Best Tips, Ideas, and Techniques to Take Great Airport Photography

Taking photos of airports is an excellent way to practice your photography skills. Airports are a unique environment that contains a wide variety of subjects and colors, including planes, people, and architecture. Here are my top five tips for taking great airport photos:

Change Your Perspective

Find unique places to take photographs. When you’re at a local airport, you have the ultimate opportunity to explore all sorts of places where people don’t normally go—and that can lead to some pretty unique shots!

Include People in Your Images

Adding people to your photos is a great way to add a human element. People can also be used for context, showing scale, and even emotion.

Here are some tips for getting started:

  • Look for interesting faces: When looking for subjects to capture, look for interesting faces or expressions that tell the story of what’s happening in front of you.
  • Try different angles: If you can get down low or high up above your subject(s) using a tripod will provide more opportunities than just standing right there holding your camera out in front of you. This also helps avoid getting any unwanted clutter into your shot which is important when trying to show off something large like an airport terminal building or airplane taking off into the distance!

Explore the Airport’s Architecture

The architecture of the airport is a great place to start when looking for interesting subjects. There are unique architectural elements, interesting lighting, and so much more. You can find some really beautiful details among the lines and patterns, as well as different types of textures that will make your photos stand out.

  • Look for interesting shadows cast by the sun
  • Look for reflections in glass windows, mirrors or water fountains
  • Look for shafts of light coming through windows or skylights

Capture Planes Taking Off and Landing

Some airports have a runway view and some don’t, but each offers its own unique opportunities for photography. For example, the control tower at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has an observation deck on the second floor. The view from there is very good, but you need to make reservations in advance to get up there.

Many airports have terminal buildings with restaurants or shops that offer great views of airplanes taking off and landing as well as other aircraft flying directly over them. If you want to take pictures from one of these structures, try calling ahead before visiting so you can ensure that your best angles won’t be blocked by a delivery truck or construction equipment!

Airports also tend to have wide open parking lots where photographers can set up tripods and take advantage of their lack of obstructions — no trees or buildings getting in your way here! The drawback is that sometimes planes will fly directly overhead while they’re descending toward the runway and this could ruin any photos if they’re moving quickly enough.”

Shoot the Details

These details can be small but important to your photo. They might include the architecture of the terminal, signage around the airport, or even food being served in the terminal.

Details tell a story about your destination and will show travelers what they can expect when they arrive at their destination. These details are often overlooked by photographers, so it’s important to be aware of them when taking photos of airports and other buildings.

Take advantage of the special environment that an airport offers to capture some great images.

You’ll find that airports are unique places, full of interesting people, architecture and details. They offer a variety of backdrops for your photos.

Airports offer some great opportunities to get unique shots. For example:

  • Airports are full of natural light! You can take advantage of this by getting an early start before the sun gets too hot or late in the day after it has set (providing there are no artificial lights that would wash out your shot).
  • Different time periods throughout each day will give you different looks and feel to your shot depending on whether it’s sunny or cloudy out at that time.

Other than just having natural light available during certain times though, many airports have high ceilings which allows even more light into the building making it easier when you’re trying not to use flash at all costs during peak usage hours like rush hour traffic when everyone else is trying not too as well!


We hope these tips have given you some ideas for ways to make your next photos more interesting and engaging. By incorporating some of these techniques into your photography, you’ll be able to capture beautiful images that reflect your unique perspective on the world.