Best Tips to Shoot Great Mirror Photography

There are many things you can do to take impressive pictures with a mirror. You can make a picture by yourself with a mirror as a background. You can make interesting patterns by arranging different mirrors in different shapes and positions. You can use a mirror to hide parts of the room.

If you use a small, portable mirror, you can put it under your bed, on your bookshelf or on top of a table or chair. If you use a large, reflective mirror, you can place it on the floor. You can also use a mirror on the ceiling.

The mirror can be of any size but if you use a bigger one, you need to be careful to not make it so big that you cannot fit in the frame. If you are using a small or medium mirror, you can make a rectangular frame by using pieces of wood or metal. You can also use a piece of wood or metal on a wall. You can cut off the frame if the mirror is too large for the frame. You can then put the mirror on the wall using a double sided tape. The mirror should be placed so that it reflects the entire room.

Mirror Photography Ideas

Here are some easy ideas that you can try. All you need is a mirror and some plain black paper. Here are some examples.

1) Create a portrait of a friend in front of a mirror.

2) Create a scene showing the different parts of a room, such as a window, table, sofa etc.

3) Have fun creating a series of images with a group of friends.

4) Use a mirror to create abstract patterns and patterns on walls.

8) Take photographs of your reflection

9) Draw on the glass of a mirror and when the light shines through, create shadows.

10) Take photos of yourself in different settings with props and backgrounds.

11) Use a large mirror to create a reflection of your body.

12) Create a collage of pictures using your favourite objects and photos.

Mirror Photography Examples

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