Best Tips, Ideas, and Techniques to Take Great Greenery Photography

Greenery photography is an art form that’s perfect for anyone who wants to try their hand at photography. All you need is a camera and some greenery—no fancy equipment required!

Abstract Greenery

To take an abstract greenery shot, you’ll need to find a good background for your subject. You can do this by using a wall or tree, but if you want more control over the background and foreground, try using plants instead.

Once you’ve selected a plant to use as your foreground or background, place your subject in the middle of it. If you’re making a close-up portrait of someone’s face, position their body so that they are almost completely surrounded by greenery; if they’re standing in front of an indoor wall painted with vines and flowers, have them stand close enough to touch it.

Move Your Background

You can change the mood of a shot by changing the background. Your choice of background should depend on what you are photographing and what kind of mood you want to convey.

For example, if you’re shooting an herb garden, choose a clear white or black background for an elegant look. If you want something more casual, try using a textured backdrop like burlap or bamboo blinds that are similar in color to the greenery. You can also use complementary colors to give your photos some extra punch!

When it comes down to it though, greenery photography is all about being creative!

Showcase Your Skills

For those who have a passion for greenery and gardening, you can showcase your skills with a Greenery photography theme. It’s not only about taking the perfect picture of your own garden or backyard but it’s also about showing off your skills as an artist, photographer and landscaper. You get to show off all these great things with one single photograph!


  • Keep it simple.
  • Use the background to your advantage.
  • Use a shallow depth of field.

Never Stop Looking for New Inspiration

  • Look for greenery in unexpected places. You can find greenery nearly anywhere. It’s not just the obvious places like parks or gardens. Think about it — trees are greenery. Grass is greenery. Flowers are greenery, too! Even cacti have some green to them, so don’t forget about them either!
  • Look for greenery that is unique and not seen everywhere else in your city or town. Unique locations will help make your pictures stand out from everyone else’s pictures of their flower pots!
  • Look for greenery that is unusual, but beautiful nonetheless… like a strange tree with gnarly branches full of leaves (a type called Kousa Dogwood), or cactus flowers growing on top of rocks near waterfalls along hiking trails where nobody goes (because those kind of hikes aren’t easy). There are so many little details around us every day; we just need to look at them differently sometimes 🙂

You can get a lot of great shots out of just one plant.

When it comes to greenery photography ideas, you can get a lot of great shots out of just one plant. The best greenery photography ideas showcase your skills and showcase your professionalism.

  • Simple: Use the simplest technique possible to create an image that showcases your photography skills without being overly complicated or elaborate. This can be accomplished by using natural light, playing with shadows and highlights, or snapping a quick shot on a smartphone camera.
  • Abstract: This type of greenery photography requires little more than taking advantage of objects in nature that have interesting shapes or patterns; think about shooting things like branches, leaves, flowers and rocks as they are found outdoors in their natural state (not arranged in any kind of man-made way).


Greenery photography is a fun and exciting way to get started in the business of photography. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on equipment or spend hours learning the ropes; just grab your camera, find some greenery, and start shooting!