How to Shoot Better Photography of Engagement Sessions

What is the purpose of the engagement session?

Engagement sessions are about showing the couple how well we understand and respect their relationship. We like to focus on their interests, values and goals. It’s a chance to help them see how we, photographers, can support them in achieving their goals.

Engagement Session Tips for Couples

• Bring as many props as possible (roses, peonies, etc) to decorate your space. This will help enhance your images and give them a unique feel.

• Have fun! You and your fiancé/fiancee will be making a commitment to each other in front of the camera. Make the day a memorable and special moment.

• Create a concept for your shoot, and stick to it. This is where a little bit of planning and foresight goes a long way.

• Think about the season. Summertime is usually a great time to photograph a bride and groom, but winter is a perfect time to photograph a bride and her bridesmaids.

• Look for locations with lots of character. You want to feel like you’re on vacation and not in your home.

• Consider taking a family portrait before the wedding. This will allow you to have more time to capture moments between you and your loved ones.

• Ask your photographer to work with you to develop a concept that reflects the best of you and your fiancé/fiancee.

• When it comes time to get dressed, dress for the weather. Choose outfits that fit the season and the occasion. You can dress up a little for an elegant reception, or you can dress down for a casual and fun atmosphere.

• Get into the zone. When it comes to having a beautiful wedding, this is the most important part of the process. You want to relax, enjoy yourself and be completely present in the moment.

• After the wedding, ask your photographer to send you the images to share with your family and friends. This will provide you with a memento of your big day.

Tips for Photographers to Shoot Engagement Sessions

When shooting, you want the couple to feel comfortable and relaxed, so you want them to look natural.

It is better for the couple to sit down during the ceremony as this allows them to concentrate on each other.

There is a chance of capturing great moments if you focus on the details. For example, you can shoot close-ups of the rings and the bride’s dress.

The best camera angle will depend on the venue. If the room is large, it is recommended to shoot the entire room, including the back and sides of the room.

In the case of a small space, you need to have some creative ideas to capture the most important moments.

You can use a tripod or a monopod to keep your camera steady. You can also use different lighting options such as flash, soft boxes, white balance, and color temperature.

Don’t forget to include candid shots and make sure you know the rules of engagement and etiquette so you can follow them throughout the session.

Ideas for Engagement Photography

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