Best Ideas for Beautiful Bridal Boudoir Photography

Have you ever wondered what makes a wedding boudoir photo shoot so special? What makes it so magical? How does a photographer capture such emotions in one shot, and how can you ensure that your boudoir session delivers amazing results? The answers to these questions and more can be found below.

1) The Bride

The bride has chosen you as her photographer. So you need to ensure you capture every moment of her boudoir session in stunning photographs. Whether you are shooting on location or indoors, it’s essential to spend time with the bride prior to the big day. It’s important to understand her likes and dislikes; she needs to know that you will be creating unique images of her. You must get to know the bride so that you can create a relaxed atmosphere during the shoot, and show her some of the many beautiful images you have created for her future husband.

2) The Groom

Grooms love to look at their groomsmen – and grooms are often the ones to take pictures of their wedding party, so it’s important to think about how you can include them in your boudoir photos. The grooms should be included as naturally as possible; they shouldn’t feel like props or distractions. Have fun with the groom, but also don’t be afraid to ask him to take a step backwards, if he looks a bit uncomfortable. Ask your couple if they have any favourite poses, so you can incorporate those in your photography.

3) The Location

Your venue is the perfect place to photograph your couples boudoir photos. Choosing an intimate location with lots of natural light is the perfect place for you to create romantic shots, with minimal distraction. Ensure the location is warm and inviting, but also safe and private, for the couple.

4) The Clothing

The clothing the bride chooses is a reflection of her personality; you should reflect this. You want the bride to feel comfortable, not restricted, so make sure that the clothes you are wearing allow the bride to express her personality. She wants to feel sexy, sensual and comfortable, and she needs to feel confident and ready to relax. The bride wants you to create a boudoir photography session that she can look back on and enjoy for years to come. The photos will be a lasting memory of her special day.

5) The Hair and Makeup

Weddings are typically a hectic affair, so it’s important to have a plan for the hair and makeup. Hair and makeup is a great excuse for the bride to wear something sexy. However, she doesn’t want to be the centre of attention, so you must choose the right outfit and style that suits her. Also, ensure you give the bride time to do her hair and apply her makeup – even if you’re photographing on the day of the wedding. The bride needs to feel beautiful, and she’s looking forward to taking the photos, not doing her hair and makeup.

6) The Time

Getting the right lighting and natural backdrop is important, but what’s even more important is capturing the right moment. You need to capture the emotion, the spirit and the intimacy of the moment. It’s your job to make sure that the couple are having a great time, and you are there to capture that.

7) The Photos

In the end, it’s all about the photos. They’re the reason why you’ve travelled hundreds of miles to capture the special moments of the day. Your couple’s boudoir photos should be beautifully styled, edited and printed. Your work will help bring the memories of the day to life, and create the images of your couples’ wedding that they will treasure for years to come.

8) The Wedding

As a final note, it’s not always the best idea to have your own boudoir photos taken the same day as the wedding. The day can be busy, the couple might not have much time to themselves and the shoot can be a little awkward. However, if you’re not offered the chance to shoot the wedding, it’s better to get it done sooner rather than later.

9) The Aftermath

Finally, the day is over and the memories are captured. Once you’ve edited the images and provided the proofs to the bride and groom, you’ll have an amazing piece of artwork to remember their wedding by. A boudoir session will help to preserve the memories of the wedding day, and give the bride and groom the opportunity to look back on the images whenever they like.