cellphone and the photographer takes the photoshoot via a particular view. The view can be through a small hole in a window or a space between some books.

nude photography ideas (32)

In this photo, the model is making direct eye contact with viewers. She is sitting while covering her breasts with her arms. The hat and her dress or pants can be good props for the photo. If you notice, the colors in the photo work well together, the colors of the hat, dress, and the background as well.

nude photography ideas (229)

This black and white nude photo is pretty successful while the photographer uses contrast and lighting to create mystery and convey a mood. If you notice, the expression of the model is also pretty good.

nude photography ideas (227)

In the photo, the expression and characters of the model are worth mentioning here. We can understand her feelings and the mood she conveys. Her inner self in this photo makes the whole picture. The way she sits is also a good pose for you to try. You should notice the direction the lighting comes from to contribute to this photo.

nude photography ideas (96)

Although the model isn’t completely nude in this photo, her long skirt makes an impact and can be a very good addition to the photo. The skirt and her body here are the main attraction of the photo.

It is worth mentioning that the white background here is also very suitable for the theme and goes well with the long skirt.

nude photography ideas (101)

Here in the photo, the photographer focuses on the model’s face with great expression. The confidence, her direct eye contact, and her chest make the photo look erotic, sensual, mysterious, and artistic.

nude photography ideas (167)

If you like a sofa pose, you can study this photo. The model is lying comfortably and smoking. You can also notice that there is a small mirror on the wall to reflect a bit of the model’s image, which creates an interesting composition for the photo.

nude photography ideas (53)

The above photo is beautiful because it can show the beauty of a woman and show her great happy inner soul at the same time. The model lies in a diagonal composition, which makes the photo look different and unique.

nude photography ideas (31)

This portrait nude photograph is a very good one. It is simple but doesn’t reveal too much about the model’s body. It is an implied nude photograph. The way her hair is makes the photo. The hair creates the mood and makes her model more attractive.

nude photography ideas (134)

The way she poses for this nude photo is great for full body nude photography. You can learn this idea by using the pose but for different photography locations.

nude photography ideas (164)

Another beautiful full body nude photograph. The pose have some similarities with the previous image. The necklace here looks very good with the model.

nude photography ideas (128)

This portrait nude photograph is a great example if you like portrait and nude photography. Here we can still see the beauty of her body (her breasts), her characters and emotions as well.

nude photography ideas (145)

In the photo above, the mode is sitting and her jacket is so unique and attractive. Her jacket can be a very good prop to add to the whole photo, and it can make her body look better.

nude photography ideas (276)

This can be considered a portrait nude photograph. Here the photo is all about the model’s face, her expression, and her chest.

nude photography ideas (40)

A lake or a pond of lotus flowers is a very good location for nude photography. Here you can see that it looks like the model is having a good time in the lake or pond. We mean that the posing idea creates a connection between the model and the location.

nude photography ideas (114)

In the photo above, the long white towel can be a very good prop. It covers a part of her body but still creates a sense of luxury for the model and the whole photo. And it also looks very well with the background of the photo.

nude photography ideas (97)

In this photo, the photographer changes the background of the photo. And you can see that the mood of the photo also changes a bit.

nude photography ideas (213)

In this photo, the way the mode poses creates good lines for the photo and makes the photo unique from others.

nude photography ideas (132)

Here is another full body nude photoshoot idea for you. You can see that the model is very comfortable and confident when stretching her whole body.

nude photography ideas (122)

Here in the photo, the photographer only takes a picture of the model’s back. If you notice, the whole theme color looks very good with the location and background. The model is confident and has direct eye contact with viewers. Despite that, we still feel the sexy part of the photo.

nude photography ideas (11)

When we look at this photo, we can see that the photo and model are very sexy. It can also be considered an erotic photo. Although we cannot see her chest or her front body, we still feel a sense of sensuality via the photo. The role of lighting here is also very important. It contributes to the erotic part of the photo.

nude photography ideas (120)

In the photo above, the expression on the model’s face makes the photo. It creates a sensuality and a sense of erotic arts. You can try this idea if you choose your nude photography location as a living room and a sofa.

nude photography ideas (126)

In the photo above, we can see that flowers are great props for the photo. You can use this idea to use flowers to represent feminism.

nude photography ideas (242)

This is a good outdoor photoshoot. The model looks confident, and it seems that she has a good connection with the surrounding environment.

nude photography ideas (110)

In this photo, the model body creates different lines (they are converging lines), which create a unique and interesting composition for the nude photo.

nude photography ideas (102)

The accessories and the jacket make her chest look more appealing and attractive. You can model this posing idea for many kinds of nude photos, especially the way she expresses her emotions. If you notice, you can see this pattern pretty often in many nude photos.

nude photography ideas (257)

In the photo above, the accessories of the model make a great impact. The earrings, necklace, and the fur scarf all look great together with the color of the photo.

nude photography ideas (241)

In the photo above, the expression on the model’s face is very good, and we can see that the red fur scarf looks well with the sofa. The “red” color here may be the main color of the photo.

nude photography ideas (184)

In this photo, the model seems very comfortable and can express her emotions freely. Please notice the stairs will create a frame that puts the model in the center of the photo.

nude photography ideas (47)

In this photo, the model looks very natural and confident around an outdoor environment. Nature can be a very good location for you to take nude photographs. In this photo, the model is posing near a river or a stream, or even near a beach with rocks.

nude photography ideas (261)

In the black and white photo, the model looks gorgeous and holds a big leaf. The big leaf here can be a good prop for the photo, which becomes a good addition to the mode and the photo.

nude photography ideas (33)

In the nude photograph above, you can see the “Red” color here is the dominant color of the photo. The color also conveys a mood or a message about the whole photo.

nude photography ideas (55)

This black and white photo is a very good example of utilizing black and white and the classic style. The model with her makeup here looks like a woman from the 1980s. She is looking outside and showing her comfort and beauty at the same time.

nude photography ideas (28)

In the photo, the model is sitting around a lot of items in a living room. The model looks natural, and her dress is loose to reveal her chest. This photoshoot we think is very okay to learn and adapt for your own photoshoot.

nude photography ideas (99)

The expressions on her face are pretty popular in nude and erotic photography, if you notice. You can use this pose to guide your model if you like her expressions.

nude photography ideas (36)

A very good portrait nude photo. The model looks beautiful and gorgeous while we still see her emotions and the mood of the photo.

nude photography ideas (163)

The composition and the pose in the photo are worth learning for every photographer. The model lies on her bed but the way she lies creates a good composition. Here you can see the positive effects of directing the model to create lines for the photo.

nude photography ideas (266)

This is another good posing idea for your next shoot. The model uses her hands to cover her breasts. Please notice the effects of lighting in this photo. The use of effective lighting makes the photo more gorgeous.

nude photography ideas (24)

The nude posing idea above can be great for male photography. The model is sitting like doing a yoga pose. The pose can help portray a hidden meaning or a message from the photographer.

nude photography ideas (35)

You can learn from this nude photo idea. You can use your camera to capture via leaves like this. Or you can use the leaves or anything that can form a frame for you to shoot through.

nude photography ideas (61)

This pose can be applied for both men and women. Here the photographer uses lighting and a dark background to create contrast and makes the photo look artistic.

nude photography ideas (211)

This pose is great if you don’t want to show your model’s full body. The model sits on a red sofa while having direct eye contact with viewers. She uses her hands and her legs to cover her body.

nude photography ideas (237)

The model is standing near a big tree on a small path. Here the tree, the small path, and the leaves on the left created a good frame to center the model in the image. You should always remember the power of framing in photography.

nude photography ideas (59)

In the photo above, the model uses her hat as a very good prop for the photo. The black and white photo can be a good example of the combination of simplicity, elegance, nudity, and art.

nude photography ideas (100)

Here in this photo, the model is standing to look at the light source. We can still see the erotic and sexy part of her body.

nude photography ideas (230)

In the above photo, the model is having direct eye contact with viewers while sitting on a chair. She uses her hands to cover her sensitive part, which is very okay.

nude photography ideas (236)

The model here with her expressions makes viewers have a sense of erotic feelings and sensuality. The way she holds her panties and her expressions have made the photo. This nude photo can also be considered an erotic art photograph. Here is a lesson we can learn from these nude photo ideas: If you want to change the mood of your photo, simply change your model’s expressions.

nude photography ideas (115)

The model looks beautiful with the light pink background. So, when it comes to nude photography, and you are going to take a full nude photograph, you can use light pink as a supporting color for your photo. Because light pink can go really well with your model’s skin color.

nude photography ideas (270)

This nude photo looks very great and the expressions of the model are very professional. She knows what she has to do and plays the role very well. You can learn to use the lighting from the left to light up your model and her body like what the photographer did in the photo.

nude photography ideas (135)

Here in the photo, the model is lying on her bed while looking at the other side. Her “strong” makeup conveys a message that she is a strong and confident woman.

nude photography ideas (181)

The background of the photo looks very great with the overall theme of the photo. You can also use this idea to capture while your model is lying on a background.

nude photography ideas (206)

You can choose an outdoor location with a lot of trees like this photo as your photography location. You can also direct your model to interact with leaves or her surrounding environment to create a connection with the location.

nude photography ideas (271)

Although the model isn’t completely nude and still wears a jacket, the photo still looks good as an artistic nude photo. Sometimes, a good nude photograph doesn’t need to be a completely nude photo.

nude photography ideas (216)

In the above photo, the model is sitting comfortably while looking at the camera. Here the photo is a semi-nude photo, but the leggings she is wearing and her necklace make her and the photo look very great.

nude photography ideas (247)nude photography ideas (233)


In the photos above, you can see that they are very good and beautiful nude photos. The photographer uses a back background to create a high contrast with the color of the model’s skin. And you can see that the lighting and the poses here also play big roles to make the photo successful.

nude photography ideas (174)

In the photo, you can notice the same expressions on the model’s face. The expressions are good for nude and erotic photos, especially when the model is in a bedroom.

nude photography ideas (9)

The nude photo is really great with a proper combination of posing, lighting, location, and colors. The “white” color of the sofa (and the wall) is a good match with the model and her skin. The “white” color makes the photo brighter and creates a positive and beautiful mood for viewers.

nude photography ideas (186)

The oranges here and the chair are good props for the photo and model. The oranges can be a focus and a good addition to the nude model.

nude photography ideas (13)

The sitting pose of the model here is very sexy and erotic. You can also model this idea if you like. You can also make some changes if you need, for example, you give your model a long scarf or a skirt to wear. Or even you can put a prop near the model or in her right hand.

nude photography ideas (253)

The model is very calm and confident and is looking directly at the camera. The main focus of the photo is her chest and her confident face. The shot can be considered a good portrait nude photograph.

nude photography ideas (143)

In the photo, the way the mode posed is pretty good. She lies on her bed while showing her chest confidently. The model here also uses the blanket to cover her leg and sensitive part, which creates an implied nudity part. The color of the blanket and pillows also creates a contrast with the model’ skin color.

nude photography ideas (131)

The photo is also very great too. The model looks confident while looking to the other side.

nude photography ideas (219)

The sitting pose with her arm raised to her head is popular in nude photography. You will see this pose pretty often. The white blouse and the white curtain are in harmony with the model’s skin color.

nude photography ideas (210)

This idea is very great for a full body nude photograph. The use of lighting here is pretty good and you can see that the lighting source makes the photo brighter and the model’s skin color.

nude photography ideas (81)

The abstract nude photo above is a great way to describe the body of the model. The main subject is not about the real woman’s body, it may be a sculpture. But it still reflects some curves of a woman.

nude photography ideas (255)

The movement of the model makes the photo look more energetic, mysterious, attractive, and sexy. Here she still wears her bodysuit, but it is a see-through one and still shows her curves.

nude photography ideas (226)

The outer shirt/blouse makes her body look more attractive and focused. You can make changes by using different clothes, shirts, blouses, and jackets for your model to wear during the shoot.

nude photography ideas (196)

In the photo above, the model is lying on her bed while having direct eye contact with viewers. We can see the confidence in her eyes. This pose is great if you choose a bedroom as your photography location.

nude photography ideas (194)

This pose is very abstract and artistic. Here the model uses her arms and legs to cover herself. The use of lighting and a dark background create a great contrast for the photo.

nude photography ideas (183)

The sitting pose is pretty common, so you can direct your model to use her arm and leg to cover her sensitive parts.

nude photography ideas (20)

Here you can use windows and natural lighting to create unique patterns on your model’s body.

nude photography ideas (22)

This photo can be considered an erotic photo. It creates a sexual and sensual visualization  for viewers. If you photograph a couple, you may try this posing idea.

nude photography ideas (45)

For male nude photography, taking a portrait is also a good way to capture your model’s masculine beauty.

nude photography ideas (7)

In this photo, the model is like stretching in front of the windows in the morning. You can use this idea to take advantage of natural lighting and if you notice, posing ideas near windows are pretty popular.

nude photography ideas (172)

If you don’t want to show your model’s face, you can use this idea to focus on your model’s body. This photo is still artistic and gives viewers a sense of sensuality.

nude photography ideas (46)

If you take nude photographs of males, you can use these ideas. These ideas are still artistic and very good even for beginners to learn and study.

nude photography ideas (14)nude photography ideas (18)

You can photograph the backs of your models and use a dark background and lighting to create a contrast for your photos.

nude photography ideas (43)

In the photo above, the male model is hugging the female model and the photographer crops the photo to reveal a part of their bodies. However, with the effective lighting, composition, and the use of empty space, the photo still looks very good.

nude photography ideas (215)

In the above male nude photo, the man is sitting while using his arms and hands to cover himself. This nude idea for males we think is okay if you would like to take abstract nude photos with hidden meanings inside.

nude photography ideas (8)

This photo is about a nude couple photo. Here you can see the interaction between the two models, which creates a connection between the two subjects and can convey an idea behind the photo.

nude photography ideas (44)

In the above photo, we can see that a lot of magazines and photobooks are used as props for the photo. The magazines and photobooks are also very good for covering the empty space and suitable for a black and white photograph.

nude photography ideas (138)

In the photo above, the model looks beautiful while looking outside the window. You can use this posing idea for nude photography if you like taking advantage of natural lighting.

nude photography ideas (264)

nude photography ideas (30)nude photography ideas (16)

Taking nude photos in a bathroom can be a great idea. You can model the three photo ideas above if you like this photography location. Because nudity and bathrooms have a relation and connection. When people think about bathrooms, they can immediately think about nudity.

nude photography ideas (176)

The model’s posing idea is fascinating. She lies near the window and puts her legs higher against the wall. This photo can have great benefits of the window light.

nude photography ideas (169)

If you like nature, you can choose a lake as your photography location. It can be a very good one if you like black and white as well.

nude photography ideas (267)

Here the scarf or the piece of clothing is a very good prop for the photo. It makes her look more stylish and fashionable. Her hair also makes her look like a movie star.

nude photography ideas (171)nude photography ideas (130)

The red strawberry and background make the photo look perfect, and this nude photo is a good model for a lying position.

nude photography ideas (156)

Here is another window pose. You can direct your model to look outside and stand near the window. In this post, you will see many posing ideas like this.

nude photography ideas (23)

This posing idea is a bit sexual and erotic. It can be a good erotic photo idea for you if you like combining both nude and erotic genres in one photograph.

nude photography ideas (124)

You can try this idea if you like the photo. Your camera is at a higher position, and you shoot from the high position directly. However, this shoot requires good lighting otherwise it will be difficult to achieve the result. But, you can use Photoshop to edit later to make your photos lighter if you want.

nude photography ideas (129)

If you like chairs as props for your photos, you can try this photo idea. The chair and the surrounding environment make the photo better.

nude photography ideas (142)

It is okay to use a nice jacket to cover a part of your model’s body, which is a very good posing idea for any nude photos.

nude photography ideas (223)

This semi-nude photo and the model in the picture are very sexy. You can capture your model while she is looking back like this, which can be a very good nude photography idea.

nude photography ideas (162)

This photo is really great, which can describe the curves and the beauty of the model. You can learn to take an image like this by using proper lighting because lighting plays a very important role in this photo.

nude photography ideas (106)

This sitting pose is also common in nude photography and you will see it several times. You can use this posing idea in different locations like beaches, studios, rooms in a house.

nude photography ideas (112)

nude photography ideas (260)nude photography ideas (10)nude photography ideas (52)

In nude photography, taking pictures from behind is a good photo idea, as you can see in the five previous photos. You can use this idea for many photos, try to be more creative, and you will have great and unique nude photos.

nude photography ideas (263)

This sitting pose and the way the model feels very relaxed, and comfortable all look good together. If you like chairs as props, you can try this idea in your photos.

nude photography ideas (168)

Photographing nude models outdoors can be exciting and helps you with more ideas. The model stands on a rock and looks far away. You can experiment with this idea but in different locations.

nude photography ideas (178)

You can photograph your model like this: she lies on a background and looks at your camera while showing her comfort and confidence.

nude photography ideas (3)

This photo idea can be great in a natural location, like in a forest or a field. The model seems to be comfortable and enjoys her time.

nude photography ideas (137)

nude photography ideas (240)

Other window photoshoots for nude photography. Here you can use natural lighting to create contrast for your photo.

nude photography ideas (275)

This posing idea is very popular in portrait photography, and you can use it for nude photography as well.

nude photography ideas (160)

The model puts her hands on her head, like taking care of or styling her hair. This idea is very good for nude photography, indeed.

nude photography ideas (208)

The lying pose is good because you can take pictures of all her body. Here her body creates a horizontal line along with the sofa, which can please viewers’ eyes.

nude photography ideas (118)

It is fine for models to use their hands to cover their sensitive parts. Nudity doesn’t mean that you have to completely nude.

nude photography ideas (187)

A piece of clothing or a long scarf can be very useful for nude photos. The above picture is an example.

nude photography ideas (159)

In the photo above, the model puts her hand on her head and styles her hair and if you notice her facial expression, you will see it very often in nude photography.

nude photography ideas (56)

Although she still wears her clothes, it is still a good implied nude photo. The way she poses is good while still showing her curves and beauty.

nude photography ideas (149)

If you like an erotic and nude photo, you can try the above idea. The expression on her face and the way she put her fingers in her mouth create a sense of sensuality.

nude photography ideas (218)nude photography ideas (182)nude photography ideas (158)nude photography ideas (147)

In the four previous photos, you can see that the lying pose and sitting pose on a background or a floor or a bed are very good to show the beauty of the model. If you can use proper lighting, your photos will be very good.

nude photography ideas (38)

Another great portrait implied nude photo. Although the model uses her arms to cover her chest, it is still a very good portrait.

nude photography ideas (232)nude photography ideas (245)nude photography ideas (251)

In the three previous photos, you can see that the photography locations are all outdoor locations. It means that outdoor locations are also great for nude photography, not just private rooms or studios.

nude photography ideas (252)

In the photo above, the model looks beautiful. You can see her hat and earrings work well as props for the nude portrait.

nude photography ideas (146)

Here the model looks beautiful and she sits near the window. You can use this idea and the sitting pose for any nude photos. And you can also direct your model to sit within the kitchen and use kitchen cabinets as a background for your photo (see the below example).

nude photography ideas (259)

nude photography ideas (161)

The nude photograph looks beautiful, because besides the model, all other props all look good together with the theme of the photo: nature, flowers, red and green.

nude photography ideas (108)

This nude idea is great for artistic black and white nude photography. The model feels confident and her pose is really good.

nude photography ideas (154)

Taking photos of your model and her interaction with water is a good nude photography idea. Women, nudity, and water sometimes can have a close connection. For example, people often think about nudity when a woman is taking a shower.

nude photography ideas (175)

The model looks pretty good with her surrounding environment. If you notice the water, it is like freezing.

nude photography ideas (141)

Here the model looks comfortable and confident on her bed. You can use this idea for any bedroom nude photography.

nude photography ideas (98)

The standing pose is pretty natural and can be good for female models. Please notice all other items in the room also make a great contribution to the photo.

nude photography ideas (50)

The photo above can be a great one if you like sitting poses and black and white photography.

nude photography ideas (151)

In the above photo, the model uses her hands to cover her breasts while the rose covers her mouth. We have to say that this is a good implied nude photo. You can also use this idea to create other photos where you use props to cover your model’s sensitive parts.

nude photography ideas (144)

This nude photo and its elements make us think that we are like in a fairy tale, from the surrounding environment to the colors in the photo. You can use a kitchen as your nude photography location where your model is cooking some food, for example.

nude photography ideas (12)

This bedroom posing idea is okay if you choose bedrooms as your photography location. Here the model looks back while her front body is against the wall.

nude photography ideas (277)

This nude photo can give us a sense of glamour and classic mood from a Hollywood movie. If you like the classic style, you can try this photo idea.

nude photography ideas (228)

This black and white nude photo can convey a sense of calmness, mystery, classic mood, and art in one frame. You can model this photo by letting your model interact with her surrounding environment.

nude photography ideas (214)

The way she poses for this photo, we have to say, is very good. Her hat, facial expression, and cigarette look all great together.

nude photography ideas (155)

This sitting pose is pretty good if you choose beaches as your photography location. However, you can take photos of your model posing like this in every setting, from bedrooms to studios.

nude photography ideas (166)

This pose is great if you want to take advantage of natural lighting. You can direct your model to mimic the model’s right hand and facial expression.

nude photography ideas (104)

In the photo, the model uses the sitting pose where she feels comfortable and confident. This sitting pose is simple but still artistic.

nude photography ideas (136)

This nude photo is very great, it can show the curves and beauty of the model. The way she looks and her arms and hand look perfect for a portrait nude shoot.

nude photography ideas (235)

The way she expresses herself on her face is very familiar in nude photography as we said before. You can use this idea if you like sensuality and eroticism in your nude photos.

nude photography ideas (220)

In the nude photo above, the model looks confident and has direct eye contact with viewers. The towels are great props here and look good in a black and white photo.

nude photography ideas (111)

In the photo above, the model wears a hat with a long mask covering her face. But the hat makes the model and her body more attractive, and it is a perfect prop.

nude photography ideas (48)

This nude photo is very artistic and stylistic. The idea can be applied to fashion nude photography. The big hat and the way the model uses her hand to hold her hat are very good, which makes the photo pretty artistic.

Post Production

Post-production is the most important part of the photography process. It is where you take your raw images and turn them into a finished piece of art that your clients will love. This is a must for every type of photography, not just nude photography.

Doing the post-processing work will give you two benefits:

  1. You can fix some flaws in your photos and enhance them.
  2. You will learn the process of creating good images.

You can see that there is a big difference between raw images and edited images. Post-processing is also very important in this digital age today. There are also many ways for editing or improving a nude photograph. Here in this part, we’ll go over some tips for editing nude photos, including cropping and reframing, adjusting, color adjustments, applying filters, and more.

Organizing Your Work

After taking each photoshoot, you may end up having hundreds of files. You should not put all the images into one folder. You should separate and organize them into some folders by month, year, categories, models, concepts, and so on.

It is better if you can separate RAW and JPEG files. If you can have a program that can help you label or add keywords to each photo, it is better.

Your good organizing skill will help you later and save you time because you don’t have to spend much time finding images or choosing the right ones to send to your clients.

Cropping and Reframing

Cropping and reframing are two of the most important post-production techniques for nude photography. A good nude photographer should know how to crop and reframe the subject to create a more dramatic or erotic image. Sometimes, you can find that it is better to crop an image after taking it.

Practicing the cropping technique is also a very good way to help you improve creativity and composition.

It’s important to understand that when you crop a photograph, it doesn’t actually remove any of the content from the image, but rather just changes how much is visible onscreen at once. So if you want to make a certain part of your image bigger or smaller so that it looks better, then cropping is the way to go!

Cropping can be applied to the model, not just for backgrounds. If your final image looks great or your photo has an interesting and new composition, you should slice/crop through the model.

You should crop distracting elements if there are any in your photos.

Experimentation is the key thing here. You can use your photo editing software to experiment, and you can see that what parts of an image should be cropped to make a better image.

Adjusting tones

Sometimes, you want to improve your photographs by adjusting the tones of an image. The tone here refers to the range of tone from light to dark.

You can adjust by using the dodge and burn tool in your image editing software, or you can use adjustment layers for better options.

White balance adjustment: If your photos have a yellow hue, you may want to adjust the white balance in post-production. This will make sure that your skin tones look natural, instead of having an unnatural yellow cast.

Adjusting contrast: You should also increase the contrast after taking the photo as this will help bring out details and shadows in your image.

If it is not specified, “contrast” means “tonal contrast”. Tonal contrast refers to the difference between the dominant light and your dark areas in the photo.

The fastest way to improve a photo is to improve contrast in the photo.

Adjusting brightness: If you find that your photo is too dark or too bright, you should adjust it accordingly during post production. This will make sure that your photos are not too dark or too bright.

Sharpening: You should also make sure to sharpen your images, so they look sharper than they were when taken with a camera phone or digital camera. Sharpening makes them appear more crisp and professional looking when printed on paper or viewed on computer screens.

Black and white

Sometimes, you find that the nude photographs are better if you convert them into black and white ones. Black and white nude photography is a very good option for you to try because black and white can convey a perfect mood for your photos.

There is something about black and white photography that makes it stand out. The lack of color in the photo gives it a different feel altogether. It also helps to showcase some of the finer details which may be lost if they are converted into color images.

The main idea behind this technique is that it helps you to focus on certain things which might otherwise be overlooked if they were in color.

This is because some people have the tendency to look at things in a different way when they are in color than when they are in black and white.

Converting photos into black and white also gives an artistic touch to them which makes them look very attractive and unique as compared to other types of pictures which have been converted into black and white.

Color Adjustment

Color correction is a very important part of photography. It allows us to achieve the mood we want and communicate our message to the audience. However, if you want to learn how to color correct properly, you should know that it’s not easy at all.

Here are some techniques:

Levels – You can use this tool to change the intensity of each color channel separately. This tool is useful if you want to make an image brighter or darker without changing its hue or saturation.

Curves – This tool is similar to levels, but it gives you more control over your image. You can adjust shadows and highlights separately with this tool too.

Hue/Saturation – This tool allows you to adjust the shade of each color within your image by adding or removing saturation from them. This feature is useful when you want to make certain colors stand out more than others in an image without affecting other colors too much.

Adding backgrounds

Adding backgrounds for post-production in nude photography is a great way to improve your images. A background can add depth, contrast and drama to your pictures. It can also help you create the right mood for your model’s look.

You can take your photos first, and later add a background to your photos thanks to your image editing software.

The first thing you need to do is choose the right background. You want something that will match what you’re doing with your model, but more importantly it needs to be easy to work with. If there are too many colors or patterns in the background, then it might be difficult to make it look natural in post-production.

Once you have chosen a background that fits with your style, you need to find an image that works as well as possible:

– Experiment with different backgrounds and see which ones work best with the model and their pose.

– If you’re using Photoshop, make sure you have a copy of the original photo so that you can easily revert if necessary.

– You can use the magic wand and lasso tool to make a selection around your model and convert it into a mask.

Make sure that your selected color doesn’t clash with the model’s hair or skin tone.

Experiment with filters

Now Photoshop and many other image manipulation software have various filters for you to choose and apply into your images. But you should use filters carefully and experiment with each type to ensure that you get the best result for your photos.

Further Retouching

Sometimes, you want to do more edits for your photos. You can make some minor adjustments like removing some parts of the photos (for example, you can remove the table near the model if it is distracting).

nude photography ideas (125)

For example, in the above photo, if you don’t like the tattoos of the model, you can use Photoshop to remove them.

In general, it is up to you to choose to remove or edit something in the photos. The only thing you need to remember is that the edits you make should enhance your photos.

Retouch Tips and Checklist:

– Remove distracting elements from your background

– Remember to label your layers

– Remove multiple catch lights in your model’s eyes

– Don’t over post process your photos. Sometimes, it is better to have a natural look.

Learning From What You Have Done

The first thing you should do when evaluating your nude photographs is to find what you like about them.

For example, you may like the composition, posing ideas, or the color in your photos. Find out what works for you and apply them to new photoshoots.

You also need to find out what you need to improve next time, for example, they may be the technical parts of your images or lighting.

And you can come up with some solutions that can be used to improve those limitations.

You can have a checklist for everything that contributes to the success of your photos, from preparation, working with your models to post-processing your photos. You can examine everything to see if there are elements that you can improve in any stages.

For example:

– Was my preparation good enough so that I didn’t miss or forget my equipment?

– What equipment should I need, but I forgot to bring?

– Did I have good conversations with my models and did I direct her well enough to achieve our photography goals?

– What posing ideas can I try next time?

– Did we have enough time for our photoshoot, or did we have to rush?

– How was the lighting good enough for our photoshoot?

There are many elements and questions you can use to reflect your experience in your photography session.

Another way to improve is to ask your staff or your model and listen to their feedback. You will be able to learn a lot by listening to them, and you can have many more ideas later for your next photoshoots.

Sharing Nude Photos with Your Models and Your Clients

Your Model

After you edit and improve all the photos, you can send them to your models first.

Your models have contributed a lot to the success of your photos, so they are also eager to see their work.

Some models want to have these images to show on their profiles or portfolios, so that they can have more jobs in the future.

Your clients

If you shoot nude photographs for your clients, you should send the photos to your clients as soon as you finish editing. Your clients are also excited and want to see the results of their efforts.

You can also have some feedback from your clients when they see the results, which is a good learning opportunity for you.

Marketing Your Nude Photography and Make More Money

After you take all your nude photographs, it is time for you to put them out there. Here we have some suggestions for you to promote yourself and your images.

If you are successful at marketing your images, you can have more chances to make more money for yourself and find more clients.

Although the marketing methods in this part are not perfect for everyone, they are still useful for many photographers. To be better at marketing, there are more things to learn and apply. But you can learn these ideas in this part to get started and learn more techniques later.

Use Your Social Media

You can add some of your most favorite photos to your Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr for your followers to get your latest updates.

You can also send your newest work to your past satisfied clients to let them know that you are still available, and you are improving your skills and doing the best work.

You can also partner with some influencers in the field to promote your images and your business.

Art galleries

Art galleries or exhibitions are great for you to promote your nude work. It is also a good way for your work to be seen by viewers.

Many art galleries have their own submission guidelines and commissions, and you can follow the guidelines to submit your photos.  If they don’t have any guidelines on their website, you can contact them to ask if they have any submission guidelines.

You should also research about the galleries you are going to contact. Some may not accept nude photos or nude arts. Some may accept but don’t accept new photographers.

You can also ask other photographers who used to work with the gallery in the past and ask them for more experience and information.

You should submit your most recent and excellent work to the gallery you want to submit, and prepare yourself with the process of printing your work because you will need to print your photos or arts to display in most galleries.

Submit your work to some photo sharing websites

Nowadays, Unsplash and other websites like Pixabay and Pexels are so popular on the Internet. You can submit your nude photos on those websites to get more exposure for yourself. But, these websites will allow their users to download and use photos for free and without attribution.

You should consider if these conditions are okay with you or not.

You may give some photos away for free, but in exchange, you can have many more clients and partners in the future.

Submit to microstock websites

Microstock agencies and companies are another good way for you to promote and sell your photos. These agencies will market you photos, sell and license your photos, and you will receive a part of the money.

Nude images for microstock websites are often used for products and services such as perfumes, skin care products, cosmetics to convey the sensuality.

When you submit your photos to microstock agencies, you should remember that the amount of nudity should be suitable because buyers often use the images for promotion and advertising.

Some big players in the microstock field are,,,, and so on.

You can research carefully about each platform before starting uploading your photos and working with them.

Developing Your Own Style to Become a Better Nude Photographer

Although you should learn the most basic things in the beginning, it is better for you that after you master all the basics, you should develop your own style and techniques to shoot nude photography.

You can use your own creativity, learn from other successful nude photographers, and even add your own ideas to other existing ideas to create better and amazing nude photographs.

Because a successful nude photograph involves many parts: choosing your models, composition, location, lighting, poses, post-processing, and so on. You can experiment by changing or improving a part of this combination. Improving one part will result in changing the final results.

Action Steps

After reading this article, you may wonder how you should get started if you are a beginner.

Here we give you some suggestions and recommendations:

In summary, when it comes to learning, nothing is better than actually doing something. So, you should think and prepare yourself to start taking nude photos as soon as you can. The more you practice, the better your skill will be.


You should think about what type of nude photography do you want to take. After that, you can create or choose some concepts you like. You can study all the nude ideas in this post to have some ideas first.

From these ideas in your mind, you should prepare all the things we mentioned earlier in the part “Preparation” above, from choosing your camera to finding your model and suitable locations.

When it comes to any questions about a particular thing like “Choosing your models” or “Choosing your photography location”, you can go back to each part where we mentioned all our ideas as a guide for you.

You can take notes or document what you do while doing all these things, which is better for you to learn later.

The Real Photoshoot

After having a plan and preparing very carefully, you can take photos on the day you choose. Remember to follow our suggestions from this post.

You may use this post as a reference as a beginner. Every time you forget something, or you don’t know what you should do next, you can reread this article.

You should always post process your photos and learn from experience and what you do in your photoshoot.

Continue to Improve Your Nude Photography Skills by Continuous Learning

Getting started is just your first step for you to become a professional photographer. If you want to have a good position in the industry, you should always learn more techniques and skills to improve your nude photography.

Don’t limit yourself with your current viewpoint and knowledge; always broaden your mind with new things. Basic photography techniques are not enough if you want to go further in this career. Continuous learning is that you should be constantly studying your own work, analyzing what works and what doesn’t, and looking for ways to improve.

1) Improve Your Nude Photography Skills by Reading Books and Articles on Nude Photography

Reading books and articles on nude photography is a good way to improve your skills and knowledge. You should always update yourself with the newest techniques and learn from other professional photographers.

However, it’s also important to use all of these resources wisely. Don’t just blindly follow everything you read or see! Instead, try to analyze why something works or doesn’t work in a particular situation. This will help you develop your own style and improve your nude photography skills even more.

2) Improve Your Nude Photography Skills by Shooting More Nudes

Learning by doing is the best way to master any skills. The more you practice shooting, the better your photos and skills will be.

When you’re new at photography, it can be difficult to know what makes an image good or bad — but when you are more experienced, you’ll recognize the difference between bad and great photos.

Spending more time shooting will give you more opportunities to test and experiment new techniques, which dramatically improves your skills.

And you should remember that there are no shortcuts to becoming a master of any skills.

3) Improve Your Nude Photography Skills by Visiting Other Photographers’ Websites

You should constantly visit other photographers’ websites to examine and see how they take photos. By doing this way, you can learn more techniques and keep up with other competitors and photographers.

You can be able to identify their mistakes and avoid them for your work.

4) You Can Attend Workshops or Classes to Learn More

This is a great way to learn how to make better images because you will be able to ask questions and get answers from a photography teacher/an experienced photographer.

One last thing

This is a very important part, we think. We know that you like nude photography and would like to learn more about the type of photography.

However, you should also take photos in other types of photography as well. There are a lot of benefits to this approach:

– You can learn and improve your photography skills via choosing different subjects like nature, animals, furniture, real estate, mountains, trains, and so on.

– You can use the skills and techniques from other types of photography, and apply them in your nude works.

– You will have more relationships, clients, and partners.

– You will not be seen as a “creepy” guy who only focuses on nude photography.

– You will have a better reputation in the photography industry.

If you only take nude photos, both models and clients may question whether you are a professional photographer or simply trying to exploit them to see their naked bodies.


We hope that this article can help you get started on the journey of growing as a professional nude photographer.

You should set a goal to continuously develop your skill and take new photos with new techniques. The process also helps you to become an expert in the genre. You should also add new photos to your portfolio to refresh it and make your portfolio  with the newest techniques.

We wish you the best things, and we are very happy if you find this article useful and can succeed thanks to the information in the post. If you have a great story to share, just send us via email at [email protected].