Top Portrait Photographers: What Makes Them Different

What sets portrait photographers apart from other types of photographers? A portrait photographer is someone who specializes in taking portraits, which can be a formal or informal portrait. It can also include pictures of people that are natural and candid. This blog post will cover the top portrait photographers in the world, what makes them different from one another, and why you should hire them for your next photography project.

Portrait Photography: How to Shoot Portraits That Look Professional

Portrait photography is a popular form of photography that captures the subject matter in a realistic way.

Understanding the Types of Photography

Photography can be a fun and exciting hobby to take up, but it is also an art form that has many types. There

Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz is a portrait photographer who has been photographing the famous and powerful for over 40 years. Her work includes celebrity portraits, breaking ground in portraying women subjects with honesty and dignity as well as producing some of the more iconic images of people like John Lennon, Queen Elizabeth II, Lady Diana Spencer or Barack Obama. She started her career working alongside photographers such as Diane Arbus (one of her mentors) then moved on to shoot fashion magazines Vogue and Vanity Fair before becoming an official portraitist for celebrities worldwide. Annie’s photographs are often considered art because they have shown so much about culture through history from the Western world to Africa where she now spends half her time documenting tribespeople still living in pre-industrial societies.

The Inspiring Life and Career of Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz is one of the most celebrated American photographers. She has captured some of history’s

Lisa Kristine

Lisa Kristine is an American humanitarian photographer who has traveled the world and taken great care to document some of its most precious moments. Lisa Kristine takes photographs of social causes and native people. Her work speaks to the injustice endured by others, while also celebrating their culture and traditions.

A portraitist, Lisa Kristine captures intimate memories with a candid approach that allows everyone captured their dignity. She takes pride in capturing rare glimpses into our global human family – people not usually seen or heard on front pages or news channels; mothers and fathers working two jobs just to make ends meet; children defying stereotypes at every turn by seeking refuge in education while also providing for families back home;

Robert Mapplethorpe

Robert Mapplethorpe’s images are a feast for the eyes. The technique he used was new in photography, and it took people by storm. He loved to shoot controversial topics like sexuality, gender identity or AIDS/HIV-positive status of his subjects – often with an erotic twist that shaped how we see these things today.

The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation is dedicated to the promotion of photography and research in art galleries and museums. They also contribute significantly to fighting AIDS by promoting HIV testing centers, education programs, as well as funding for important projects such as needle exchange programs.

Peter Lindbergh

Peter Lindberg had a late start to his career as a commercial fashion photographer, but it didn’t seem to stop him from making an impact on the industry.

His works are a perfect mix of abstract art and photography, with strong influences from the 1920s expressionistic German school.

Irving Penn

Irving Penn was the first fashion photographer to be given a solo show at The Museum of Modern Art. His images are in some museum collections around the world, including MoMA and Pompidou Centre Paris.

Irving Penn’s work includes: “The Pond-Moonlight” (1938); “Woman on Porch with Green Dress,” 1939; and “Green Tulips in Yellow Vase” 1941. During his long and prolific career, Irving Penn’s iconic fashion photographs revolutionized the industry.

In 1946 he became a member of Magnum Photos portrait photographers alliance.

Penn also photographed still lifes, portraits, nudes and industrial subjects such as steel mills or coal mines during World War II for government publications.

Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon was an American fashion photographer. He had a knack for capturing the spirit of his subjects, turning them from just models into icons that could be identified by one glance in their images.

Richard Avedon is best known as having been a professional model during World War II before he became a famous photojournalist with stints at both Harper’s Baazar and Vogue magazine throughout his career until 1993 when he retired to spend more time on personal projects such as photography books like “A Day In The Life” or exhibition-quality videos about people in other countries working towards development goals.

Arnold Newman

Arnold Newman’s portraits of politicians and artists are always interesting. Arnold Newman is best known for his portrait photography, but he also took many photographs of architecture and landscapes.

In one portrait photo called “The Kiss,” the man’s posture looks like that of a protector while the woman in her dress appears to be more submissive.

Newman’s portraits are always interesting because they look beyond just an emotionless face or blank stare at the camera lens. He captures personalities which helps bring out emotions from both viewers and subjects alike.”

Cristina Mittermeier

Marine biologist and conservationist Christina Mittermeier has a passion for bringing the ocean to people’s living rooms. Her latest project, “The Great Reef”, which was photographed in Queensland, Australia features images of marine life found on some of the most well-known reef systems around the world.

As a Mexican marine biologist, Christina Mittermeier is passionate about protecting the ocean from human harm and has been working in various areas of photography to create awareness for her cause.

Mark Mann

In addition to being a renowned photographer, Scotland-born Mark Mann is also an artist with the unique ability of bringing his art into photography. His latest series, “A Bigger World,” features portraits of people from all around the globe.

Mark Mann’s portrait photography is incredibly popular and showcases some of his best work. His images are simple yet capture a rich depth that is often lost in digital photography today.

Diane Arbus

Diane Arbus was an American portrait photographer. Her portraits depict people from the margins of society, such as bearded ladies and sideshow performers who have been shown in her series “The Family.” She also photographed children with Down syndrome for a photo essay titled “Children Under Twelve” that caught America’s attention about disabilities during the 1960s-1970s.

She had two sons: Nicholas (1959) and Doonan (1962).

Diane Arbus’s life-long project, “Children of the Depression,” was a series of black and white photographs that captured the resilience in children who were struggling to get by during The Great American Depression.

The Project consisted primarily of images taken from New York City streets between 1938 -1941 with some shots photographed later on at summer camps or other venues where she had gained access because her subjects trusted her as an outsider looking for more than just quick photo ops. She would often capture them wearing their old clothes–or no clothing at all if it happened to be swimming time–because they didn’t have any new ones left nor did they want anyone else but themselves seeing what threadbare condition their wardrobe might’ve been in before most people began earning enough to buy new clothing when the economy rebounded.

Philippe Halsman

One of the most well-known photographers in history, Philippe Halsman was born to a Jewish family in Latvia. Following his father’s death when he was only nine years old, Halsman and his brothers boarded a ship for America with their mother where they were greeted by relatives who had migrated before them. Initially drawn towards photography as an art form rather than simply recording reality on film, it wasn’t until after enrolling at Yale University that he realized just how much impact photographs could have on people – something which would later shape him into one of the world’s leading portrait photographer.

Chances are if you’ve ever seen an iconic portrait, the odds are good that it was created by Philippe Halsman. A review of his work reveals a fascinating portraitist who used inventive techniques to capture individuals and celebrities in their most natural state – from publicity headshots for Hollywood stars like James Dean to imaginative self-portraits with artist Salvador Dalí. Whether working on commission or not, he is known for capturing some of history’s most influential people and asking them one simple question: “How do you feel?”.

Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier is one of the most famous street photographers in history. She was known for capturing candid moments and documenting people on her travels around Chicago from 1950-1975, though she never revealed much about herself to the public during this time period.

Vivian’s photographs are unlike any other because they capture a sense of humanity through everyday life that you wouldn’t really notice.

In the summer of 2009, Vivian’s work was discovered by John Maloof who then went on to find more than 100,000 negatives and undeveloped rolls.

Vivian Maier is a portrait photographer because she captures candid moments that show people in their natural environments. The most obvious portrait technique seen here are her close-up shots with a shallow depth of field which draws attention to the subject while blurring out the background for anonymity.

She always had an eye for detail and captured human nature through her lens like no one else could do before or after her time period.

Phil Borges

Phil Borges is an American photographer and filmmaker who has been working as a professional for the past thirty years. He specializes in social documentary photography, capturing people’s on-the-job days with his camera lenses or by filming them during their day to day lives.

– Phil Borges is an American photographer and filmmaker who has been working as a professional for the past thirty years. He specializes in social documentary photography, capturing people’s on-the-job days with his camera lenses or by filming them during their day to day lives.

– His work focuses on telling stories that explore human experience through portraitures of everyday life: unguarded moments in which subjects share themselves without artifice or self consciousness.

He often captures interesting things such as children playing games or watching TV at home while adults are doing housework, grocery shopping, cooking meals etcetera etcetera . The reasons these portraits captivate us so much is because we get to see what it would be like

David Lazar

David Lazar is a renowned and best-selling travel photographer who has captured the beauty of more than 50 countries.

David Lazar is a travel photographer from Australia and has been on 3 National Geographic expeditions. David’s creative work includes books, films, exhibitions and social media campaigns for companies such as the North Face Outlet Store.

David completed his undergraduate degree in International Studies with majors in Business Administration at University of California Berkeley before going back to Sydney Institute of Technology where he received an honors degree majoring Graphic Design. He was awarded numerous scholarships during high school including being honoured by Rotary Club Scholarships Committee after winning their award which included $5000 worth off study materials each year throughout college until graduation.

David’s portrait photography has also been chosen as the cover for concert DVDs and he has had portraits published in Vanity Fair, TIME Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine, Maxim Australia. David was selected by National Geographic to produce an image of a group portrait of Mt Everest climbers at summit day during his first expedition with them which took place on the North Face Outlet Store last year.

Brandon Stanton

Brandon Stanton is one of the world’s top photographers and his work with Humans of New York has made him an international sensation.

Brandon Stanton, best known for his project ‘Humans of New York,’ which features portraits and quotes from people he meets on a daily basis in NYC, recently collected some thoughts about photography: “The camera doesn’t lie.” It also helps that the photographer knows how to take a good picture. But there are other factors as well – such as composition or color balance-to make it into something more than just another snapshot.

Herb Ritts

Herb Ritts was an American fashion photographer and director, known for his ability to capture the truest essence of beauty in any situation or person.

Herb Ritts is one of those rare photographers who can take a simple photo that captures something larger than life. He’s always been able to find what makes people beautiful, from glossy magazine models like Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington Burns to high-profile celebrities such as Princess Diana.

Helmut Newton

Known for his provocative and erotic images, Helmut Newton was born in Berlin to a Jewish family. As the Nazis began ascending into power during World War II, he fled Germany with just $200 worth of personal possessions tucked under his arm aboard an ocean liner headed for South America.

His work is often controversial and not everyone understands it.

Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry’s images of the world have always had a cinematic quality, but not until now has he been able to fully embrace that aesthetic. He is currently working on his first feature documentary and making plans for an exhibition in 2017-2018

He started out by documenting India with Magnum Photos from 1981 to 1984 before moving onto other countries like Afghanistan (1985), Kurdistan/Iraqi Iran(1986) or Bosnia (1994). After capturing famine conditions throughout Africa, Steve returned home where he began photographing children who were victims of abuse. As photography became more digitalized after 2000, it also allowed him greater freedom as well as access into areas previously inaccessible due to war zones such as Iraq between 2003 and 2007.

In 2004, Steve traveled to Afghanistan with a small portrait camera and captured images of the Afghan people. The images are intimate views into daily life in an environment where few outsiders have been able to enter. This project became his first book “Afghanistan” which was published by powerHouse Books in 2006

Steve’s most recent work is seen through his series on Syrian refugees from 2015-2016 called “Syria: Displacement & Exodus.” Travelling throughout Turkey, Greece, Serbia and Macedonia over the course of two years he gained unique access to refugee camps, border crossings and makeshift settlements while photographing individual portraits as well as candid moments within these communities.

Joel Santos

Joel Santos is more than just a photographer, filmmaker, speaker and writer. He also takes time to immerse himself in his surroundings through the practice of environmental portraiture.

Joel Santos is an architect who enjoys incorporating the traditions and relationships between people, their habitats, and culture into his buildings. His projects have introduced him to a variety of cultures and communities that he has photographed in his spare time.

In 2014, Joel Santos began taking photos for The American Red Cross during the Ebola crisis on the ground in Liberia, West Africa. He documented this experience with photographs and video footage which were used throughout their multimedia campaign as well as given international exposure through TIME magazine.

Joel Santos was then commissioned by UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees) to document Syrian refugees from 2015-2016 called “Syria: Displacement & Exodus.” Travelling throughout Turkey, Greece, Serbia and Macedonia over the course of two years, he gained unique access to refugee camps, border crossing and makeshift settlements while photographing individual portraits as well as candid moments.

Eric Lafforgue

Eric Lafforgue is a French photographer who photographs and films various places. His work has been featured in numerous international magazines, such as National Geographic and The New York Times Magazine.

The work of Eric Lafforgue is a testament to the power and beauty that lies in untouched nature. The Parisian photographer, who has been traveling around the globe for the past decade capturing some amazing images from various locations like Cambodia or Uganda, never fails to capture raw emotions when he captures his subjects through simple gestures or impressions. “I try not to let myself be too much influenced by what I see,” says Eric about how his own personal experience with these people doesn’t affect him as an artist trying only portray their lives on camera without being judged himself. In return we are left captivated by our ability connect with something so deep inside humanity no matter where you’re at – all because one man decided it was worth documenting.

Yousuf Karsh

Yousuf Karsh was a photographer known for his legendary portraits of the world’s most powerful and iconic leaders.

Yousuf Karsh was a master of his craft at capturing the humanity in each individual. He used an old school technique to capture people’s personality through their eyes, not just what they looked like on the surface.

Yousuf Karsh’s Armenian-Canadian background has given him a unique perspective on life. From his portraits, we can see the countless stories that have been captured in one single moment of time and space.

Martin Schoeller

Martin Schoeller is a German portrait photographer who has taken portraits of some high-profile people like Michelle Obama and John McCain.

Martin Schoeller can make a portrait of an individual in just one take, and he captures the personality and dignity that emerge from his subjects.

What is unique about Martin Schoeller’s portraiture is how many different people are portrayed as they truly are- not idealized or stylized. He has captured real life photographs with raw emotions in them for decades now, which makes him well known among portrait photographers today.

You’ll find yourself looking into the eyes of someone who you know you’ve seen before but whose name escapes you because there is so much to see in each person.

Portraits by Martin Schoeller reveal something about us all: our imperfections, quirks (and yes! wrinkles), triumph, and so on.

We hope you enjoyed exploring this list of 22 famous portrait photographers. The most important thing to remember is that portraiture is a very personal art form and there are many different ways in which it can be interpreted. For example, some artists may choose to document their subjects whereas others might prefer more creative interpretations or even abstractions. Whatever your preference, the key takeaways for aspiring photographers should stay with you as inspiration for future projects! If any of these portraits have caught your eye then we recommend looking into the artist’s work further on Instagram, Facebook or other social media platforms where they share images regularly (and often).

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