Mom and Son Photoshoot Ideas and Tips

When your son or daughter is young, you may want to document the special moments between you before they grow up. Photoshoots with your children can be a fun and memorable way to create family memories and keep them close to your heart. Here are some ideas for photoshoots with moms and toddlers:

Play Sports

Playing sports with your kids is a great way to spend time together, get some exercise and bond. Sports are also a great way to teach your child the importance of having good sportsmanship and teamwork skills. There are many different types of sports that you can play with your child such as baseball, football or soccer. You can also choose to take them ice skating or skiing if they enjoy winter sports.


Fishing is a great way to spend time with your son. You can go fishing together, or you can each fish on your own. Fishing can be done in a variety of places depending on the type of fishing you want to do, and what species of fish are available in the area. For example, if you live near an ocean or large lake like Lake Michigan, you could get out into the water and cast lines off shore while reeling in some bluefin tuna or marlin. If there’s no large body of water nearby but there is still some kind of flowing river that runs through town then it may be worth checking out this option instead because the chances are good that there will be trout and salmon swimming around which would make for great photos for those types of fish!

Go for a Run

  • Runners are a unique breed of people. They love fresh air and exercise, but they also love the comfort of their own home. So how do you get everyone to agree on a running spot?
  • If you’re lucky enough to live near a park or other outdoor space that is safe for running, that’s great! Go for long walks together on the trails. If not, it might be easier just to run on the sidewalk around your neighborhood.
  • There are many benefits to this type of activity: 1) It gets mom and son out in nature so they can enjoy each other’s company (and maybe even meet some new friends). 2) It gives them both an opportunity for some good old-fashioned exercise without having to sign up for any expensive classes or equipment rentals—just make sure mom has comfortable sneakers! 3) Best of all: Running is something anyone can do no matter what their age or fitness level is like (or even whether they’re healthy at all).

Play Video Games

If you have a video game-loving son, this is one of the best ways to bond. You can play with him on his console or computer in his room, or you can get together and play online. There are also lots of games that are great for mom and son to play together, like Mario Kart or Minecraft.

If your son doesn’t have access to a gaming system in his room or internet connection at home, then consider taking him out somewhere where there are video games available (like a family-friendly arcade). It will be fun for both of you!

Play in the Leaves

If you’re in the fall, there’s probably a lot of leaves lying around. Having your child play in the leaves is a great way to get them to engage with nature and explore their surroundings by themselves. Plus, it’s fun! You can do this activity outdoors or indoors if you have an indoor fireplace that’s still in use. If you don’t have the fireplace option but still want to do something with these leaves, consider making a leaf pile yourself with a leaf blower.

Blow Bubbles

Blow bubbles. This is probably the most obvious one on this list and is guaranteed to be a huge hit with kids. Just pull up some bubble solution that’s safe for children (one recommendation: [Bubble Juice]) and let your child have fun blowing bubbles around the house or outside. If you want, you can even use a bubble wand so they can create bigger, fancier shapes with their bubbles.

If you want to take it further, why not make it into a game? You could play “Find the Hidden Bubbles” by having your child hide behind furniture as you blow bubbles around them; when they pop one of yours in sight of your camera, count that as two points for yourself!

Play with Play-Doh or Legos

Play-Doh and Legos are two of the best toys for children of any age. They’re also great options for a fun family photoshoot activity. Both toys encourage creativity, imagination and fine motor skills.

Legos can be used to build anything your child can imagine—and they make it easy to replicate their favorite movies or TV shows! And while you may be limited in terms of what you can do with Play-Doh (it doesn’t change shape when you eat it), there are still plenty of things that can be created using the colorful modeling compound: cars, buildings, animals…the list goes on!

Cuddle on the Couch

Cuddling is one of the best ways to bond with your son, and it’s also a great way to relax. If you’re looking for an ideal setting in which to cuddle with your child, try a couch or even his bed.

Whether you’re at home or at the office, cuddling can be a great way to forget about all of life’s stresses for just a little while. The best part is that even if you’re not used to cuddling much yourself, there are plenty of ways that this activity can help both you and your son learn more about each other.

Bake Cookies or Cupcakes

  • Bring out the cookie cutters and get ready to blow some dough. Baking can be fun, messy, and delicious all at once. Not only will you have time together cooking up a storm in the kitchen, but there’s nothing like enjoying a warm cupcake or two (or six) together with your mom after you’re done baking. You’ll also have fresh-baked treats for days—and really anyone else who might want some!
  • It’s not just about making cookies: Baking is actually a great way to learn math skills like fractions and other measurements while helping mom bake up something delicious. Plus it’s also an opportunity to talk about science and how different ingredients react with each other when they’re baked into something yummy!

Play in the Sprinkler or have a Water Balloon Fight

  • Make sure you’re in a safe place to have a water fight. You don’t want to get fined for breaking any city ordinances, so make sure you are in an area where it is legal to have a water fight.
  • Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting wet!
  • Be careful not to get hit in the face! If your child is young, have them wear goggles or glasses when having a water balloon fight or playing with sprinklers.
  • Have fun!


Even if you don’t have a lot of experience with photography, you can still take some great shots with your son or daughter. Some of the best pictures are ones that capture genuine emotions and moments, so don’t worry too much about getting everything perfect in post-production! Experiment with different angles and lenses until something clicks for both of you, then go from there. That said, it never hurts to have a few tricks up your sleeve when it comes time to edit those photos together into an album or slideshow.