Photographer’s Dress Code: What to Wear for Your Job

Photographers are artists, and artists are notorious for having unique dress codes. Some photographers are very casual; others prefer a more formal look.

In general, it’s better to err on the side of being too professional, rather than too casual. After all, if you show up in jeans and flip-flops, you may not get the job done right.

What should a professional photographer wear?

A professional photographer’s clothing should be clean and well ironed.

For men, a dress shirt and shirts with collars are preferred.

Women’s suits should be smart, and should cover the knees and wrists. Women should avoid shorts or dresses that show off the legs, especially if they are tight.

Men should wear long trousers, preferably black or navy. Jeans should be comfortable and well fitted. It is acceptable to wear sneakers or other casual shoes.

In addition to the above, you should always carry a notebook and pen, just in case you think of something brilliant at the last minute.

•    Dress business casual. A nice pair of slacks and a button-down shirt is appropriate for most shoots. If you’re shooting outdoors in warmer weather, you can get away with shorts or khakis. But if you’re shooting indoors in cold weather, you’ll want to wear long pants and a sweater or jacket over your shirt.

•    Wear comfortable shoes that you can stand in all day long without getting sore feet or blisters from them.

•    Bring along an extra change of clothes so that if something happens — such as food stains or getting caught in the rain — you’ll have something else to wear until your clothes are dry again (you might also want to bring an umbrella).

Comfort is Key

Photographers spend long hours on location and in studios, so comfort is key. If you’re going to be standing all day or kneeling down on concrete, you need shoes with good arch support and soles that provide traction. You also want clothing that allows you to move freely without binding or restricting your movements; if you’re wearing high heels all day long, they’ll wear out quickly. And any jewelry should be lightweight and easy to remove if necessary (such as earrings).

Wear Natural Colors

You’ll look better in natural colors than bright ones because they flatter your skin tone better than black or white does. Browns, grays and blues are especially good choices for photographers since these colors enhance the effect of their photographs by creating moods that match their surroundings more closely than brighter colors do.

For models and clients

Your dress code will depend on the type of shoot you’re doing and the venue where you’re being photographed. It’s a good idea to think about what you’d wear to a wedding, interview, or formal event.

It is better to check with photographers and the purpose of the photoshoot. Your dress code will be based on the concept of the photography session.

If you’re being photographed outdoors, the dress code will depend on the season. In summer you may be wearing shorts and a T-shirt and a big floppy hat to protect your face. If you’re being photographed during winter, you may need to wear a coat and boots.

Make sure you get to the shoot on time. Even though you might think you look your best, you may be wearing too much makeup or you may not have had time to brush your hair. If you’re late, the photographer may be too busy to wait.

Ask the photographer how they expect you to pose, what their preferred style of shooting is, and whether they will be taking some of the photographs themselves. They should explain the shoot to you.

The best way to look great in front of the camera is to relax and have fun. If you’re nervous or self-conscious, you won’t look your best.

In general, always check with your photographers and other staff to make sure that you will wear the right outfits for the photoshoot session.