Where to Put a Watermark on Your Photo

When it comes to watermarking your photos, there are various options for you to choose where to place your watermark on your photo. 

To find out the best place to place your watermark on a picture will depend on the specific photo. It means that you must have to know the colors, the person, and the landscape and choose a proper position to put the watermark.

But there are several places that you may like and use very often. 

Here’s in this article we will mention several popular positions people often choose to add a text or logo to their pictures. And you can use the ideas to apply in your photos.

What is a watermark?

watermarked image
watermarked image

Watermarking is a technique used to add a visible image or text overlay to an image, a video, or a document. This text can be placed in the bottom right or left hand corners of the image and will show up when the picture is used on the web or printed out.

The main purpose of watermarking an image is to protect it from being copied by others. It is not easy to remove the watermark from the images, so it’s easy for you to prove that they infringed on your rights as an artist.

The most common way to create a watermark is through Photoshop. There are several different options for adding a watermark including:

1) Create a new layer at the bottom of your photo and add text using the type tool

2) Use one of many free online services that allow you to create simple watermarks such as PicMonkey or Watermarkup.

If you want to learn more about watermarks, you can read our article here.

Where you should place your watermark

The bottom right

It is undeniable that the bottom right is the most popular position that photographers and other people often choose to put a watermark. You can see hundreds of photos on the Internet, and the bottom right is mostly preferred. 

Why? Because the bottom right is often a proper place that is easy to read for human eyes. We often read text or sentences from left to right. And the first thing we will see is the content and picture itself. The logo or watermark will be the last thing we see (from left to right). Because of that, the text and logo will not distract from the content. 

But there is a problem with this position. The bottom right corner is also easy to be cropped by people who want to steal your assets. They can use photo editing tools to crop the picture and remove the watermark.

The bottom left

The next position you can choose is the bottom left of the photo. Although we can easily see the logo or watermark right in the beginning when we look at the picture, it is fine to put the watermark there. You can edit the size of the watermark to make it not so big that it gets too much attention from viewers. 

However, the bottom right corner is still more popular than the bottom left. Many professional photographers still use this position for their photos. 

The picture below is an example. The bottom positions are often okay because they will not distract too much from the main picture. You can also reduce the opacity to make the watermark more transparent (for example 60%) and look better.


The centered position

a centered watermark 1
a centered watermark

Many photographers often choose this position when they are selling their photos on the web. They create a big watermark and place it in the center of the photo. You should only use this position when you plan to sell the photo and you should reduce the opacity of the watermark. 

When you use this position, it is very hard for thieves to steal your images because the big brand or logo will disappoint them. Of course, it is really hard to use watermark remover or software to remove the watermark from the photos. 

The downside of this position is that because the watermark is so big, the main content will be affected. You can consider using this when you show demos or examples of photos you will sell. Your customers will have to buy to get the original and high-resolution files. 

Put many watermarks across your photos

A lot of people will put many watermarks across their photos when they are selling photos on the web. You can also see that many stock photography websites will use multi watermarks on their photos.

This will help to prevent users from stealing their images. If users want to get the high-resolution images, they must pay.

Here is an example:

multiple watermarks
multiple watermarks

You can see that it is not easy to remove all the watermarks on the above photo, right? You can use this example when you plan to send your client a demo photo of your products or services. If you want to make the photo look better, you can make the watermarks more transparent by changing their opacity values. 

The position you like

It is okay to have the positions you like. If you find that other places are okay to use with your photos, you should use them.

In general, choosing the most suitable watermark position is up to you. You can be creative and decide where you should put the text or the logo. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. You can try and learn from it to make your photographs better next time. 

Things to remember 

When choosing the perfect watermark position for your photos, you need to consider one thing. 

You will not want the watermark to distract from the content of the photo. So please consider your photo first before watermarking.

Place anywhere you like with Watermarkup.

The Main Application
Watermarkup Application

If you are looking for a fast and reliable watermarking tool, you can try Watermarkup. The software helps you watermark 30 photos in seconds and even save your watermark for later use. The software also provides you with dozen of useful tools like add your logo, resize your watermarks, automatically download all the watermarked photos in seconds. If you need an image editor, the website also gives you a powerful editor. All the customization works in your browser.

Other frequently asked questions about watermarks

How to watermark photos on iPhone?

You can use some image editing apps or watermark apps to watermark your photos on iPhone.

With any kinds of photo editing apps, you can use the “adding text” function to add the text you want to any images. You can also add a logo to your images using the apps.

You can even use the built-in image editing tools on iPhone to watermark your photos. The iPhone has a built-in watermarking tool that allows you to add text and images to your photos. This feature is useful if you are a photographer or graphic designer, and want to mark your work with your name or logo.

Does a watermark copyright-protect my photos?

Yes, a watermark will protect your photos against being copied or used without your permission. You can add your custom text or logo to your photos to protect your photos. This means the image remains your property, but a watermark acts as a notice of copyright protection, meaning you have the legal right to stop people from copying and using the image without your consent.

What can I do to protect my images?

You can add a watermark to protect your images by using watermark software. You might find it helpful to add your own text, such as your name and the name of your company, along with a copyright symbol, which will indicate that the photo is protected by copyright law.

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