How To Start Your Product Photography Business and Become Successful

Fashion Photography

If you’ve decided to open a product photography business and sell photos online, then it’s time to take your work to the next level.

If you are interested in product photography and have the artistic ability, I have some information that will hopefully inspire you to get started in this exciting business. The market for professional product photos is booming. And it’s a great business idea for any photographers out there.

Do you have a passion for taking beautiful pictures? Are you always drawn to photographing the latest gadgets or the latest food? Do you love shooting lifestyle and fashion shots? If so, then you have what it takes to start a product photography business. The main advantage of product photography is that you are able to use a wide range of creative license to photograph different products and come up with your own style. And, because of the huge … Read the rest

How to Shoot 360 degree Product Photography

Types of Product Photography

360 degree Product Photography

If you need to create a product image that shows 360 degrees then how do you do it? What are the pros and cons of doing this? How should you approach it? What do you need to get right before you can make your product look good in 360 degrees? We have worked on many 360 products. We have come to appreciate the fact that the best way to capture the true essence of the product is by photographing it in natural light. It helps you achieve a more dynamic, authentic and believable final result. You can also use the same lighting as the final photo, but it is very difficult to find the exact light source in real life. The key points when doing 360 degree product photos are:

1. Location

2. Timing

3. The final image

It may be easy to assume that all you have to do … Read the rest

Best Tips to Take Toy Photography

toy photography

Toy Photography

Types of Product Photography

Product photography is an important part of any eCommerce sites. There are many different types of product

Product Photography: Ideas and Inspiration for Your Next Shoot

  What is Product Photography? Product photography has a lot of uses. One use is to present products in

If you want to make your children’s toy photography sessions as fun and interesting as possible, you need to get comfortable with the camera. There are many ways you can use toys in your photographs and your children will be more open to being photographed if you understand how they interact with the toys. In addition, having fun while taking pictures will also ensure that your children enjoy their session as much as you do! Here are some top tips on how to use your toys effectively in your children’s toy photography sessions:

Start with a plan

Before you begin, think about … Read the rest

29 Tips for Taking Perfect Nail Photography

nail photography

When we think of a perfect manicure, we are probably imagining glossy, flawless hands that look like they have never been seen before, in a magazine. But what about the nails? Do we really expect nails to be perfect? Nails are usually covered in products, so taking pictures is difficult. Even if you manage to get a picture with no product on, it may be very hard to see details. We want to offer some pointers on how to take clear, close-up, nail-perfect pictures.

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Nail Photography

1. Start with a clean slate

Nail Photography

Before you start taking pictures, take your time and get your nails in the right condition. It’s easy to go too far with polish, so do consider doing two coats of polish and a topcoat, … Read the rest