How to Make Your Own Digital Photo Book

Making a photo book is a great way to showcase your best photos and share them with friends, family and the world. With Shutterfly’s simple tools, you can create an elegant book that’s sure to impress.

A digital photo book is perfect for vacations, parties or any other special occasion. It’s easy to browse through hundreds of pages of photos in seconds using your tablet or smartphone. You can even print multiple copies so everyone can have one!

Tools to help you create your photo books

Picaboo: This company has been around for a long time and has an excellent track record for quality products. The site offers a variety of sizes, shapes and layouts for its books, so you’re sure to find something that fits your needs. They have different pricing options for you to choose. You can see it here.

Blurb: This site offers a wide range of sizes, shapes and layouts for its books, as well as photo calendars, journals and greeting cards. For more information, you can go to their website to learn more about their pricing.

Snapfish: Snapfish has also been around for a long time and is owned by Hewlett-Packard, so you know they’re legit! They offer lots of options including layflat binding, foldouts, textured cover stock and even custom cover designs with your own photos or artwork on them (for an extra fee).

The process of creating a photo book

After you have chosen the right tool for your photo book creation, you can move on the next steps:

Start by uploading all the photos you want in your book from your computer onto the website where you’ll be creating it (for example, if you’re using Snapfish, click on “Upload Photos” under “Create”). There will be an option for “My Photos” so just select that one to upload all of your existing images at once.

Once all your images are uploaded and ready to go, start designing! Most websites will give you templates but if not, don’t worry – it’s easy enough to create one yourself (just make sure it has enough space for all your photos).

Sometimes you can even buy templates to use for your photo book. Using a template is the easiest way to do if you don’t have any design skills and want to save time.

Once you are happy with your final result, you can start printing it.

Things to consider when making your own digital photo book.

1. Selecting the right size

It’s really important that you get the right size of photo book. They come in various sizes and although it is tempting to go for the biggest one you can get your hands on, this can make the book really unwieldy. Look for a size that is perfect for displaying your photos. The one we use is called the 3×3″ (8x8cm) size.

2. Selecting the print

There are various options available when it comes to printing your photos. Most of them allow you to select a particular style, such as a traditional black and white look, or a bright colorful look, or a sepia tone look. You can also select to have your photos printed onto a glossy finish, or one that has been laminated.

3. Choosing the binding

When you order your photo book, you’ll be asked whether you want it bound or unbound. The advantage of having your photo book bound is that it will make it easier to flip through your photos. With an unbound book, you have to turn the pages. The choice between bound or unbound should be decided based on your personal preference.

4. Choose the quality of your photos

Before you upload your photos to be printed, it’s important to check that they are of a good quality. Don’t use your phone camera as these usually result in poor quality photos. Always use a dedicated camera and make sure you set the resolution to the highest setting.

5. Selecting the printer

When it comes to choosing a photo printer, we would recommend using a company that offers a wide range of products. This means that you can get a lot of choice when you choose the type of printer that you want.

We like to choose a printer that offers a variety of different finishes. This way we can mix and match with a variety of products to create a unique book that reflects our style.

6. Adding your own touches

You can add your own personal touch by adding photos of yourself into the book. If you have a family member or friend who likes to dress up in silly costumes, or has an interest in photography, then it’s fun to include a photo of them. We would recommend using a photo that shows the whole body rather than a single shot.

7. Adding some extra touches

Although it is great to have photos printed in a beautiful book, we also like to add some additional items such as a special note, a sticker or a bookmark.

If you want your photos to stand out, then it’s fun to add a personalized message into the book as well. You can even add a photo of the person who has written the note.

8. Ordering and receiving your finished book

When you are ready to order your digital photo book, simply email your selection to the print company and they will send you a quote. If you are happy with the price and service, you can place the order.

Once the order has been received and processed, you will be sent an email with details of the exact date that you can expect to receive your finished book.

9. Enjoying your final creation

Your digital photo book will arrive in a lovely package, complete with a certificate of authenticity. When you open the box, you’ll be greeted with your beautifully bound book, which will have a strong protective cover to protect your photos.

You can also use the certificate to frame your book, which is a nice way to display your photos as a reminder of your special occasion.