How to Make an Image Black and White in Photoshop & Lightroom


Question: I’m trying to do a black and white image of a wedding dress that’s been photographed in color. The problem is that the background has blue/greenish colors and I would like to keep them in the image. How can I make the background white and the dress black and white? (Note: there’s a lot of green in the background, but it’s not the grass…it’s the window).

Answer:In Lightroom CC or Photoshop, click on File > Open and select the RAW file. Go to the Develop module and under Adjustment, choose Black and White, and click OK. You may need to apply a “Noise” filter to the image to make sure you’re not losing detail.

The final result should look like this. You can see that the background is now black and white, and the image of the dress is white. You can easily adjust the levels, brightness, contrast, etc., to make the dress more “pop”.

Or you can use this tutorial:

1) Open the “Layers” panel and click on the “Add Adjustment Layer”.

2) Go back to the “Layers” panel and then click on the “Fill” tab.

3) Select the “Gradient” dropdown and then select the “Monochrome” preset.

4) Click on the “Stop” slider to make the color stop #100.

5) Drag the “Hue” slider to the right until you see a dramatic change.

6) Now you can either close the layer and you can go back to the “Layers” panel and click on the “Delete” tab, to delete the layer or you can double click on the layer name.