Best Tips to Create a Wedding Day Photography Timeline

As a wedding day photographer, you need to ensure that you can document each element of your clients’ wedding day photography shoot, and this includes documenting the timeline of the day. This may include documenting the arrival of the bride, groom and their respective families, and other guests. Once the bride and groom have arrived, it is vital that you photograph the entire ceremony, along with the rehearsal. You will also need to document the reception, the cake cutting and even the speeches. These photographs should be taken quickly, efficiently and in a style that reflects your own style and personality. Here we provide you with some useful tips on how you can create a wedding day photography timeline quickly and accurately.

Determine Your Skill Level as a Photographer

Before creating a wedding day photography timeline, it’s important to determine your skill level as a photographer. Are you just getting … Read the rest

How to Shoot Better Photography of Engagement Sessions

engagement photography ideas 3

What is the purpose of the engagement session?

Engagement sessions are about showing the couple how well we understand and respect their relationship. We like to focus on their interests, values and goals. It’s a chance to help them see how we, photographers, can support them in achieving their goals.

Engagement Session Tips for Couples

• Bring as many props as possible (roses, peonies, etc) to decorate your space. This will help enhance your images and give them a unique feel.

• Have fun! You and your fiancé/fiancee will be making a commitment to each other in front of the camera. Make the day a memorable and special moment.

• Create a concept for your shoot, and stick to it. This is where a little bit of planning and foresight goes a long way.

• Think about the season. Summertime is usually a great time to photograph a bride and … Read the rest

Wedding Photography Gear You Need to Get Started


In the world of photography, we would never leave home without our camera, memory card and tripod. If you are planning to make the leap into professional wedding photography, you might want to think about investing in some good quality equipment to get started with. Having the right gear will ensure you get the perfect shots, and will also make you more confident and comfortable in front of the camera.

It’s true that digital cameras are affordable these days and that smartphones can be used to take great photos, but you need to use a specific type of equipment to get the best results. A DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera is the most common choice for a beginner, as they offer the ability to capture a lot of detail, including depth of field, which is the part of the picture that appears sharpest. This is also ideal for those … Read the rest

How to Edit and Deliver Wedding Photographs Quickly

How to Edit and Deliver Wedding Photographs in One Day

After the wedding day, the bride and her family are all working together to select and organize the best images of the day. They then need to go through hundreds or thousands of images to pick just the perfect shots to put into the album. Then they need to choose the photos and notify the photographer so that they can be edited and printed. This is a very difficult process.

You can quickly deliver the wedding photographs in one day to help your clients:

1. Choose your favorite shots from the wedding day and compile a selection of favorites into a slideshow. For examples, here are some ideas for you to choose:

a. The bride and groom walking down the aisle

b. The bride and groom exchanging marriage vows

c. The bride and groom dancing to their wedding song

2. … Read the rest