Cool Photography Themes for Your Inspiration

We can all use some help in creating our personal vision for the world and ourselves. Here are some photography tips to help you create your own cool theme.

Start with what inspires you.

The most inspiring images will come from those things that move you emotionally, not just physically. What excites you? What makes you laugh? What fills you with awe?

Be playful with your photographs.

Use creative freedom to experiment with different effects. For example, you could take a single photo and play around with exposure, saturation and contrast. Then you could do the same again using two photos and see how the result changes.

Keep things simple.

Focus on one central idea. Don’t get distracted with trying to capture every detail. A few sharp images will show off the overall concept much more effectively.

Let the viewer’s eye lead the way.

Don’t try and control what the viewer sees. Give them the opportunity to discover what is there for themselves.

Take lots of photos.

Keep taking pictures until you have something you’re happy with. The more you take, the more likely you are to make a good image.

Look for opportunities in unusual places.

Find images outside your comfort zone. Go somewhere you’ve never been before. Explore your own neighborhood and nearby countryside. Get inspired by the architecture of buildings, trees, and sky.

Don’t force yourself to take a perfect picture.

You don’t need to be perfect with your camera. You can let yourself go and mess up a little.

Look at other people’s work.

Take a look at some cool work on Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram and Google. You can get ideas from the pictures they’ve taken.

Ask questions.

When you come across an interesting image online, ask the photographer what inspired them to create it. Or, if you’re not comfortable emailing, message the photographer on Instagram or ask a friend to ask.

Make sure you have your own unique style.

There’s no point in copying another photographer. Remember, your images are the product of your imagination.

Other tips


Make a collection of your favorite photographs or prints.

Selecting a subject to shoot is easy if you have a good visual memory.

Have a look at your favorite photos or prints, select the ones that appeal to you most, and try to re-create these moments.


Find inspiration online. Research the topic you would like to photograph. Go to websites like Pinterest where you can browse through a range of ideas and find images to inspire you.


Visit a place that inspires you.

A walk in the countryside, a visit to the beach or a city tour are great places to look for ideas.


Search through your memories.

Take some time to reminisce about times spent together with your loved ones.


Read books and magazines about the subject you would like to photograph.

You may find the inspiration you need from a book or magazine.


Try a DIY project.

If you have ever tried a DIY project, think back on what went wrong and how you felt about it.


Do something that challenges you.

This could be learning a new skill, attempting a difficult sport, or taking a chance on a new idea.


Make a list of your interests and hobbies. Select one to photograph based on the theme of the shoot, e.g. travel photography.


Think about the feelings that you associate with each theme. The emotions you feel while photographing an activity or a place are unique to you, and this will influence the way you capture the subject.


Create a list of questions that you’d like to ask your subject. Think of something that they might enjoy answering.


Choose a time and place where you can capture a candid moment. Don’t worry if your subjects don’t feel comfortable. If you do have an interesting conversation, take some time to photograph your conversation in your studio.


Consider using a professional photographer as your mentor. Ask them about their experience and what it was like working with them.


Choose a theme for your shoot that is different from your previous shoots. This will give you a fresh outlook and allow you to try out new ideas.


Write down the thoughts you have while shooting, and the emotions you feel. This will allow you to reflect on the shoot and use it to inspire your future work.