Wedding Photography Props You Can Use for Better Photoshoots

Wedding photography props are an important part of your wedding photography. They can help you capture the perfect shot, but they also add to the atmosphere of your day.

You can use anything from flowers to candles to personalize each photo. Think about the props you can add to your wedding day photo shoot. Take a look around your house or even outside to see what can be used to create these images.

Your wedding photographer can suggest some options, but here are some ideas you could experiment with:


Candles are great for your wedding photography. The reason is that candles make people feel romantic and beloved. For a long time, when it comes to candles, people often think about romantic relationships and intimate scenes. If you can, you should include candles as props for your wedding photography.


Flowers are a great idea if you want to take beautiful and stunning wedding photographs. You can use a bouquet of fresh flowers as a prop for couples to hold. Or you can place them in a vase and put it near the couples.

Decorative objects

There are a number of decorative objects that we can use for wedding photos. For example, they can be wedding signs, personalized card boxes, wedding cake, and so on. A collection of decorative objects can be arranged around your table or near your bed.

A mirror

It is okay that you can use a mirror that reflects the light and makes a great prop to use for a variety of images. The idea that a couple is standing near the mirror in their bedroom can be a perfect wedding photo.


There are also plenty of paper products that you can use for decorating your wedding. You can make centerpieces out of paper flowers, and create table decorations out of paper streamers.


Food is also a great prop to include in your wedding. You can buy inexpensive food items such as apples, cookies, pretzels, and bread at your local grocery store. You can put them on a table near the location you plan to take photographs.


Place a glass on the table, with the stems visible and the bottom facing upwards.


Choose an interesting key or combination of keys to put on a table where you and your spouse sit. Keys can be used together with other props to make your wedding photos more appealing and beautiful.


Letters can be special things for couples, especially if they are written by one of the two people for the other. You can write a special message and take a photo of you and your partner reading it.


Choose a pencil that is appropriate to your wedding theme. You can use it with a letter for better wedding photography props.


Get a portrait of you or one of your family members and place it on the table where you sit to take photographs. The postrait can be your mother or your father as well or even a big family photo will be a good option for your wedding props.


Wedding ribbons can be used to decorate the bridesmaids or the groomsmen. They can also be used to create a veil or a headband for the bride.

Ribbons are also a great way to add color and style to your wedding. They are also inexpensive and easy to use. Ribbons are available in many different styles and colors. They can be used in the ceremony, at the reception, and even at the dinner.


You can use a scarf to wear while being photographed to create an interesting composition. Sometimes scarves will add a sense of style to your outfit and wedding photos.


Sometimes, a collection of toys will be a great addition to your photos. You can find a selection of toys and place them in a collection, on the floor or on the table.


Although you can think that wood is a boring thing, but actually it is great when it is used for photography background. When you want to have an intersting background for your photos, you can use a log of wood to a dramatic feeling to your wedding photos.

Wine glasses

Choosing a wine glass as a prop for your wedding photos is a great idea. Whether you choose a simple stemless wine glass or something more elaborate, having a few on your couple’s hands will help add a touch of elegance to your photos.

Things to Consider

If you are having your photos taken in a studio, you’ll need to hire a studio or hire out a location. The studio may include lighting, a backdrop, and other props.

You’ll be provided with a menu of extras for your ceremony and reception, such as a bouquet of flowers, or a table centerpiece. These can be bought, but if you want something special, you’ll need to bring it yourself.

The type of props you use depends on the venue. You might want to decorate a table with a vase of flowers. If you are having a themed ceremony, then it will be easier to find props that match. If you are having a traditional wedding, then you’ll need to decide whether to bring your own or buy some. You might think of having a bouquet for your first dance. If you are having a non-traditional wedding, you might want to bring some unusual props for your children to play with.

Props can be very useful to give your photos a certain look. You might choose a prop which matches the theme of your wedding, or you might just want a particular object to help tell your story. For instance, you might want to use a wooden spoon to tell the story of how your mum used to cook you meals as a child.

There are so many options out there for you to choose items as props. We have already given you some ideas above. You can experiment with some items to see whether they are good choices for your wedding photos.

Some wedding photography photos with props

In this section, we will give you some wedding photography photos with props. We hope that they can be great examples for you to learn and improve your wedding photography skills.

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