Wedding Photography Props You Can Use for Better Photoshoots

Think about the props you can add to your wedding day photo shoot. Take a look around your house or even outside to see what can be used to create these images.

Your wedding photographer can suggest some options, but here are some ideas you could experiment with:

– Candles: Create an intimate scene in your home by placing candles on the table.

– Flowers: Use a bouquet of fresh flowers as a prop, or place them in a vase.

– Decorative objects: A collection of decorative objects can be arranged around your table.

– A mirror: An object that reflects the light and makes a great prop to use for a variety of images.

– Paper: Cut out a design or message you want to show off, and place it on a piece of paper.

– Food: Serve a meal and place a plate in the center of the table.

– Glasses: Place a glass on the table, with the stems visible and the bottom facing upwards.

– Hair ties: Use a set of hair ties to create an interesting image.

– Keys: Choose an interesting key or combination of keys to place on the table.

– Letters: Write a special message and place it on the table.

– Money: Arrange coins on the table.

– Pencils: Use pencils and pieces of paper to create a collage.

– Portraits: Get a portrait of one of your family members and place it on the table.

– Quotes: Choose a quote, and then place it on a piece of paper.

– Reflections: Turn a flat surface such as a mirror into a reflection of the room.

– Ribbons: Tie ribbons on a chair, or make a garland to hang around the room.

– Scarves: Use a scarf to create an interesting composition.

– Sticks: Choose a pair of sticks and arrange them on the table.

– Toys: Find a selection of toys and place them in a collection, on the floor or on the table.

– Water: Place a glass of water on the table, or use a bottle.

– Wood: Use a log of wood to create a dramatic background.

– Wine glasses: Choose a wine glass and place it on the table.

– Wreaths: Choose a wreath and place it on the wall or around the room.

– Zippers: Choose a zipper and lay it on the table.

If you are having your photos taken in a studio, you’ll need to hire a studio or hire out a location. The studio may include lighting, a backdrop, and other props. The location may include a studio in the building, or simply a space in which to take your photos. Both are usually booked well in advance.

You’ll be provided with a menu of extras for your ceremony and reception, such as a bouquet of flowers, or a table centerpiece. These can be bought, but if you want something special, you’ll need to bring it yourself.

The type of props you use depends on the venue. You might want to decorate a table with a vase of flowers. If you are having a themed ceremony, then it will be easier to find props that match. If you are having a traditional wedding, then you’ll need to decide whether to bring your own or buy some. You might think of having a bouquet for your first dance. If you are having a non-traditional wedding, you might want to bring some unusual props for your children to play with.

Props can be very useful to give your photos a certain look. You might choose a prop which matches the theme of your wedding, or you might just want a particular object to help tell your story.