How to Take Beautiful Photos of Little Girls

Best tips to take amazing photos of little girls


First of all, you need to understand the most important part of a photograph – the light. Lighting is everything! The trick is to use a great quality camera and shoot in manual mode. This way you can adjust the light as you like. I always recommend using natural light because you can really control the lighting and it is always better than artificial light.

Try different angles and poses

When photographing a child it is best to keep the shot simple. The most effective pose is standing or sitting still. Children move quickly, so if you have time to compose a photo, it will be much better. You can make the subject look big by having her sit against a wall and making her body look bigger.

If you have access to a tripod and a remote shutter release, I would recommend taking advantage of it. If you are shooting in auto-mode, you will not be able to shoot fast enough. When working with children, I prefer using a telephoto lens (300mm). This way you can get much closer to the subject and she won’t feel like you are invading her space.

Include a bit of background

A nice touch to a photograph is to include a bit of the surrounding scenery. Add a flower to the foreground or put the subject in front of a tree. Just make sure you don’t let the background distract from the child.

Make sure to get as close to the child as possible. If you are photographing in the evening, shoot towards dusk, when the light is soft but there are still shadows. You should be shooting in RAW format because this gives you the most control over the light.

Get ready early.

There’s nothing worse than running around like crazy trying to get pictures taken when all the kids are there and excited. Make sure you have everything ready to go, so you aren’t wasting time and energy on picture taking.

Use props.

If your little girl has a favorite character or animal, try to use it as a prop in some of your photos (this works especially well if it’s something that can be worn by the birthday girl). You can also use balloons or bubbles as props for cute shots!

Take lots of group shots!

It can be hard to get everyone looking at the camera at once, but if you take lots of different poses and angles, it will help get everyone smiling and looking in the right direction!

Try to stay out of the child’s face

Children are very expressive and if you’re too close, it will appear unnatural. By keeping the focus on her eyes, hair and clothing, you will get a more natural result.

Shoot in auto-mode

This is especially true if you’re photographing a group of children. Try to take pictures in a continuous sequence because it will be easier for you to get all the shots you want.

Be patient

If you aren’t used to shooting children, it can take a little while to get a good pose. Don’t expect to get perfect shots right away. Little girls might move around too much, she might not cooperate, or she might just be shy.

But if you’re patient and have some fun with it, then you can get some great shots of her. Here are some suggestions:

1. Ask Mom and Dad to help out. If Mom and Dad are around, ask them to help out by getting their daughter’s attention when she’s looking away from the camera or by showing her something interesting in the distance so that she looks at that instead of the camera. This will keep her engaged and make it easier for you to take better pictures of her.

2. Look for moments when she isn’t expecting it. Little girls are often very busy doing something else; so try to catch them by surprise with your camera in hand.

Have fun!

The best part about photographing little girls is the fact that they are usually very playful and love to have fun. They can be dressed in beautiful clothes, or they can be wearing their favorite t-shirt and their favorite jeans. The possibilities are endless when it comes to photography with little girls!

One of the most important things when shooting little girls is to make sure that you are capturing their personalities as well as their beauty. To do this, you need to get them involved in the shoot. Ask them questions about themselves and what they like to do for fun. If you want them to smile, make sure that you talk about something funny or interesting so that they will naturally want to smile at you. You can also try having them bring out their favorite doll or stuffed animal; this will help them feel comfortable around you and make it easier for them to open up about themselves.

Another thing that is important when photographing little girls is having fun! This is a great time for both parents and children alike, so make sure that everyone has a good time while taking photos together! You never know what great moments will happen while taking pictures of your little girl!

Please remember to relax and enjoy the experience. When I first started, I felt like it was not good. Now, I love my job and look forward to spending time with children.

Little Girl Photography Ideas

Little girl photography is a different kind of art, and it’s not for everyone. It can be challenging to capture the innocence and sweetness of these tiny beings, but it can also be a lot of fun!

The key to great little girl photography is patience. You’ll want to take your time with the shoot and not rush anything. Little girls are small and fast, so you’ll need to keep up with them and make sure they don’t get bored or frustrated while they’re posing for pictures.

Little girls are full of life and love. Whether it’s their first birthdays, or their first days of school, they would love to have pictures of themselves. Here are some little girl photography ideas that you can use for your next shoot.

1. Use props such as flowers, tiaras and crowns to take photos of your little girls.

2. Use colorful backgrounds or backdrops.

3. Get creative with poses! Why not try jumping up and down, dancing or even lying down?

4. Have fun with the lighting! Low lighting is perfect for little girls who want to pose like princesses or fairies in their magical forest! High lighting works great for outdoors shots with bright colors like reds, yellows and oranges!

5. Pretend role-playing! Little girls love pretending they’re grown-ups, so encourage them to act out their favorite scenes from movies or television shows. While you’re taking photos, ask them questions about what they’re doing (like “Do you like peanut butter?”). So that they can respond naturally when the camera starts clicking away.

6. Ask your subject which outfit she wants to wear on this day. Little girls usually have several favorite outfits that they wear whenever possible, so let her choose which one she wants to wear for this special occasion! You can also talk about what she’s going to wear when she grows up (if she knows).

7. Create a photo booth effect by setting up a white backdrop behind your child and using an inexpensive lighting kit from your local camera store. This will help make sure that you get even lighting on both sides of her face and body. Make sure that you have at least two lights set up so that you can avoid shadows on one side of her face.

8. Go outside and play in the snow or rain.

9. Go to a park that has a playground with swings, slides, etc.

10. Take your little girl to a local zoo, amusement park, or museum where she can play in the water fountains or get her face painted!

11. Go to the beach and take pictures of her building sand castles and playing in the waves (but only if it’s warm enough).

12. Find a location that has some good spots for photos. This is especially important if you’re going for more candid shots where the focus isn’t on the background (which is always good).

Take pictures of little girls on their birthdays

You can choose a location that is special to her and bring in props that have meaning. You can also use clothes and accessories that she loves.

If you want to make the photo session a special event, ask your child’s friends and family members to come along. You can even ask them if they would be willing to wear something from their childhood for the portraits.

If your daughter is old enough, let her dress up like a princess or fairy tale character for photos. She’ll love pretending to be someone else for the day!

1. Make sure your child has plenty of different outfits, so you can capture her in different looks.

2. Dress her up in fancy clothes, like a princess dress or a tutu. This can be fun for both of you!

3. Dress her up in something comfortable and cute, like pajamas or jeans and a t-shirt. This is also fun for both of you!

4. Take pictures outdoors when it’s warm out (or indoors if it’s cold). If you can’t get outside, find an area that feels like an outdoor setting and use it for your photos.

5. Choose an interesting background for each picture — maybe have your child stand against something colorful or have her sit on the ground near flowers or another interesting object.

6. Take pictures of your daughter with her favorite things. You can use props like a teddy bear or a princess crown, and take a picture of her holding it.

7. Another idea is to dress up your daughter in an outfit that matches the birthday party theme. For example, if it’s a pirate party then dress her up in an eye patch and have lots of fun taking pictures with her friends!


Little girls love to play with mirrors. Swirls are a great way to add some fun to pictures of little girls. Here are some ideas for taking pictures with mirrors:

  • You can use a mirror to reflect the light. Or you can use a light source to create a halo effect on your subject; this gives a heavenly look to the photo and will make your subject stand out from the crowd.
  • Have your child stand in front of a mirror and look into her eyes. Then, have her put her hands on her cheeks as she smiles at herself.
  • Put a large mirror behind your subject.
  • Place a small mirror in front of your subject (and ask them to look at themselves).

Flowers and Garden:

A lot of little girls love flowers and gardens.

Here are some ideas for taking pictures of little girls with flowers and gardens:

Take pictures of the little girl picking a flower. This will make for a great picture, especially if she has a big smile on her face.

If you have a garden with lots of flowers, have the girl pick out the one she wants to pose with. Then, take a picture of her holding it up to her face. This is another great way to create a beautiful photo!

You can also take pictures of your little girl sitting in front of a flower bed or sitting on grass that is covered with flowers. Both options are great because they’re simple but still unique enough to capture your child’s personality perfectly!

Bubble Blowing

Every girl loves bubbles. They are a great way to play with the kids and get them interested in photography.

Bubbles are always fun to take pictures of, especially if they are blowing bubbles or making bubbles with their hands.

Take your little girl on a walk outside and blow bubbles for her to chase after. It is easy to get good shots of this activity because it is so simple. Just have someone hold the camera while you blow bubbles and wait for her to pop one. This is an activity that works well in any weather because it doesn’t matter what type of bubbles you use or how cold or warm it might be outside.


If there is a swing set around where you live, then take some pictures of your little girl swinging on it. She may not want to cooperate at first, but if she does stop fighting it, then you can get some great shots of her swinging high above the ground with her feet hanging down freely below her seat and her hands gripping tightly to the chains that hold her seat up above her head as she hangs from them like she would from monkey bars at school or daycare during play time when she was younger.


Little girls love cycling. And it is great if you can create some photos in which they are riding their bicycles. You can take pictures of your daughter while she is riding her bike or sitting on it. If you want, you can also get some other people around to pose with her while she’s riding her bike or posing beside it.

Photo booth:

Little girls love to play dress up and pretend to be something else. They love to be princesses, fairies, or whatever their little hearts desire.

One great way to do this is with a photobooth. Photobooths are great because they allow you to take pictures of your little girl with her friends, family and even herself.

A photobooth makes it easy for little girls to get in front of the camera and have fun with the pictures. It also makes it easier for them to get used to being in front of the camera, which will help when they get older and have important pictures taken like prom or graduation!


You can take a picture at the park or any other place where there are lots of trees and flowers, so that she looks like she’s in nature. This will make for great pictures that show off her personality and beauty!


1- Halloween costumes: Halloween is a great time to take pictures of little girls. You can make them wear different costumes and get into different poses. You can also take pictures in the evening when it’s dark outside, so that they look creepy. It’s a fun time for everyone!

2 – Easter eggs: Easter eggs are another fun idea to take pictures of little girls. You can make an Easter egg hunt outside and have them find all the eggs before anyone else does! Or if there is just one egg, have them find it before anyone else does! Either way works well here because it gives them something fun to do while still getting some great photos captured for posterity!


Invite her friends over for a photo session and ask them all to wear different outfits for the photo shoot. This will not only give your child company but also give her a chance to play with other kids as well.


If your little girl loves to help in the kitchen, then she’ll love this idea. Take her picture while she’s helping you bake cookies or brownies and add them to the recipe journal that you’re keeping together as a family. This can be put together in a scrapbook or just put on an album. It’s a great way for her to feel like she’s part of the process and get excited about baking time!


If your daughter loves painting, then why not snap some photos of her at work? She’ll love knowing that she’ll be immortalized as an artist in your family photo album! Set up your camera on a tripod, so it doesn’t move while you’re taking pictures and then let her go wild with color!

Mommy and Daddy

A great idea for photographing your little girls is that you can try to take photos of the little girl with her parents. The photos will be a great addition to the family photo album.

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