How to Add Watermark and Logo to 150 – 200 Photos in Minutes

How to use our watermark application and add watermarks to 150 – 200 your photos in minutes (Detailed explanation)

You visit the link: After that, you will see the application interface.

Image Upload
Upload Images to Get Started.

After you upload some photos, the main application will be like this:

the main Watermarkup application
the main Watermarkup application

The left sidebar is the main menu including Adding Text, Adding Logo, Edit Scene, Start Tutorial, and UI settings. 

And the central area of the application is the main canvas. Your photos will appear here, and you can choose options to add text or logo to your photo.

If you are new to the application, you can view the tutorial to know more about how to use it. Simply click “Start Tutorial” to start, or you can review the tutorial anytime by choosing “Start Tutorial” right below the “Edit Scene” feature.

start tutorial
start Watermarkup’s tutorial

How to add watermarks and logos to 150 – 200 images in minutes

To watermark a large number of images in a few minutes, you need to have a Pro account. If you are a free user, you can only upload and watermark only 3 images at a time.

And you cannot use our “Add a new pack” feature which is a powerful feature that can help you watermark a big number of images in a short period of time. You can reduce manual work and don’t have to recreate your watermark each time you upload.

However, if you use our “Adding Logo” feature, you don’t have to re-upload the logo. But you cannot watermark a large scale of photos.

Step 1: Upload

The first thing you need to do is to upload your photos. If you don’t upload them, the application cannot understand what you want to process.

In the Pro version, you can upload 50 photos at a time and watermark 50 photos at the same time. The file types should be PNG, JPG, JPEG.

However, uploading 50 images here doesn’t mean that you can only watermark 50 images. We will show you how to use our “Add new pack” to watermark 200 images in a few minutes later.

When you edit, add text, and add your logo to the image that is on the main canvas, the rest of the images will be automatically applied. But we have an option for you to edit each image separately. 

If you have already uploaded the photos, you can start adding watermarks to your photos.

after uploading, here is the scene from Watermarkup
After uploading, here is the scene from Watermarkup

Step 2: Add watermark to photos

Before you add a text watermark or a logo watermark to the app, you need to select all the photos first. If you don’t, the watermark will not be applied to all the photos.

select All photos
select All photos

Add logo to your photos

If you have already had a logo, you can click on ” LOGO” to get started. There is an open window for you to choose your logo. The file type of your logo should also be PNG, JPG, JPEG.

upload logos
upload logos

You should click “Choose Logo” and then “Upload Logo” for the application to store your logo. After you choose your logo, click on it, and the logo will be added to the current photo. To move the logo, you need to click on the logo to select it. After being selected, there are small squares around the logo and when you hover over the logo, the mouse icon will change. 

after uploading your logo and place it into the images

To move the logo, you need to left-click on the logo and hold your mouse to move to the area you want. You will have the freedom to move your logo and resize it. To resize it, you move your mouse over the small squares, you will see that your mouse changes and you can resize the logo. 

The logo is also automatically applied to other images. To check this, you can click on the preview of each image, and you will see that.

After you are satisfied with the position of the logo, you can move to the next step: Download.

Here if you download all the images, you can only get the number of images in the current upload. For example, the number of downloaded photos can be 50. Please continue reading to know more about how to use our “Upload new pack” feature.

Add text to photos

You need to click on “TEXT” to add text to your photos.

add text to the images
add text to the images

The text menu will appear, and you should start typing in the text box. You can edit or modify the text by choosing some options like changing text color, text opacity, the font styles, text background color, and so on. After you are satisfied with the text, you can add text to your photos by clicking “Add Text”.

You can choose “Single” or “Tiled” to add text. If you choose “Tiled”, the text will be applied across the images.

Layout Mode
Layout Mode

Step 3: Save your photos to your computer.

There are two options for you to choose from when it comes to downloading. The first option is to download each photo that is already on the main canvas. The button “Download Current” will help you do that. If you want to download another image, you need to click on the preview of that image to make it appear on the canvas. If the image isn’t on the canvas, you cannot download it.

The second option is to download all your photos in the left sidebar. You only need to click on the button “Download All” and after that, you can download a zip file that contains all watermarked photos.

Download Photos
Download Photos

Use our “Upload new pack” to Watermark 150 – 200 images in a few minutes

After you download your first set of images, you can use our “Upload new pack” to continue watermarking a bigger number of photos.

You click on “Edit scene” and you can see that option.

upload new pack
upload a new pack of photos

Here what you need to do is to click on the “+” button and the app will show a window for you to choose a new pack of photos. You will need to choose your new photos to watermark.

After you upload all the new photos, you will see that the watermark has already been added to all the new photos. The app still keeps the position and size of the logo.

after adding a new pack
after adding a new pack

The feature can be used to our text watermark. You don’t need to recreate the text watermark each time you upload.

If you are satisfied with all the new photos, you can choose to download. You only need to upload two new packs and finally, you can have 200 images watermarked in minutes.

If you use the app often, and you are familiar with all the features, the speed of your watermarking process will be faster. For example, we are the creators of this app, and we can watermark 200 images in less than 7 minutes or in just 5 minutes.

If you need more help, you can contact us via email at [email protected] or via our social media accounts here