How to Make a Watermark

What is a watermark?

Watermark or a digital watermark is a term to refer to a text, logo, signature used to identify the ownership and copyright of digital assets like images, documents, and videos. 

Why people need to watermark their images

The most important reason why people use watermarks and add them to their photos and videos is to protect them. Nowadays, the Internet is growing faster and faster, and images are often widely used across the web. People copy them and use them for their personal and commercial purposes without having the permission of the owners.

So, watermarking is the best and effective way to protect images and videos. 

Types of watermark

There are various types of watermarks, but the most popular watermarks are:

  1. Text watermark
  2. Logo watermark

But you need to know that text or logo watermarks are only visible watermarks. We also have invisible watermarks as well. The invisible watermarks are not detectable by our human eyes.

Text watermark:

The text watermark can be the name of the owner of the assets. The owners can add their name and their contact information to the images and videos. The additional information can be their phone numbers, websites, social media links, and address.

People use the above mentioned information to let others know about the owners of the photos.

Logo watermark:

Logo watermark is an image as a logo of a company, organization, corporation, and business. The companies and organizations add their logos to images to protect their assets and promote their images. Their brands can be more popular, and the companies will attract a large number of customers. 

How to make a watermark

It is not hard to make a watermark for yourself and your company. You only need to follow some simple steps below to create a good watermark.

Step 1:

You need to think about how your watermark will look. Here are a few things you can prepare:

If you choose to design new text for your watermark, you can consider these suggestions. You can choose what is suitable for your business or brand.


  • My name or my business name
  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Social Media links
  • Address


  • Font
  • Color
  • Opacity

The place on an image you will choose put the watermark:

  • The bottom right or left corner
  • Other areas

If you are using your company logo, it is really easier. You only need to consider a few things like the opacity (transparency) of the logo.

Step 2:

After you have had a good watermark or logo/idea, you can add the watermarks to photos by using software. 

Many software and applications will help you do that easily. On your computers, you can use simple image editors to add text to your photos. But many editors will not allow you to control and move the text freely on the image, for example MS Paint. You can use Photoshop that is good but expensive. If you are a professional photographer and often use Photoshop, you have already had the right skills and the watermarking is not hard for you. If you are not good at Photoshop, you can use watermark software to help you do that really quickly.

There is a lot of expensive watermark software. But you can use free software to do the job. Some watermark software publishers will require you to download and install on your computer to use. But you can use free online watermark software.

We recommend you to use “Free online watermark software” means that you can watermark your photos right in your browser and don’t have to download any software to install. You can use the application for free forever. The application has a paid version, but if you simply watermark one or two photos, you can continue to use the free version. You can watermark an unlimited number of photos everyday.

First, after you visit the website and the application. the first thing you will see is the homepage of the website. The homepage includes a lot of features of the application. You can know more about the application and other information like contact details of the publisher. For example, you can adjust fonts, size, color, background color, and the position of the watermark until you are satisfied. You can add text, logo to your photos. You can instantly upload and download many photos at the same time.

After that, you need to click on the button called Start watermarking for Free. You will see the application appear soon. 

To add watermark to your photos. the first thing you need to do is to upload your photos. If you don’t upload to the application, you can’t see any photos to watermark. You click on the button Upload photo to upload them.

upload button - watermark application

After  that, you need to click on one of any uploaded photos to make it appear on the main canvas.

main application
After clicking on one photo, the photo appears on the main area of the application.

If you choose to add your logo, it is easy. You can choose to ADD LOGO to your photos.

If you choose to make a watermark from the beginning, you choose the option: ADD TEXT. 

When you choose to add text to your images, you can edit the color, its opacity, the position, and the font. Remember that you can copy and paste the text. Use the + button (the big red circle) to add the text to your images. 

You can use the sketch/design of the watermark you planned before to apply into the watermark.

watermark application

You can also have the freedom to move your watermark to any areas you like on the image.

After that, you can choose to download your photo for future use.

Watermarking is a good thing you need to do to protect your assets. And it is also a quick way to promote your brand and business. You can achieve two goals with watermarking, and it is worth doing.

By using Watermarkup, it is very easy for you to make a watermark. But if you have any trouble or difficulties, you can find the full documentation about the application here or email us. We will answer your email as soon as possible.

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