Best Tips and Ideas to Master Panning Photography

What is panning photography?

Panning photography is a type of photography in which the photographer moves the camera around to capture a scene from various angles. This technique is often used to create a sense of depth and texture in a photograph.

Panning photography is using a tripod and camera movement. Panning is moving the camera side to side and then up and down. With panning photography you need to be careful and steady on the tripod to get a sharp photo.

What are some tips for panning photography?

Panning photography is a great way to create an exciting and artistic image. However, it is a technique that requires skill and practice. Here are some tips to get you started!

Panning, or moving the camera in a horizontal plane across a scene, can be a useful technique for photography. It allows you to move around freely and capture images from different angles.

When panning, it’s important that you keep your subject in frame and don’t let your camera get too far away from it. You should also avoid tilting the camera up or down, as doing so will cause blurriness on your subject.

It’s best to use a tripod when panning because it will help you keep your camera steady while still allowing you to move around freely.

Use aperature priority mode on your camera. This will let you set the aperture and ISO, which will make your images clearer.

Use your body.

You can use your body to control your camera movement. Try using your hands to move the camera. This will allow you to position the camera exactly where you want it.

Set your focus manually.

Do not use an auto-focus mode when shooting panning shots; it will only cause problems for you later on in post production.Make sure your camera has manual focus – this will ensure your focus is correct for every shot. Your camera may have different settings for manual focus; check with your owner’s manual.

Get creative.

Experiment with your settings and techniques to achieve unique results. Look at other photos to get ideas.


Look for interesting backgrounds or props to help you frame your shot or tell a story about the subject matter you are capturing.

Consider using a wide angle lens for more depth and perspective in your shots.

Panning Photography Ideas

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