Sunrise Photography: Best Tips, Examples, and Ideas

Sunrise photography tips

We’ll take a look at the gear you’ll need for sunrise photography. For this type of shooting, a tripod is essential. This is especially important when using flash, which is required for the golden hour.

Here are a few of my tips on where to go and what to wear for capturing the perfect sunrise photo:

Where: The best place to photograph a sunrise is the coast, as there is no city lighting and the atmosphere is clean and crisp.

What to Wear: I personally like to travel light when I’m heading out early in the morning. I bring a small pack of clothing, which includes a hoodie, jeans, t-shirt and underwear. I always put on a lightweight rain jacket just in case the weather changes.

I also like to carry my camera and lens with me in the car, so that I can get off the highway and get closer to the shore. That way I can capture some of the beauty of nature without having to pay an additional fee at a park.

First, we should talk about the location. The best places to shoot sunrises is when the sun is in the East and setting. In this case, the sun is low in the sky, creating a beautiful golden glow on the horizon. This means that you can shoot the sun rising straight above you, or behind you. The latter option will give you a nice, sharp contrast between the bright sunlight and the dark clouds below. Another advantage of shooting sunrises from behind is that you won’t have to deal with the glare that comes from a sunrise on a clear, sunny day. If the weather forecast is gloomy, you may want to consider the sunset option instead.

Gear: The most important piece of gear I carry is my tripod. It’s the most expensive piece of equipment, but I don’t travel anywhere without it. In addition to your tripod, you’ll need a camera and some memory cards.

Camera: There are so many different types of cameras available. I personally use the Nikon D7100. It’s a high-end DSLR that’s small and easy to travel with. I’ve had good success with this camera, and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in shooting sunrises.

Memory Cards: You’ll need a lot of memory, so I recommend buying 2GB cards. It’s enough to shoot around 100 images.

Lens: The focal length of your lens is a big factor in how your photos will turn out. I prefer to use a 50mm lens. You can also use longer focal lengths, such as 85mm. The shorter the focal length, the more you will need to zoom in to frame the subject.

Flash: Your camera will have built-in flash. It will likely work pretty well in low-light situations, but if you plan to take a sunrise shot, you’ll want to bring along an external flash. You can purchase a pop-up flash, which attaches to your camera, or you can buy a separate flash unit.

Settings: The settings you use will depend on the conditions you are working under. You’ll probably have to play around with a few things before you figure out the settings that will produce the best results. Try starting out with these settings: ISO 100, F/2.8 and set to bulb.

Once you have the above information, you’ll want to test out your settings. Bring your camera and lens to a location where you can practice. Take some test shots in varying conditions. Once you have some experience, you’ll have a better idea of what settings you want to use in the wild.

Tip: You may find it difficult to capture the beauty of a sunrise, as it often happens right in front of the camera. To avoid this, you’ll want to make sure you position yourself in the right place at the right time. Get there early enough, and you’ll have a chance to capture the beautiful light. If the weather is cooperating, you might be able to shoot for a couple of hours before the sunrise.

Ideas for Sunrise Photography

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