How to Add Watermark and Logo to 150 – 200 Photos in Minutes

after uploading, here is the scene from Watermarkup

How to use our watermark application and add watermarks to 150 – 200 your photos in minutes (Detailed explanation)

You visit the link: After that, you will see the application interface.

After you upload some photos, the main application will be like this:

The left sidebar is the main menu including Adding Text, Adding Logo, Edit Scene, Start Tutorial, and UI settings. 

And the central area of the application is the main canvas. Your photos will appear here, and you can choose options to add text or logo to your photo.

If you are new to the application, you can view the tutorial to know more about how to use it. Simply click “Start Tutorial” to start, or you can review the tutorial anytime by choosing “Start Tutorial” right below the “Edit Scene” feature.

How to add watermarks and logos to 150 – 200 images in minutes

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