Explore Creative Side of Furniture Photography: Ideas and Tips

Furniture photography is a niche that many people know little about, but it can be a very creative process. The emphasis of this blog post will be on the more creative side of furniture photography. We’ll discuss the various techniques and ideas to try to create unique product photos for your business!

furniture photography

1. What is Furniture Photography

Furniture photography is a niche that many people know little about, but it can be a very creative process. The emphasis of this blog post will be on the more creative side of furniture photography. We’ll discuss the various techniques and ideas to try to create unique product photos for your business!

2. Basic Equipment

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Here are some basic pieces of equipment that could help you in your furniture photography work:

● Tripod-Obligatory for any sort of camera work includes using video too (no need to buy an expensive one)

● Digital SLR Camera -For DSLR, I would recommend Canon Rebel T-i or EOS 1100D, Nikon D3300. But any good quality camera will work

● Remote trigger -you can either use a standard model that costs around $20 or you could go for an expensive wireless one if your budget allows

● Macro lens and/or Extension tubes -these are optional but may come in handy when attempting creative photos of small objects such as jewelry etc.(I’ve already written about macro photography check it out)

3. Techniques to Make Your Furniture Look Its Best

One of the best ways to make your furniture look its best is to use a light background and dark accent pillows. You can also try to use white sheets or white bedding pulled up under the sofa cushions for a beautiful backdrop.

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Types of Product Photography

Product photography is an important part of any eCommerce sites. There are many different types of product photography, and in this blog post we will go over different types and ways to take excellent photos that will help you sell the products on your website.

First, it’s important to understand what makes a photo great for selling products. You want the colors to be accurate, good lighting (but not too bright), and minimal distractions in the background. The photo should also show off the features of your product well! When taking pictures, make sure you use natural light whenever possible; it helps maintain color accuracy and prevents glare from artificial lights.

Now, let’s go into more detail about some of the types of product photography!

Product Photography: Ideas and Inspiration for Your Next Shoot
  What is Product Photography? Product photography has a lot of uses. One use is to present products in

Types of Product Photography

Simple Studio Product Shots

Types of Product Photography

A simple studio product shot is a product in front of a white background. This is the easiest, cheapest, and quickest type of product photography. In Photoshop, you can fill your entire canvas with white or get a seamless backdrop from Amazon or eBay that makes this even easier!

One challenge with doing simple studio shots is that it’s hard to edit out all imperfections from the background – things like lint, hair, and marks on the table surface will still show through. If you have a perfectly clean setting but want to make your products look more luxurious, try using a photo editing app like Lightroom or Photoshop to add some extra touches to your photos. For example, try blurring out the background around your product to simulate a more expensive camera lens.

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Photography: A Guide on the Basics


Photography Defined

When trying to capture what photography is, it’s important to first start with a definition. In layman terms, this process can be described as the act of capturing light in order to create an image. This was done for the very first time back in 1826 when Joseph Nicéphore Niépce captured images through his window and entitled one View from The Window at Le Gras (shown above).

The light captured by the camera is processed in a unique way to create an image. The process of photography has been around since Niépce developed it, who used heliography as his invention for processing photos on surfaces like glass and metal plates.

The Heliography process is one of the earliest ways that photography was developed.

To create his images, Niépce would have to expose an image by using light from a sun-filled window for eight hours or more before he could develop it with chemicals in order to make the picture permanent and viewable at any time without fading away.

The process of taking a photograph was not always so easy, even when it had been invented. The first ever photo took weeks and required complicated equipment to capture the image that would eventually be seen in museums today.

Long before cameras were available for consumer use, people have found ways to create images on paper or metal by using substances such as bitumen dissolved lavender oil which created an engraving effect where light could pass through onto sensitive surface like lithograph plate glass panes etc., but these photos tended to fade quickly over time due their many layers with only one being exposed at any given moment. However this all changed thanks to Louis Daguerre who came up with his own photographic technique called daguerrotypes back 1837

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Understanding the Types of Photography

Photography can be a fun and exciting hobby to take up, but it is also an art form that has many types. There are so many different types of photography out there, all with their own specialties. In this blog post, we will go over the most popular types of photography and what distinguishes them from one another: portrait photography, landscape photography, street photography, wedding photography,…

Abstract Photography

Abstract Photography

Abstract Photography

Abstract photography is a type of art where the artist captures their vision and feelings through color, light, shadow etc. It can be difficult to define what it actually means for an abstract photograph but one thing that people do agree on is that they don’t always use representational images in these types of photographs.

 Advertising Photography

Advertising Photography

Advertising Photography

Advertising photography is used for all sorts of objects from posters to billboards. With the internet being such a huge platform, advertising has also become digital as well with everything going online now days. Product and product images are similar in that they’re both trying to sell something but it’s still about what you can show off through whatever type advertisement you use.

Architecture Photography

Architecture Photography Architecture Photography

Architectural photography is when a building’s exterior or interior are the main subject matter of the photograph. These shots often accurately represent construction and they aim to be aesthetically pleasing as well!

Exterior shots are usually taken during the day to capture the building and any nearby landscaping features. These can also be shot at night, using ambient lighting from street lights or other sources of light like moonlight.


Astrophotography Astrophotography

Astrophotography reveals a universe beyond what the naked eye can see. Photographers capture images of space-related phenomena, which are then used for research purposes in fields such as astronomy and astrophysics. The first major breakthrough was achieved by using long … Read the rest