Profitable Photography Careers You Can Consider

You can get paid for taking photographs. In addition to your daily job, you may enjoy taking photos for other people, such as your employer, clients, customers or friends.

Photography is a great hobby but there are lots of different ways to use a camera, from taking snaps of your food and drink, to making photo montages and posters, creating beautiful images and capturing special moments in time. If you’re creative, you could even consider developing your skills as a photographer.

The following is a list of interesting photography jobs and careers to consider. The information provided is from the websites of our partners and we are not responsible for the accuracy of the information or content on these websites.

1. Photojournalist

Photojournalists take pictures and video of news events. They might work on a local newspaper, a national magazine, or a website. They might also take photos of people, places, or things, such as festivals, protests, elections, demonstrations, weddings, and sports events.

2. Fashion Photographer

Fashion photographers often use their own creativity and skills to come up with creative and innovative ways of photographing models. Fashion photographers might work for a magazine, a department store, a shop, a website, or a fashion brand.

3. Product Photographer

Product photographers take photos of a product, service, or company for use in advertising or online. They might photograph the packaging, components, and features of a product, or take pictures of people using the product.

4. Children Photographer

Children photographers specialize in working with kids, whether they’re babies, toddlers, teenagers, or adults. They might take pictures of babies, children, pets, and family members.

5. Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographers take pictures of a wedding event. They might take pictures of a bride and groom, a wedding ceremony, or wedding reception.

6. Food Photographer

Food photographers specialize in taking photos of food, drink, and dining. They might work in a restaurant, a catering business, a deli, a supermarket, or a hotel.

7. Photo Editor

Photo editors take photos and edit them to improve the quality, color, and composition. They might crop a picture, resize it, change the lighting, add special effects, and remove distracting objects.

8. Editorial Photographer

Editorial photographers take photos and videos for magazines, newspapers, and websites. They might shoot fashion, food, travel, lifestyle, and beauty articles.

9. Portrait Photographer

Portrait photographers specialize in taking photos of their subjects, including babies, children, families, and friends.

10. Landscape Photographer

Landscape photographers take photos of natural scenes, buildings, and landmarks. They might capture landscapes, portraits, and landscapes, as well as cities, beaches, lakes, forests, mountains, and farmlands.

11. Wedding Videographer

Wedding videographers record wedding ceremonies and receptions using a digital camcorder or digital video recorder. They might also interview the wedding party and their guests and capture special moments during the event.

12. Product Designer

Product designers create new products and services. They might work on clothing, furniture, toys, technology, food, household items, and tools.

13. Architectural Photographer

Architectural photographers specialize in capturing beautiful images of architecture, including homes, offices, shops, and schools.

14. Corporate Photographer

Corporate photographers take photos of people at work, such as business meetings, training sessions, and corporate events. They might also take photos of office décor, equipment, and company logos.

15. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create original graphics, illustrations, and posters. They might work for a website or company, or they might design merchandise, advertisements, websites, and other types of marketing material.

16. Fine Art Photographer

Fine art photographers specialize in capturing beautiful images of the human body. They might photograph people, animals, and nature.

17. Sports Photographer

Sports photographers take photos of athletes competing in sports, such as basketball, soccer, football, tennis, hockey, golf, and martial arts.

18. Commercial Photographer

Commercial photographers specialize in taking photos for use in advertising. They might work in a studio, at a restaurant, a mall, a museum, or a department store.

19. Entertainment Photographer

Entertainment photographers specialize in capturing photos and videos for films, TV, and live events. They might work in a movie studio, a recording studio, a music venue, a theater, a sports stadium, or a concert venue.

20. Nature Photographer

Nature photographers specialize in capturing beautiful photos of the natural world. They might photograph animals, plants, and landscapes.

21. Photo Editor

Photo editors edit photos to improve the quality, color, and composition. They might resize, crop, and adjust the contrast and saturation of the image.