What is Kirlian Photography?

What you see in Kirlian photography is your aura. It’s not just a color, but an energy that surrounds you and makes up who you are. The colors of Kirlian photography can tell us many things about ourselves – our true nature, the kind of person we attract, and what we need to work on in order to be aligned with our highest potential.

What is Kirlian Photography? 

Kirlian photography is a mysterious technique that’s been around for decades. It was only recently rediscovered by curious photographers who were looking to explore the lesser known realms of photography. Many amateur and professional photographers have tried their hand at Kirlian, yet it remains largely unexplained due to its mystery factor – even after all these years!

In this article, we’ll try our best in explaining how kirllians work while also separating fact from fiction about what they’re actually capable of capturing on film or digital media.

Understanding the Types of Photography

Photography can be a fun and exciting hobby to take up, but it is also an art form that has many types. There

The beginning of Kirlian Photography

A new type of photography, Kirlian Photography was invented in 1939 by Semyon Davidovitch. The process reveals a visible “aura” around the objects photographed and has been studied for decades. However much about its origins is still shrouded in mystery because many legends have surrounded it since 1940s when they were first discovered- including one that claims to be from inventor himself or his wife who are credited with inventing this photographic technique along with their invention being based on Russian folklore which also influenced some other early studies of the phenomena. But more research is required before any truth can come out.

The process of taking a Kirlian photo is relatively simple. First, you have to place photographic film on top of metal plate and then position the object you want photographed over it (the camera doesn’t even need be turned on). Apply high voltage current between the plates and capture electrical coronal discharge with your eyesight when developing the photograph. The result will be an image that shows light glowing around objects in photos – called “Kirlian photographs.”

The Kirlians invented a process in 1939 for capturing the light from living things and their energy fields, but they didn’t publicly release information about it until 1958. And then – even though scientists understood its value as an important tool to explore our health and emotional well-being since 1970 – it wasn’t until 1990 that this photographic technique became more widely known thanks to The Discovery Channel’s TV documentary on Kirlian photography called “The Living Light” by Colin Grant.

Discovery Of Kirlian Photography

In 1939, an electrician by the name of Semyon Davidovitch Kirlian was called to fix some equipment in a lab when he noticed that there seemed to be light between the machine’s electrodes and his skin. Fascinated with these observations, this led him on years-long journey through experimentation until finally discovering what is known now as kirlian photography.

More specifically, the technician in the back of the room noticed that there was some kind of electrical discharge when he touched it to his hand and believed this phenomenon must be significant for medical purposes. He started experimenting with different substances and nd found out they gave off distinct colors on film which were pure white before being subjected to Kirlian photography technique- thus giving him proof these images weren’t just light reflections or natural phenomena but rather something new entirely!

The scientist was eager to find a way to take photographs in visible light and began experimenting with his equipment at home. He soon found that using metal electrodes instead of glass ones would allow him the opportunity, but he needed more time for testing first before risking himself on dangerous experiments – so he took pictures of an energy discharge around his hand.

The development of Kirlian Photography

Semyon and his wife developed a machine for Kirlian photography that many professionals found useful. The process of making these photographs is not well-known, but the images captured by this new technology show an aura around living things like plants!

In 1961, Semyon Kirlian published the first scientific paper on his invention. It was an instant hit and soon became a well-recognized phenomenon that everyone read about in newspapers and magazines. Soon afterwards he earned himself a pension with which to finance further research into this ground breaking innovation – not to mention access to their own laboratory for him and his wife !

His invention was a raging success, an educational film about Kirlian photography is shown in elementary schools.

Use the Kirlian Technique

The photographic technique can be a challenging one to master but it’s actually easy. First, you need the necessary equipment prepared which includes film and metal plates. The process is simple: just place your desired subject on top of the discharge plate or transparent electrode and shoot with whatever camera setup that you choose- either standard lens/camera set up or DIY build kit for electrical instruments.

To make a discharge plate, you will need to purchase plastic cups and use them as insulators. Decide which subject you want to try first and follow the rules below: Fill a syringe with water or salt water mix; fill an electrode cup in this solution or just pour it on your chosen area of interest so that the colorful aura is intense! This step needs more care than other steps because without careful work here there won’t be any results at all. After wiping off dirt from electrodes/discharge plates they should look clean again – making sure no moisture remains around these areas- creating perfect conditions for experimentation now we can get started.

To make your experiment successful, you will need to use transparent tape. For the first one, choose a quickly accessible object for taping like leaves. After that turn the electrode or photo plate upside down so you can place it on top of plastic cups with an insulator attached to each side (plastic cup). The last step is connecting up all connections before turning off lights and turning on power from high-voltage source.

Once you get used to the equipment, there are many ways that you can enhance your photos. One way is by adding more subjects or moving around where a subject appears in order to see it from different angles on the frame. For instance, if I have selected one leaf as my subject and want an additional effect of light coming through other leaves overhead so they make shadows onto my photo plate below them; all I would need to do is tape together two leaves with electrical tape and connect them both up using high voltage cables – but be very careful not touch anything while doing this! When turning off power sources always remember the importance of waiting before touching any such device for safety reasons too.

Though Kirlian photography may not be the most popular technique, it is one of my favorites. The coronal discharge around subjects will always come as a surprise to me and you are guaranteed an interesting aura every time!

How can I take Kirlian photos?

A Kirlian photo is created by shooting a person’s body or aura with a high-voltage direct current (HVDC) at a specific voltage of 5,000 volts and 50 micro amps. It is based on the principle that some types of energy are attracted to certain people, places and objects.

The person is given a small electrode in the palm of the hand and asked to rest it there for two minutes while the camera takes the photo. The electrode is then removed and a dark line will appear where the electrodes have been connected.

It is believed that these lines correspond to the lines of force that are generated by energy bodies around a person. They have been known to show a person’s state of health and emotional wellbeing and can reveal aspects of a person’s personality.

Kirlian photography has been used to diagnose illnesses such as cancer and diabetes, predict the outcome of marriages, to assess a person’s ability to make money and to assess an individual’s relationship to the environment.

 Do aura cameras really work?

Aura cameras are a type of crystal that allows people to see another person’s energy field. They are said to be effective in helping people understand how other people are feeling, and how they might be feeling. Aura cameras come in many shapes and sizes and are usually used by clairvoyants who want to use their psychic abilities.

The claim is that the cameras work by using subtle vibrations and reflections of light. There is no scientific evidence to support this claim. However, aura viewers can sometimes detect things such as illnesses, allergies and psychological issues. In addition, they can see information about a person’s past lives, including their past relationships and the circumstances surrounding their deaths. People sometimes use aura cameras for entertainment purposes, but the camera has no medical value.

Is kirlian photography true?

The Kirlian Photography method is used to photograph the electromagnetic field (EMF) around the body. It was discovered by Dr Alexander Kirlian (1884–1970), a Russian physician who became interested in the subject while working as a research assistant at the Russian Academy of Sciences. He used a special device called a Kirlian camera and his photographs showed electrical and magnetic activity on the skin. His research led to a number of discoveries about the functioning of the human organism.

Dr Kirlian’s photographs have since been reproduced, with varying results, by other researchers. This form of photography can show the electrical and magnetic field produced by the body, especially the brain, as well as the electromagnetic energy field around an individual. It is possible to produce a photograph of a person’s aura by using specially designed equipment, such as the Kirlian Camera.

However, the aura is a non-physical phenomenon. We cannot see it, touch it or measure it. Also, many people have an aura; most people have one or more auras, but only some people can see or photograph them. In addition, some people’s auras can vary according to their state of mind. It is sometimes possible to interpret the patterns on the skin as showing the emotional state of a person or as an image of their past life. However, many Kirlian photographers are unable to use this information correctly and therefore the interpretation of their pictures has been the subject of much debate.

There is no scientific evidence that Kirlian photography is an accurate method of diagnosis or an effective tool for psychic readings.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kirlian Photography

What can you see with Kirlian photography?

It is hard to say whether or not Kirlian photography offers any concrete value. However, proponents of the work claim that they are able to capture an energy field surrounding living things in their images. Leading scientists have so far been unable to verify these claims and this has led some people for question it’s credibility as a whole.

Can you really photograph an aura?

A colorful aura – a person’s electromagnetic energy on display. You can transform those readings with special equipment into an artful representation of yourself, or the people in your life you care about most.

What color is your aura?

Marianne Oslie, a spiritual color expert and founder of Color Intelligence International says that our “life colors” have much more meaning than we might realize. A person’s aura color is actually the one in two closest to their body according to her, and it shows what kind of personality they are likely going for as well as how relationships will go with others around them. She also notes that people typically give off at least two different shades–a lighter shade on top which represents personal growth or career ambitions while the darker underneath reflects things like family life or emotional health issues

Who invented aura photography?

He was Semyon Davidovitch Kirlian, a Russian inventor who first documented the phenomenon of what is now known as “Kirlian photography.”

He started his career as an electrical technician in Ural, Russia but became interested in and educated about electricity when he read extensively on it at night time while working during day-time hours. He eventually obtained degrees from three universities: two engineering degrees (in Moscow) and one medical degree (from Rostov).

Is there an app to see your aura?

Aura Reader X is a revolutionary new way to experience your own aura and other people’s. You’ll never see an app like this anywhere before, on any platform – that provides you with the ability of seeing another person’s Aura in real-time!

aura reader x - kirlian photography
Kirlian photography is a fascinating process that causes the image of an object to appear on photographic film. Kirlian photos are intriguing because they seem to capture something unseen by the naked eye, but this isn’t true at all! The images in these pictures come from high voltage electrical energy which creates what’s known as corona effect and can make for some really unusual photographs – none of them supernatural though.