Free Photography Classes: Learn to Take The Best Photos You Have Ever Seen

Photography skills are in high demand these days. With free photography classes available online, you can learn how to take the best photos you have ever seen! Photography is an art form and a science all rolled into one. There are many different techniques that photographers use to create beautiful shots. These free photography classes will teach you everything from basic composition to studio lighting.

Understanding the Types of Photography

Photography can be a fun and exciting hobby to take up, but it is also an art form that has many types. There

Free Photography Classes

Skillshare Photography Classes

Free Photography Classes

SkillShare is the world’s leading online learning community with a library of over 20,000 classes in design, business and technology. They’ve got something for everyone: from crafting to coding; photography to programming – there are courses on anything you could ever want!

If you are interested in becoming a professional photographer and prefer the hands-on approach to learning, then Skillshare may be for you. The site offers courses on how to use new tools like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop as well as more basic skills such as composition.

If photography is your passion but finding time away from work can feel impossible, this website has what you need! Known primarily for its online classes that teach various techniques through video tutorials presented by experts within their fields of expertise – it also provides massive amounts of resources divided into categories including: inspiration & motivation; business wisdom; podcasts/videos about design/photography process and gear reviews (among others).

Udemy Photography Courses

Free Photography Classes

Udemy has a large selection of creative photo classes that are sure to help anyone looking for any skill level in photography. From beginner tutorials on basic camera controls like aperture settings or ISO sensitivity ratings all the way up through advanced techniques such as shooting portraits with flash setups or using Photoshop filters creatively, Udemy is an excellent resource for people who want their work seen by others from around the globe.

Free classes are available in various topics such as Portrait Photography or Photo Editing and Retouching Techniques. The site also lists about paid-courses ranging from $35 up to $200 on everything from Amateur DSLR Cameras: Getting Started To Photographing Your Wedding Day.

Lynda Photography Training and Tutorials

Free Photography Classes

Lynda is a one-stop shop for all your photography needs. Lynda offers a variety of photography training and tutorial videos that will help you improve your skills from beginner to pro. Whether you’re looking to upskill or just want some inspiration, Lynda has something for everyone. With expertly produced tutorials on digital and film cameras as well as video editing, color correction techniques and much more from renowned photographers like Joe McNally – it’s time to get creative!

Aspiring photographer? Get the inside scoop with cutting edge tips from masters of their craft in our online courses where everything can be completed remotely at any pace while utilizing an interactive live classroom environment that allows students to chat about ideas face-to-face anytime they choose.

Harvard University Exposing Digital Photography

Free Photography Classes

If you want to take your photography skills even further, then Class Central’s hands-on course is the perfect opportunity for you. This interactive and engaging class will teach both beginners as well as seasoned professionals about a variety of techniques that can be used in order to create stunning images while also teaching them how to effectively use their camera’s software tools such as Photoshop or Lightroom.

Moreover, if this course sounds like something up your alley – don’t worry because it won’t cost much either! Since Class Central has partnered with over 400 colleges from around the world (including Ivy League schools), most students who sign up are eligible for free access provided they have an active college email address which could save many people hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

DIY Photography Tutorials

Free Photography Classes

DIY offers free tutorials and content of the highest quality to inspire you. Learn how to take control of your camera, tackle any lighting situation or understand composition with our free photography lessons. With a free membership on DIY, not only do you get access to all these free resources but also exclusive tips from industry professionals through new articles every month as well as discounts for some of our professional memberships (among other perks).

Alison Diploma in Digital Photography

Free Photography Classes

When you need a professional photography course to learn, look no further than Alison. is a free resource for photographers who want to learn from the best of the best. With Alison, you can take your photography skills to new levels by learning everything there is on lighting and composition as well as different camera settings and so much more! What’s really cool about this free course is that it also offers certificate courses in digital photography – meaning students have a chance at actually being awarded their diploma after completing these free courses which could be worth thousands of dollars later down the line.

Canon Photography Tips

Free Photography Classes

Canon has a wide range of free online photography courses for Canon users. They also have classes on how to get the most out of your camera and software, shooting techniques with different lighting scenarios, advanced editing help from professionals such as Photoshop experts or Lightroom specialists who can show you their way around these popular tools that are user-friendly enough for beginners too!

Nikon School Online

Free Photography Classes

Nikon School offers free photography tutorials and free classes for beginners. The content is available online or can be downloaded to your mobile device, which makes it easy to learn at any time and anywhere you are!

Olympus Learning Center: Digital Photography Courses

This digital photography course will teach you how to shoot great photos using the features of a DSLR camera, as well as post-processing techniques in Photoshop (optional but recommended). You’ll also get access to exclusive training videos like those on our blog where you’ll be able to ask questions directly from some of the world’s best photographers including Joe McNally.

Professional Photographers of America

Free Photography Classes

Professional Photographers of America is a society for professional photographers to come together and share tips, tricks, knowledge on the art of photography.

There are millions out there who snap photos just because they can but not all have dedication or talent behind their lens. Professional Photographer’s Society brings them together- some with an eye for beauty and others honed in sharpening skills that make even mundane moments worth framing forever -to showcase this creative side into boundless possibilities. The photography professionals at The Academy Online offer a wide range of free course material, but they also have videos and webinars that are led by industry insiders.

Strobist Lighting 101

Free Photography Classes

Strobist Lighting 101 is a website with over 5,000 posts that features hundreds of videos and articles about lighting techniques. The posts are categorized into beginner, intermediate, and advanced lighting tutorials so you can find what you need according to your skill level.

Marc Levoy Lectures on Digital Photography

Marc Levoy Lectures on Digital Photography is a blog that features news and articles about photography. Marc Levoy gives lectures about a wide range of photography topics that are free for all. The site has many links to other sites with information about photography so you can learn more as well.

PetaPixel Tutorials

Free Photography Classes

PetaPixel is an online magazine that features practical photography tutorials geared towards a wide range of photographers. They also offer courses that are designed for the beginner photographer who wants to learn how to take better photos. PetaPixel is a blog that has been around since 2006 and offers a variety of photography tutorials.

Phlearn Free Tutorials

Phlearn offers over 160 free tutorials and courses. Some of these tutorials are Photoshop tutorials, however they also have content for the other most popular photo editing software such as GIMP, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, and more.

Adobe Creative Cloud Learning Center

Free Photography Classes

The Adobe Creative Cloud Learning Center is a website that has resources to help you learn about Adobe Creative Cloud products including Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC. This site’s goal is to show you how you can use Adobe Creative Cloud products and provide guidance on what is possible with them. The site covers all the tools in the suite which means that it will be able to provide guidance for someone who wants to learn Lightroom or an upcoming product.

Cambridge in Colour Digital Photography Tutorials

Free Photography Classes

Cambridge in Colour Digital Photography Tutorials is a website that has been online for six years. The blog offers free tutorials about photography and it covers topics like macro, night, street, digital capture, and more. It also has articles on photography techniques such as depth of field or bokeh. These can be accessed by clicking on the categories that are at the top of the page.

With these free photography classes, you’ll be able to take the best photos possible and develop your skills in editing them. Whether it is for professional or personal use, our goal is that you can better express yourself through imagery. We look forward to hearing about how this article has helped improve your photo-taking abilities!