The World’s Best Photography Workshops

Maybe you’ve always wanted to know how to take professional-quality photographs. Or maybe you’re already an expert photographer looking for a refresher course or something new. Whatever your level, there’s no better time than now to consider taking one of the world’s 25 most popular photography workshops!

A photography workshop may be your next best investment! Photography workshops are growing in popularity and can teach you new skills, even if you’ve been shooting for years. Photography Workshops provide a wide variety of settings, from going on location or staying at a studio. Photography Workshops are also great because they offer photographers the ability to learn from others just as passionate about photography as they are. Photography workshops vary in terms of length- some last one day and others may span several weeks with more hands on experience. Photography workshops are available to all levels and interests, so feel free to try out different styles until you find one that fits what you’re looking for!

Types of Photography Workshops

Out of the many different types, workshops are a great way to teach yourself how to take better pictures. There are many different types of Photography Workshops available.

Different photography workshop opportunities can help you learn more about composition and lighting all while having fun exploring your creativity in ways that just aren’t possible during standard photo shoots.

Photography Workshops can teach you about language, artistry, composition, technique and everything in between. Photography Workshops take place in a variety of settings too. Some Photography Workshops might be held at a studio, while others take place in national parks or other outdoor locations.

You can find them online and enroll, or you could attend a workshop that is being offered locally. If you’ve never done any type of formal training before then these might be right up your alley! One way they’re categorized is by how long the class lasts; some last just one day whereas others may span several weeks with lots more hands-on experience than those lasting only an hour or two per visit. These courses vary depending on what level students are at as well: beginner classes focus heavily on basic techniques while advanced levels really dig into fine detail like aperture settings and other specific tools used in postprocessing workflows.

Some of the most popular types of photography workshops for an aspiring photographer to take are in-person, online learning courses and digital camera classes. In person photo workshop offer a hands on experience where students have access to knowledgeable instructors who can answer individual questions about their techniques or specific equipment. An online course offers both video content as well as live webinars that teach you how to use your camera’s settings, which filters work best with different lighting conditions and more! Digital Camera Classes cover topics like shooting modes; memory cards vs film; lens selection etc., all without ever having any mess around active components such as cameras themselves.

Why Should You Attend Photography Workshops?

Photography workshops are proliferating these days and it’s easy to see why. They offer a unique opportunity for anyone, regardless of skill level or experience, the chance at learning new techniques in an environment that is fun and comfortable. There will be professional photographers there who can help you with getting started on your own photography journey! Attendees have access to high-quality equipment which instructors use during sessions; all attendees receive instruction from pros as well as learn about different camera settings such as shutter speed or aperture size etc.; while most programs include some hands-on time shooting photos too—opportunities permitting (weather permitting); other benefits may also apply depending on location/date – You should check their websites for details before booking date.

There are many reasons you should attend Photography Workshops. Firstly, it is a great opportunity to learn more about photography than your camera can offer in the comfort of your own home or studio environment. You will also be able to get invaluable feedback from other professionals and peers that may never have been possible otherwise. Finally, workshops give people an incredible chance at networking with others who share their interests as well opportunities for exposure through attendance!

The best photography workshops around the world

The following list includes some of the best photography workshops around the world:

– Photography 101 with Photography Master David Burnett in Los Angeles, CA

Photography Boot Camp Intensive in New York City, NY

– Photography Workshop and Photo Tour with National Geographic Photographer Joel Sartore in Yellowstone National Park, WY

– Photography Workshop with Magnum Photos Photographer Susan Meiselas in Washington, DC

– Photography Master Class: Photography and Travel Seminar with Karen Kasmauski & Clay Littlefield in New York City, NY

– Photojournalism 101 at the University of Missouri School of Journalism in Columbia, MO

– Photographic Intensive Workshops for Adults (ages 16+) at Cornell Lab of Ornithology near Ithaca, NY”

-“Natural History Photography Course” on Natural History’s website. This course is currently unavailable to register but you can still browse their archives.

Fashion Photography Workshops

The best photographers in the world are coming to New York City, and you can get your hands on their skills for just a small investment of time. 4-Week Fashion Photography Workshops | NYC Photography,, is an intensive course that will teach students exactly what they need to know about shooting amazing images with both digital cameras and film equipment. You’ll also spend four weeks learning how to edit all those photos so every shot looks like it was taken by one of these legends themselves—no easy feat given the complexity involved in editing software programs nowadays.

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Wedding Photography Workshops

Twig and Olive Photography is an award-winning, documentary photojournalism company. They use their skills to capture the essence of your events with images that tell a story in order to create photographs memorable for generations.

The renowned Twig and Olive photography captures photos that depict people’s stories through their most important moments!


Don’t you want to learn the tips and tricks of a professional photographer? PhotosManhattan offers workshops, seminars, and courses that will get your feet wet in portrait photography. You’ll learn about the fundamentals of photography, lighting and composition. You might even get to shoot a few photos!

Their workshop will teach you all the essentials in Photography like how your camera works or choosing which lens is best for different subjects.

The Real Workshop Asheville

The Real Workshop Asheville  is a hands-on workshop for wedding photographers that will teach you how to deal with difficult clients and tough lighting situations. You’ll learn the best practices in dealing with these issues all while learning about powerful photo editing tools, like Photoshop’s Lightroom so your images are as impressive on camera as they look after post processing.

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Food Photography Workshops

The Wine and Photography Workshop is your chance to explore the Okanagan Valley in Canada for five days with other wine enthusiasts, exploring fascinating photography sessions of both landscapes and vines.

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Travel Photography Workshops

National Geographic Photography Expeditions

National Geographic provides a variety of professional photography workshops that involve traveling to remote locations where you can capture beautiful photos. National Geographic photographers accompany each workshop, so you’re able to get some hands-on instruction from them as well.

Pictours Portugal

Pictours Portugal offers photography classes and tours in a variety of destinations, from Lisbon to Arizona. Pictours believes that the quality of their workshops is unmatched because they have three instructors for every 12 participants on average. In addition, these teachers come with years worth experience photographing all over Europe.

Ultimate Travel Photography Workshop Series, Portugal is an all-inclusive photo workshop features opportunities for photographing natural landscapes, seascapes, and historic and modern architecture.

Wildlife Photography Workshops

Wildlife Workshops

So you want to be a wildlife photographer, huh? Well then this workshop is for you. You will learn the basics of animal behavior and technique in taking photographs while working with live animals during our photo workshops.

The goal of Wildlife Workshops is not just so that everyone can take great photos but also educate people about how endangered these animals are becoming due to human impact on their habitat or climate change as well as teach conservation efforts by inspiring visitors through photography.

The workshop is for those who would like to increase their knowledge of bird, mammal and reptile identification.

CNP Safaris

CNP Safaris is a South Africa-based company that offers wildlife photography workshops and safaris. They have expert guidance from award-winning photographers, specially outfitted vehicles to ensure private access to the animals you want most, and they offer free use of their professional camera equipment for those who don’t already own one! CNP also provides flexibility in choosing your dates–they provide many date options each month so even if there’s not an available spot on the day or time frame right away it may be just around the corner.

Chobe Photo Safari

Serengeti Photo Safari – Grumeti

Portrait Photography Workshops

Princeton Photo Workshop

The Princeton Photo Workshop is a photography academy that teaches professional-level techniques to aspiring photographers.

The instructors at the Princeton Photography Academy are seasoned professionals who specialize in teaching students how to capture natural, beautiful moments and translate them into compelling photographs. The program offers courses for both beginners and experienced learners alike so you can tailor your education according to what’s best for your goals as an artist or photographer!

Andrew French Workshops

Ordinary Portraits,, is a portrait photography workshop that aims to teach you both the technique and art behind taking beautiful portraits. It also covers tips on how to manage light in a daylight studio.

Andrew French, New York-based photographer and founder of Ordinary Portraits, has been teaching his skills for over fifteen years now!

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Street Photography Workshops

Raw Photo Tours is an organization that offers street and documentary photography workshops. Their goal? To provide a deep understanding of photography, which is so much more than learning the basics.

As a New York native, James Maher is the person to trust for secret spots and great locations. He offers group workshops that show you hidden gems all around NYC on his website.

This blog post has given you a variety of photography workshops to choose from, no matter your level. Whether you’re an amateur just starting out or have been shooting for years and are looking to hone in on specific skills, there’s something for everyone. What will be the first workshop that you try? Let us know how it goes!