How to Shoot Old School Hollywood Glamour Photography

What is Hollywood glamour photography?

Old school Hollywood glamour photography is a very exciting and fun form of photography, which often gets associated with film stars and Hollywood films. It is a way of capturing beautiful images of a person who looks their best. This can be done by having them pose, sometimes wearing costumes or wigs, to look their best. The subject usually sits for hours, or even days, waiting for the perfect lighting. There is an art to this type of photography.

There are a variety of methods used to create this style of image. There are various types of lighting, including daylight, tungsten, fluorescence, and studio lighting, depending on the look of the final image. This type of photography is often associated with the famous photographer, Irving Penn, as he was known for his elegant and simple portraits.

In fact, his work, and that of other photographers such as Richard Avedon, is regarded as some of the most beautiful images ever made.

The most popular way of creating images like these is through the use of a flash unit. This can be done in the studio, outside in a garden or even on location. In fact, if you do not want to have your subject sitting for so long, they can be photographed while they are running around, in the park or even in a swimming pool. This can be fun and more exciting for them.

Another way of producing these images is through the use of a reflector or flash fill, which will bounce the light off of a surface to create the perfect lighting. The final image could then be taken with a wide-angle lens, to produce the beautiful, soft and blurred effect.

There are various ways that the subject can be made up or styled. The make up can be simple and natural, to look like the subject really does not need to be wearing makeup.

There are many different types of camera equipment that can be used to produce this style of image. Some of the most popular include DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex), mirrorless cameras, rangefinders, and digital compact cameras. These are some of the most popular choices for anyone wanting to take this type of image.

It is important to note that there are various different types of lighting which can be used to produce this style of image. In fact, this is the same for any type of photography, whether it be wedding, portrait or event photography. You can see more information on lighting in our Lighting Guide.

It can be very expensive to have your own photography studio. However, there are a variety of ways in which you can get creative with your home or garden and create a very special experience for your clients. There are several ways in which you could use a location to produce your own photographs.

For example, if you are using your home as a studio, you could either use natural light or artificial lighting. Artificial lighting will give you an even light, but you need to work hard to make sure that the light does not have too much of a yellow tint, or that the room is dark enough to prevent any reflections from occurring. If you are using natural light, then you need to think carefully about the time of day. If you are looking for sunlight, it will be best if the sun is in the northern hemisphere, to avoid the light coming through your window being too strong.

You could also take your images outside and use a variety of different types of lighting. If you are in a garden, this can provide you with all types of lighting, including bright sunlight, moonlight and even a variety of different types of lighting in between.

The final product will need to look as beautiful as possible. It will take a great deal of practice to learn how to achieve this look. You will need to experiment and see what works for you. There are many different types of equipment that will be useful to produce these images.

There are a number of different types of cameras that will produce images that are very similar to those produced by Irving Penn or other photographers like him. There are also some simple ways in which you could produce images with your home or garden, without any camera or light. In fact, you could use a mirror and a light box, or even use a mirror to bounce light back at yourself!

In the 1950s, when women wore hats that covered their entire head, people used to think of Hollywood glamour photography as being difficult to do. Today, you can see it has become much easier – not least because technology has made so many of the traditional old school glamour poses more comfortable than they were. If you want to have a go at Hollywood glamour photography, here are some things you should know before you start.

Set the Scene

If you are shooting in a studio, set it up in a way that suits your idea of glamour photography. Think about the lighting and how to make your subject look best. This is what makes Hollywood glamour photography unique. You will need to experiment with different poses and see which works for you.

Get Ready

It’s essential to warm up thoroughly before you start to take photos. If you are feeling nervous, do some breathing exercises and prepare yourself mentally.


When shooting glamour photography, think about the type of light you want to use. The best types of light are soft and flattering, so be sure to find a softbox or diffuser.


Make sure you have a comfortable and supportive pair of shoes. It’s important to make sure your feet are well supported, especially when you are wearing a high-heeled shoe. And if you are standing on a hard floor, be sure to wear some kind of comfortable walking shoes.


If you are going to shoot in front of a mirror, make sure you have a friend in the room to help you position your head and body. If you are shooting outdoors, use natural elements to enhance your poses, such as trees, a wall or a large leafy branch.


Make sure you are dressed appropriately for your surroundings. You need to be stylish, but not too fussy. Think about how to create a Hollywood glamour look. Think about how to frame your subject – this is the most important part of glamour photography.

Image Quality

Finally, don’t forget that your photos will need to be taken on a high-quality camera – one that has a good sensor. If you want to make the most of your images, make sure you use a tripod. When shooting outside, you will need to use a lens with good quality to get sharp images. If you want to make the most of your images, make sure you use a tripod.

Start with the right equipment.

You can’t get a great glamour photograph if you don’t have the right equipment. This includes lenses, lighting, and props. The best way to find the right equipment for you is to start small. Start with a DSLR and a 50mm lens. You can always upgrade later on as you gain more experience.

Take a photo of a model in front of a plain background.

When you’re starting out, your glamour photographs should look as natural as possible. The best way to achieve this is by photographing models in front of plain backgrounds. You can create this effect in a number of ways. You can use the camera’s flash to light up the background, or use an off-camera flash unit like this one from B&H Photo: Or you can take a photograph of the model against a plain white wall, like this:

Create a realistic environment for your model.

A studio isn’t always practical. Sometimes you need a model to be photographed in a home setting. Or maybe the model needs to be in a natural environment. The key to making these types of shots look believable is to make sure you use a proper lighting setup. You can do this by either using a flash, or by adding light from a source that’s not visible in the final image. I recommend adding a light source that’s not visible in the final image. This will make it easier to create a more natural looking shot. If you’re shooting indoors, you might want to add some artificial light sources.


The term “old school” is thrown around a lot. It’s used to describe a certain style of photography, or an era of filmmaking, or even the art of photography.

But in this case, I mean old school as in old fashioned.

The way Hollywood glamour photography was done 50 years ago. It’s a style of photography that’s rarely seen anymore.

You can see it in the work of photographers like Nickolas Muray, or Harry Gruyaert, or even Henri Cartier-Bresson. These men and women are the masters of the style.

So when I talk about old school glamour photography, I’m referring to the work of these artists.

And to me, the look is timeless.