20 Thanksgiving Photography Tips

Thanksgiving is one of the most wonderful holidays, but it’s also one of the busiest. There are family gatherings, church events, and even work parties. When you’re looking at how to take great photos on Thanksgiving, you have to consider where you want to capture these memories. The good news is that there are some great photo spots that will make your pictures come out perfectly. Here are some tips that can help you take great photos on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Photography

1. Choose a Location with Good Lighting

It’s important to choose a location that will give you the best possible lighting for the occasion. You’ll want to be able to capture the full range of emotions that are going to be happening.

2. Choose the Right Time of Day

If you’re planning to get a shot of your family around the Thanksgiving table, you’ll want to set the camera up early in the day. This will give you time to get everything ready and everyone situated.

3. Make Sure Everyone is Comfortable

Thanksgiving Photography

The last thing you want to do is have your family members uncomfortable. So make sure you get them comfortable and relaxed before you start taking photos.

4. Prepare Your Camera

You’ll want to make sure that your camera is properly cleaned and that you have enough memory space. But, you’ll also want to make sure that you’ve installed any recent updates for your camera.

5. Bring a Bag of Extras

If you’re going to be shooting a lot of photos, you’ll want to bring along some extras. This way, you’ll be able to quickly grab any extra props that you might need.

6. Keep It Simple

Thanksgiving Photography

You don’t want to be juggling a bunch of different accessories. So keep it simple and use a single lens.

7. Set Your Focus

If you’re going to be taking a lot of photos, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a good focus on your subject. This will help you to keep everything in sharp focus.

8. Use a Tripod

If you’re going to be using a tripod, you’ll want to make sure that you have the right kind of one. You’ll want to choose something that is sturdy and easy to use.

9. Go to Church Early

Many families will go to church early on Thanksgiving morning to avoid getting stuck in traffic. This is a great time to get some great photos. It’s quiet and dark. You can even use a tripod to get some really interesting shots.

10. Get Your Family To Stand Together

Thanksgiving Photography

This is a great way to capture a lot of the fun that is happening. Try to get the whole family to stand together. It’s a great way to capture the family togetherness. You can also get the kids to do a silly dance or something like that.

11. Go For A Holiday Dinner

A holiday dinner is a great way to get some great photos. It’s a lot more relaxing than going out, and you don’t have to worry about people staring at you. Plus, it’s a great way to get some great food photos.

12. Take Photos Of The Food

You can get some really nice pictures of the food if you take a few minutes to shoot them. Just make sure that you get the food that you’re eating into your photo. You can get some really nice shots of food.

13. Get Some Great Nature Shots

If you’re in a location that has beautiful nature around you, then you can capture some great photos. You can get some really cool shots if you take the time to look around.

14. Take Some Family Portraits

A family portrait is one of the best ways to capture memories of the holiday. It’s a great way to document how your family has grown over the years. You can also get some really fun shots of your children.

15. Get Some Photos of Your Pets

Thanksgiving Photography

You can also get some really fun photos of your pets. They’ll be pretty excited to see you and they might even jump up on you.

Don’t forget the basics of photography

Set a camera and tripod

If you want to start with a camera, try a compact one or one that will fit in your handbag. Compact cameras are great as they are portable and can be used anywhere, including the bathroom! A tripod is a must-have when taking photos. It keeps your camera steady, allows you to take a variety of different shots, and helps you to use lighting techniques such as flash. If you are buying a tripod for the first time, try to buy one that has an adjustable head (a ball joint) so you can make small adjustments to the height of the camera.

Change the settings

There are a number of settings you need to consider when using a camera. First, it is important to check the correct exposure setting – this tells you how long the shutter stays open in order to let light in. The aperture setting is the size of the hole in the lens through which light passes. This is also referred to as the ‘focal length’ of the lens. In general terms, the larger the aperture, the more light that will pass through the lens, and the smaller the focal length, the less light will pass through the lens.

Take photos for a variety of purposes

There are three main uses of photography:

(a) Portraits. Portrait photographers take photos of their subjects in order to capture them in an un-posed, natural way. This type of photo is called a ‘snapshot’ as it literally captures the moment. It can be used in many different ways, including as a reminder of an event or as a present for a friend.

(b) Event photos. When taking photos at events such as weddings or parties, you will be asked to take photos in certain ways. These photos are usually posed and show the subject in a particular way that they are expected to look. They are also called ‘event photos’ as they are usually taken on set.

(c) Self-portraits. You can use a camera as a mirror to see what you look like in different lighting. By setting the camera to ‘self-timer’ (also known as a ‘self-portrait mode’) you can take a series of photos without having to hold the camera in front of your face. This is perfect if you don’t want to be seen and need to look in a mirror to see what you look like!

Explore with natural light

You will need to experiment with natural light to get a feel for how it affects your photographs. There are three main types of natural light: daylight, flash and ambient.

Daylight – If possible, take your photos in the morning or late afternoon when there is a lot of sunlight. This is the best time for outdoor photos, as the sky will be blue and the light soft, which will create a beautiful warm effect. You can also try taking pictures during early morning or late evening, when the sun is low and the light has a soft golden glow.

Flash – If you are indoors, you can take some photos using the flash, but remember to test first to ensure that the light is flattering. The light from the flash often adds drama to an image, especially to people’s faces. If you are indoors at night and want to take a picture, using the flash can give a ‘strobe’ effect to the image, which can make it look dramatic. However, if you don’t want this effect, it’s best to avoid using flash indoors at night as it can make your subject appear flat or ‘2D’ in comparison to the background.

Ambient – You can use ambient light by finding a well-lit area where there is plenty of natural light. This will make a beautiful, soft effect, as there will be no harsh shadows and light. However, ambient light is not always ideal, as you may not have enough light to get good quality pictures. It’s important to experiment with different lighting situations and locations until you find what suits you.

Take photos of a variety of things

You don’t have to stick to taking photos of people and places. There are many other ways you can take photos, including landscapes, still life, portraits of objects, food, people doing something unusual, people making faces, etc. Try taking photos in new ways to see how you can use them to express yourself.

Develop your own style

Your photographic style will be unique to you and will depend on your personality and preferences. If you like certain subjects, for example a particular person, building or landscape, then it’s easy to start a collection.

Find the right angle

You may want to include a turkey, but make sure it is not too close to the lens and that you can see the whole body. A bird can be distracting so it is advisable to ask guests to pose their arms down by their side to give a clear view of the turkey. You may also want to use a telephoto lens to capture a close-up of your turkey.

Add some drama

A little drama goes a long way. If you have a group of people together, have them all wear matching outfits. Alternatively, you could use a series of dramatic portraits, such as one of you in your dressing gown with a turkey behind you.

Have a Plan B

Even if you have been carefully planning your photographs in advance, sometimes things do not go to plan. Be prepared for this and ensure that there is a second plan B. This will allow you to take photographs quickly if any problems arise and to make sure that the family is happy with the images.

Create a mood

You may wish to create a specific atmosphere for your photos, whether it is autumnal or holiday. You may want to take photographs indoors or outdoors. You may want to include candles, which can add a sense of warmth and a feeling of being at home.

Take a selection

If you have a large group of people in one room, take photographs of some of them, rather than all of them. This will help create a dynamic photograph with all of the different people present in the frame. Alternatively, if you are photographing a large turkey, take just a few close-ups.

Use props

If you have a large turkey, you might want to use it as a prop in your photographs. Make sure that you pose it properly to ensure that it is not in the way. For example, if you are taking a group of photographs, you may want to use it as a prop between your family members.

Keep to a schedule

Having a definite time to take your photographs is helpful and it will stop you from rushing through them. If possible, you should plan to take your photographs on a day when the weather is fine and warm, so that the children are happy and everyone is dressed appropriately.

Take photographs with everyone

You may want to include more than one person in your photographs. Make sure that everyone is happy with their photograph before you post it online.

Include the food

Your Thanksgiving meal will be delicious and a great excuse to cook. You can make it even better if you include the food on your photographs. For example, if you have been taking photographs for a long time, why not use a tripod to allow you to have more control over the timing of the photographs.

 Enjoy yourself

Thanksgiving is a time to relax and have fun with family and friends. Try not to worry about getting every single photograph right. Just relax and enjoy yourself.


The holiday season is upon us! I am so excited for the upcoming turkey photo shoot. It’s my favorite time of year and it’s also one of the most fun.

I’m always up for a challenge when it comes to making a great Thanksgiving photo. The main thing to remember is that you have to plan ahead. You’ll need to make sure your family has their photo taken before the big day.