Best Tips and Ideas to Take Great Relationship Photography

The best relationship photography is natural, candid, and taken by someone who knows how to make it look effortless. Here are some tips for taking great relationship photos that won’t feel forced or awkward:

Take a variety of photos from different angles

One of the most important things to remember when taking photos of a couple is that the two people in the photo should be visible, with enough space around them to convey that they are part of a larger scene. Try different angles until you find one that works for your shot and make sure that both people are clearly visible.

When possible, I like to use a tripod and remote shutter release so I can take photos from farther away than normal without having camera shake as much. This also allows me more freedom in what kind of lens I want to use—and it gives me more creative freedom with framing my shots! If you don’t have access to either of these, try using a wide angle lens on your phone or point-and-shoot camera (the 10x zoom on an iPhone 8 Plus works great!) or even just adjusting its zoom feature until the two subjects fit nicely into your frame without being cut off at all four edges.

If all else fails, just get closer! You might not always have time for proper setup before taking pictures but if you’re able to sneak in some quick snaps between poses or moments at events like weddings then make sure those close up shots count by quickly focusing on your subjects’ faces first before snapping away.

Use a tripod to get perfectly framed photos

One of the best ways to take perfect relationship photography is to use a tripod. Tripods are great tools for getting your photos perfectly framed, avoiding camera shake and getting the right angle for your photo. They also make it possible for you to get exactly the right focus, exposure, white balance and depth of field.

Use natural light where you can

To get the best looking images, try to use natural light where you can. Natural light will help you avoid harsh shadows and deep contrast that can be distracting in photography. If there is no natural light available, consider using a reflector or fill flash as your main lighting source.

Flash can also create great looking photos by adding drama, freezing motion like a car driving by or fireworks exploding in the sky, or even simply filling in shadows and highlights in an image (for example if someone is wearing a hat).

Focus on the elements that connect the two people together

The elements that connect the two people together can be anything. It could be a wall of photos of their travels, an image of their wedding day, or a candlelit dinner with wine glasses and flowers on the table. Whatever it is, look for ways to bring these elements into your photos so they’re not just random shots, but instead tell a story about what makes this couple special and unique.

  • When you’re getting ready for your shoot, think about how you want to compose each individual shot before setting up your camera – whether you’re shooting digital or film – so that when you take pictures in succession later on during post-processing or editing time (if using film), they’ll all flow together cohesively into one cohesive set of images rather than seeming like various unrelated ones stitched together randomly without any sense of cohesion between them.
  • Think about what makes this couple unique as individuals and then try capturing those things visually in different ways throughout the shoot: maybe there’s something unique about one person’s clothing style; perhaps there’s an interesting way of cooking meals at home; perhaps they have a favorite hobby such as gardening/playing sports/etc.. If anything seems interesting enough to capture in photographs then go ahead!

Get a variety of poses for each shot

  • Get the couple to interact with each other
  • Have them look into each other’s eyes
  • Have them hold hands and touch their faces, especially if they’re touching somewhere like their partner’s cheek or forehead (don’t let it get too intimate though)
  • Stand or sit close together

Focus on the background

The background is one of the most important elements in a photograph, so it’s important to make sure that you focus on getting it right. Choose a background that is interesting and will complement your subjects (or vice versa), but don’t just choose any old background. You want to use the background to tell a story, or at least suggest one, so you need something that fits with what you’re trying to say.

For example, if someone is wearing a suit and standing in front of their car in the parking lot of their office building with skyscrapers visible behind them, then having some trees or grass behind them would be distracting because they aren’t really related to anything going on in the photo. Instead look for backgrounds like concrete roads or buildings made out of red bricks; these will give off more of an industrial feel which goes well with someone dressed up like this

You can take awesome relationship photography by keeping it simple and following your instincts.

The best tip I can give you to get started with relationship photography is to keep it simple. Keep your photos simple by following your instinct and not overthinking what you’re doing. Don’t worry about how other people will react to your photos, or even if they like them at all! It’s okay if they don’t—it’s not like you’re selling them on Facebook or anything…

When taking photos of relationships, try not to just take pictures of one person alone—take some together too! Take as many photos as possible where the two of you are interacting with each other directly in the frame. This will really make for an interesting collection of photographs that show off the love between two people


Remember, there are no hard and fast rules to taking great relationship photography. You don’t need a fancy camera or lighting equipment to take amazing photos of your loved ones. All you need is your natural instinct and creativity. The most important thing is that you keep it simple and have fun!