How to Find a Unique Photography Style for You

There are many different styles of photography. All are useful and will look good when printed. However, each offers a different ‘feel’ to the image. There are also many different ways to produce a photo. Some are quick and easy while others require lots of preparation. It is possible to produce a beautiful photograph from a mobile phone camera but you need to put some time and effort into it. This will be more successful if you have had experience of photography before.

Photographs that are a good reflection of your style will make you happy. They will capture what you enjoy about your life, your character, your family and friends, your hobbies and interests and the places where you live. Take photos of your favorite memories and look at others for inspiration.

It’s important to consider your audience when choosing a style. If you are a professional photographer looking for new commissions, then you may want to concentrate on producing a distinctive style. However, if you want to showcase your photographs on your website or social media sites, you may prefer a more traditional style.

There are many ways to produce a unique style in photography.

Choose the right camera.

The type of camera you use will affect the style of your photographs. Digital cameras are much less expensive than film SLR cameras. For a mobile phone camera, you will need a digital SLR lens, which is compatible with the phone and costs about £30 to £50. You will need to use a tripod and a timer. Most cameras come with a tripod, but some don’t. The camera will need to be placed on a flat surface, such as a table or desk, and will need a clear view of the subject.

Shoot in RAW mode.

If you shoot in RAW mode, your images can be used for anything from printing in a traditional photographic print shop to digital printing on websites or social media sites. You can edit your images using any number of programs or your computer’s editing tools.

Take lots of photos.

You may have seen photos that are so perfect they look unreal. Many photographers will spend hours photographing one event or capturing a series of images. They will develop a style over a period of time.

Try a black and white style.

This can be achieved with many different techniques. You could use a black and white filter on your camera, use a color filter or you could shoot in a dark room with a flashgun.

Look at photos from other photographers for ideas.

Look at photographs on websites or Facebook to find inspiration.

When using a black and white style, make sure that you are not losing detail in the process.

Shoot close up.

Take close ups of objects, such as your favorite flowers, a watch, a ring or a small statue.

Use low light.

Many people find it easier to shoot under a black light or in a dark room with a flash.

Try unusual angles.

Most people have to hold their head up to get a good view of their subjects. Try shooting with the camera on your lap, propped up on a tripod, or from a low angle.

Look at your images on the computer.

When you finish taking your pictures, it is worth spending a few moments looking at them on the computer. Are they clear? Do you like the way they look? What could be improved?

Try new things.

Experimentation is vital in creating your style. Look around your home and work places, at friends and relatives, and find something you haven’t tried before. Try a new technique or look for new subjects to capture.

If you want a more artistic, traditional style of photography, you might like to experiment with different techniques.

The best way to find a photography style that is unique to you is to experiment and take photos that you enjoy. There is no one right way to take photos, so find what works best for you and stick with it!