Best Vacation Photography Ideas, Techniques, and Tips

Vacations are great! It’s so fun to get away from work and just enjoy life. But sometimes it can be hard to think of things to do while you’re traveling. Here are some ideas for taking photos while you’re on vacation:

1. Take a photo of the route to where you’re going.

The first thing you want to do is take a photo of the route to where you’re going. This will be useful if you get lost or get into some kind of trouble, and someone needs to know where exactly it was that you went off course.

You can use your GPS for this purpose. Take a picture of where your GPS says “you are” using the camera on your phone or camera, then share it with friends and family so they’ll know where to start looking if something goes wrong.

2. Take photos of the airports/airplane or train/train station.

  • Take photos of the airport/airplane or train/train station. Airports and train stations are also good subjects for photographers. You can capture some details of the airport and train stations for unique views.
  • Take photos of the people that you see there. It is a great idea to shoot people you can see in the place you visit. You can capture their daily life, their work, and their lifestyle.
  • Take photos of the signs. The signs in a city are also good subjects for you to take pictures. You can take photographs of the signs and include the streets and some people as well.
  • Take photos of the food and drink options available in airports and train stations (you can usually get free water, coffee, and snacks).
  • Buy souvenirs at airports and train stations if you want to remember your trip by having something physical (just make sure it’s something that won’t take up too much space!). You might not think about them now, but they will come in handy later when looking back on vacation memories! You can take photos of these items and post them on social media platforms.

3. Take a photo of each meal you eat.

Take a photo of each meal you eat. This is a great way to see what you’re eating and how much, but it’s also an easy way to get creative with your photos.

There is a special thing about this idea. Sometimes, the meal can be unique for the location you visit, so if you can capture all the meal, you will have unique and amazing photos to show your friends.

4. Take photos of hotel rooms/cabins/airbnb/whatever

You can choose to take photos of the hotel rooms where you stay. Here are some examples:

  • Take photos of the room.
  • Take photos of the view from your room.
  • Take photos of the bed and pillows (or other furniture) if you like them.
  • You can also take pictures of various objects in your room that you think are interesting or pretty, such as paintings on the wall or lamps next to a window with a view outside.

5. Make a note of what you’re wearing in your photos, so you can reuse this combo later in the trip or when you get home!

If you’re going on a photography trip, do yourself a favor and take some photos of what you’ve packed. It’s super easy to forget what outfits were worn by the end of your vacation, but if you can recall the details at least for this first day or two it will be much easier to pull out those same outfits later in your trip when you need something fresh!

Additionally, it’s fun to go through pictures and see how different styles work together (or don’t). Maybe there was that one top that made everything look good…you should probably buy more like that!

6. Take photos at different times throughout the day

Another great way to get different photos is by taking them at different times of the day. I suggest taking pictures in the morning, noon, afternoon and night (if it’s really different from home)! Do the same thing inside, outside and everywhere else!

7. Take a photo while you go shopping

If you’re out shopping and making a lot of purchases, take photos of each purchase and its price. This will be helpful if you want to keep track of your spending while on vacation.

Vacation Photography Ideas and Examples

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And that’s all! It can be really fun to document your trip with photos and make scrapbook pages, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself as much as possible! If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us.