Portrait Photography Pricing: What You Should Know

Portrait Photography Pricing

Portrait photographers are one of the most highly paid and respected professions. They can make anywhere from $50,000 to $400,000 a year, depending on where they live and the size of the city. The range depends on many factors, including:

• How many clients they work with per month

• The type of subjects they shoot

• Their experience

• Their location

• The size of their studio

• Their portfolio

• Their connections (the photographer with a big network of contacts can attract a higher profile client)

• The type of camera and other equipment they use

• How much they charge

• How much work they get paid

• How much money they are willing to spend on promotion

• What kind of lifestyle they want to lead

• And how much they value their free time.

The more experienced a photographer is, the more … Read the rest

How to Take Great Beach Sunset Portraits

beach sunset portraits 10

You may have been asked to take a family portrait. Or perhaps, if you are like many professional photographers, you are being asked to take a sunset portrait. Sunsets are always magical, but for you, photographing a beach sunset can be a particular challenge. Here we share some tips and techniques for taking great beach sunset portraits.

1. Find your perfect spot.

There are many different types of beach. You need to find the one where the sun sets behind the horizon and the sky is clear of clouds and pollution. This will be your backdrop.

2. Pick your best angle.

Your background is going to be important. It should provide a setting that is suitable for you to take some stunning photos. The ideal place would be where you can see a lot of sky, either with the coastline, mountains or other objects in the foreground. To get the … Read the rest

How to Shoot Great Portraits using Window Light

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Window light makes great portraits. As a photographer you can use it to light your subjects and make them look wonderful. But for most people, this kind of portrait lighting can be a bit tricky.

Here are some tips to help you make portraits with window light.

Best Tips for Window Light Portrait Photography

Find an interesting backdrop

A lot of people think that using window light for portraits means finding a nice spot of shade. But in many cases, it’s better to use bright sunlight. The problem is that this kind of light has a lot of glare, which can be distracting to your subject.

You need to find a spot of bright sunlight where the glare isn’t so severe. Ideally, you want to find a spot with a slight angle, which means that the sun is coming from a slightly different direction each time you shoot. This means … Read the rest

Tips For Taking Outdoor Portrait Photography


Portrait photography is a challenging form of photography, as it demands you capture the natural poses of the sitter and stillness of the scene. It also requires you to capture the subject in the right light and against a background that complements the subject’s attire and hair color. The following tips should be followed by anyone who wants to take successful outdoor portrait photos:

The setting.

Select the right location for your outdoor photo session. A sunny day is preferable, so that you can use available light. A landscape with a prominent sky is ideal for outdoor portrait photography. You might need to add a few portable reflectors to the scene to reflect more light onto the subject. Try to find a location where there is not much movement or wind.

The outfit for your subjects.

Select a dress that flatters your subject and enhances their features. You may want … Read the rest