Best Mother’s Day Photography Ideas

Mother’s Day is almost here! If you’re looking for a way to celebrate the special woman in your life, why not capture her on camera? There are plenty of ways to make Mother’s Day photography special, whether you’re taking pictures with flowers or balloons or simply capturing a photo of mom and her children or grandchildren together. We’ve put together some great ideas for how to make this year’s Mother’s Day extra-special through photography:


Love letters are a great way to show your mom how much she means to you. Writing a letter with your own handwriting is as simple as writing out the message and photographing it. This can be framed with other family photos or even used as a Mother’s Day card!

Posed pictures with a prop

Props are a great way to add some humor, drama or a statement to your photo. You can use props when you’re posing with your kids as well as for solo shots. Here are some ideas:

  • A favorite book or magazine
  • A mug of coffee
  • A bouquet of flowers (or any other flower you love)

Hugs & kisses

If your mom is a hugger, you know how much she loves getting hugs and kisses from her kids. In fact, it’s not uncommon for her to ask for them!

So what better way to show your appreciation than by giving her the gift of hugs and kisses? There are so many different ways you can utilize this idea:

  • Take a photo of yourself hugging or kissing your mom with her arm around your shoulder.
  • Have everyone in the family take turns giving hugs and kisses to the main subject (your mom).
  • Have each person in the family write their own message on a popsicle stick that says things like “I love you,” “you’re my hero,” etc., then put those sticks into a jar or basket. Then when everyone has gone home after Mother’s Day brunch or dinner, take out one stick at random and have everyone gather around as someone reads aloud all of the messages written on each stick. This could be done as part of an activity earlier in the day before photographing begins!

Mother’s Day breakfast in bed

  • Assemble a spread of breakfast foods that your mother loves. These could include:

o fresh fruit, like berries and melon

o eggs or pancakes

o bacon or sausage

  • You can also use this time to serve her favorite coffee or tea (or both!) in a special mug. If she favors something like chai tea lattes, consider buying something special for the occasion—like an adorable mug with her name on it!
  • Wear something pretty, but not too formal—jeans are fine! It’s more important to look comfortable than dressy. Consider wearing an apron if you’re making breakfast yourself; it’ll give the photos an extra personal touch and make them feel more homey as opposed to just shots of food on plates. If you don’t own an apron yet, ask one of your friends if they have one they don’t wear anymore they’d be willing to lend out—you’ll be surprised how many people will happily oblige! If someone else is cooking for Mom instead of you, ask if they’ll let you help prepare some dishes beforehand so that all she has left afterwards is serving up what’s already prepared for her (and maybe doing any dishes!). This will save time since she won’t need any other preparation done before serving herself breakfast when she wakes up later this morning.

Your favorite things

You can also photograph your mom with her favorite things. Here are some ideas:

  • Photograph her with a favorite toy from childhood, a favorite book, a favorite piece of jewelry, with a favorite outfit.
  • Or, photograph her with one (or more) of these items in the background: food she loves, family photos, etc.

Make your own greeting card

If you want to make things easy on yourself, you can just purchase a card and fill it out with your own words. But if you want a more personal touch, there are lots of kits available that contain unique supplies for making homemade cards. For example, Etsy has everything you need to create an adorable handmade Mother’s Day card—all for under $20! You can choose from several different designs or customize one of their existing templates by adding glitter, stickers or other accessories to create something special for mom or grandma this year.

If that sounds like too much effort (or if your artistic skills are limited), consider purchasing some blank greeting cards instead—just be sure they’re printed on recycled paper because it’ll feel much better than using regular old white printer paper without knowing how many forests were sacrificed so those extra sheets could exist in the first place!

Get crafty with a bouquet of flowers

You can make a bouquet that represents not only your mother, but also the relationship between you two! Start by choosing flowers based on what kind of person your mother is. If she’s an extrovert and always has a smile on her face, consider using flowers with a splash of color like daisies or tulips. If she’s more reserved and prefers to keep to herself, try using roses or lilies as their subtle fragrance will be calming while also being beautiful. Next, think about where your mom lives: Is she in an apartment? Or maybe she has a house in the country? Select plants that match the environment she lives in so they don’t look out of place when placed together (like putting cacti inside). Finally, consider what time of year it is when creating this gift—many people have allergies during certain months due to pollen count so avoid any blossoms that may cause extra discomfort for them! The best way of doing all these things is by asking yourself these questions: What kind of person would my mom be if I could meet them now? Where would they live/work? And what type(s) of flowers do I want them to receive from me today?”

Find a spot in nature to photograph her with flowers or balloons

Flowers and balloons are a fun way to decorate the background of photos you take with your mom. When picking out flowers, consider whether she prefers roses or sunflowers, or maybe something even more exotic like dahlias or irises. Balloons are another great choice for decorating because they can be found at most stores that carry party supplies (plus they’re much cheaper than flowers).

Don’t worry if you’re not a photographer—you don’t have to be one to take good pictures! You can use a tripod or set up your phone on a timer so that it automatically takes pictures when asked by your mom.

Photograph your mom or grandma & her children or grandkids

A photo of your mom or grandma with her children or grandkids is a great way to show how much she means to you. If you have kids, have them write a message to their mom on the back of the photo. If you don’t have kids, write a message to your mother on the back. Either way, it will mean so much to her; I promise!

Do something special for Mom on Mother’s Day by taking some meaningful photos.

If you’re looking for ideas on what to do with Mom, consider these:

  • Take a photo of her and each of your siblings. These days, it’s not easy to do that since so many families are spread across the country.
  • Take a picture of the kids with their grandparents and great-grandparents for their family album. You can all pose together or take photos individually and put them in frames on the mantle or coffee table.
  • If you have children, how about taking pictures of them? Maybe one with just mom and one with just dad? Or maybe one where they’re being silly together — whatever works! It’s a great way to remember how cute they were as babies while they grow up before our eyes into adults who can’t be bothered taking photos anymore.
  • Come up with a fun idea for Mother’s Day that doesn’t involve going out somewhere expensive (unless money is no object). How about making your own greeting card featuring different images of motherhood throughout history? You could even find an old photo from when she was young so she sees herself through new eyes! The possibilities are endless here: scrapbooking projects usually center around this kind of thing anyway.

Mother Day’s Photography Ideas

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We hope you love these photo ideas and get to use them in your own life. We know that taking photos with your mom can be one of the most special gifts you can give her on Mother’s Day, so go ahead and find the perfect idea for how to commemorate the occasion!