How To Choose The Right Font For Your Watermark

Being a photographer, you know the importance of a watermark on your photo. Why it’s so necessary? Watermark is essential because it protects your creativity and photography business, along with it markets your brand. But when the question arises about the selection of right fonts for the watermark, you become confused. According to an estimation, there’re 300,000 fonts in the world you can use for the watermark. A great option, right? Let’s discuss how you can choose the best fonts for the watermark. And in this article, we also provide you with more than 20 good fonts for your signature logo or watermark. You will be finally able to choose the best font for you.

Types Of Fonts 

There’re many types of fonts you can use, and below, we’re going to explain some of them concisely.

1. Serif 

Serif fonts are known as classic fonts and are like to use in print materials. Serif fonts are pleasing to eyes and belong to a tradition, safety, reliability, history, and safety. So if you’re going to market your brand related to any of these categories, you can choose serif fonts. Example: Times, Georgia, Palatino, New Roman, and Cambria, etc. 

Serif is a type of font that originated in the early 18th century. Serif fonts are known for their typographic elegance and readability, making them popular choices among designers across all industries.

Serif was created as an effort to make text more readable by drawing attention away from the ends of letters, where readers often lose focus when reading dense blocks or paragraphs with minimal line spacing between words. The seriph style has been around for centuries but only recently became widely adopted due to advancements in printing technology like laser printers which could reproduce it reliably without losing detail or clarity on … Read the rest