Best Generational Photo Ideas for Your Next Great Photographs

In this article, we are going to share some amazing ideas that will give you inspiration for your next family photo shoot, and help you create a fabulous collection of images that you and your family will enjoy for years to come!

The following are some key questions to ask yourself when planning your family photo shoot:

1. How will you go about organising your family photoshoot?

Generational Photo Ideas

There are so many different ways that you can organise a photoshoot, and choosing the right method is all about personal preference. If you decide to organise a photoshoot on your own, you will need to think about what equipment you will need. For example, will you be using a DSLR, compact camera, or will you need to use another method, such as an iPhone or iPad? If you have a digital SLR, you will be able to use your own camera settings, but if you are using a compact, you will need to think about whether you want to use the auto mode or select the best available settings for your particular camera. Will you be taking photos outdoors or indoors?

We recommend having at least one of each of these three methods to ensure that you cover a wide variety of photo scenarios. We would also suggest that you have a couple of lenses in your arsenal, as this will enable you to choose the best lens for the job. Having a couple of options will also help you in case the weather changes or your chosen location becomes unavailable.

2. Which family members will you be featuring?

Generational Photo Ideas

You can either include just the family in the shots or you can include a few close friends. In addition to choosing the right subjects for your photos, you will also need to consider what poses will look best. There are some great ideas here that you could adopt for your family photos.

3. Who will be taking the photos?

Having a professional photographer take the photos will ensure that you get fantastic quality images, which are sure to make your family photos a success. Depending on how large your family is, it may be a good idea to hire a family photographer, as this way you will be able to capture your family’s special moments in the way that they deserve to be seen. If you have a small family, however, then a local photographer may be suitable for your needs.

4. Where will you take the photos?

If you are photographing your family outdoors, then a beautiful location will give your photos a natural feel. You might like to think about a place where you have taken your family on holiday, or even your favourite local park. However, if your family prefer not to be outside, then you might like to consider your home or another indoor location. Think about what you and your family enjoy doing, and consider how a location that fits into your daily routine can help to add to the atmosphere of your photos.

5. What do you want the photos to achieve?

Generational Photo Ideas

Do you want the photos to be more personal, or do you want them to be more business-like and formal? If you are going to be showing the pictures to your family or friends, it might be useful to choose a style that will make them stand out. For example, you might want to do something different, such as have your entire family in a portrait, or have your children in a playful setting.

The key here is to choose a style that you feel comfortable in, and one that will be suitable for the occasion. This means that you don’t have to worry about choosing a style that is too formal, because it may not suit the occasion.

6. How much time and money will you spend on the photos?

Generational Photo Ideas

If you are planning to take photos for a particular event, such as a birthday party or a wedding, you will need to factor in time and expense into your budget. If you want to make your photos unique, you may need to think about hiring a professional photographer or purchasing expensive equipment. If you are looking to save money, you could consider hiring a friend or family member, or you could go the DIY route.

7. Are you going to do anything special for the photos?

For your family photos, you may want to consider having your hair done, or maybe getting dressed up. You may also want to do something special in order to make the photos really memorable. For example, you could write your family name on a sheet of paper, stick it on a wall in your garden or have your children write the names of their favourite things on Post-It notes.

8. How do you plan to share the photos?

Your final decision to share your family photos with friends and family will depend on how formal or informal you want them to be. For a formal photo shoot, you might want to choose a studio setting, while a more casual approach might suit an outdoor photo shoot. Whatever the outcome, make sure that you have clear instructions about what is expected from you and your family.

Have you ever had a family photo shoot? What did you think of them? Let us know in the comments below!

 Some ideas:

Generational Photo Ideas

Great Family Photoshoot Ideas You Will Want to Try

The Different Types of Portrait Photography It’s no secret that portrait photography has become

1. The traditional family group shot

2. The multi-generation one

3. The extended family shot

4. The family at home

5. The family portrait

#1. The traditional family group shot

As you may already know, we are huge fans of family photography and love nothing more than getting together with our favourite people to create some memorable images. So, we thought we’d put together some ideas on how to incorporate your family members into a family group photo shoot – whether they are all close family or simply some of your favourite family and friends!

#2. The multi-generational one

This shot was inspired by our clients who had two sets of grandparents who lived together. They loved the idea of showing off this unique family dynamic by creating a family portrait that incorporated both generations. What a great way to highlight just how much your family has grown and developed!

#3. The extended family shot

One of our all time favourite shots is our multi-generational family shot. A wonderful way to really capture a big family. The extended family shot works particularly well when you’ve got grandparents, parents, kids, young adults, teens and babies all crammed together. We’ve captured some of our own in the above image. It’s a real classic.

#4. The family at home

We love capturing a family portrait while they are at home. It’s a great way to really showcase your family’s lifestyle. There’s always loads of interesting objects and props around the house to use in your images.

#5. The family portrait

The last type of family photoshoot we suggest is the family portrait. This is a wonderful way of showing how much your family have grown and changed in the years that you’ve been together. It’s also a really great way of showcasing your kids and their progression through life.

What do you think? Which one of these is your favorite? And, do you have any other suggestions on how to incorporate your family into a photoshoot? We would love to hear your ideas!


In conclusion, I hope you found these generational family photo ideas helpful.

And I’m sure these ideas will help you capture some really beautiful images that you’ll cherish forever.