Where to Put a Watermark on Your Photo

a Watermarked image

When it comes to watermarking your photos, there are various options for you to choose where to place your watermark on your photo. 

To find out the best place to place your watermark on a picture will depend on the specific photo. It means that you must have to know the colors, the person, and the landscape and choose a proper position to put the watermark.

But there are several places that you may like and use very often. 

Here’s in this article we will mention several popular positions people often choose to add a text or logo to their pictures. And you can use the ideas to apply in your photos.

What is a watermark?

Watermarking is a technique used to add a visible image or text overlay to an image, a video, or a document. This text can be placed in the bottom right or left hand corners … Read the rest