Back Button Focus: What is it and why should you try it?

Back Button Focus

Back Button Focus is a technique that allows you to focus on a subject, and then recompose your shot while keeping the subject in focus. It’s an essential skill for photographers who want to get more creative with their photography, but it’s not well known and not easy to master.

This is a camera feature that lets you lock focus on an object and then take pictures without refocusing.

It’s called back button focus and is usually found in cameras with manual controls. It allows you to lock focus on an object, and then take pictures without refocusing. That way, the camera doesn’t accidentally refocus on something else while you’re shooting.

Back button focus is great for shooting photos of moving objects like animals or kids — it keeps your shots crisp and clear. These days, most cameras have this feature built-in (although it might not be as obvious as it sounds).

The benefits of back button focus

The benefits of back button focus are many. First of all, it allows you to focus on something specific without worrying about whether or not your camera will refocus automatically when you recompose your shot. This allows you to concentrate on choosing the right composition for your image instead of checking if everything is still in focus.

Back button focusing allows you to quickly focus on a moving object without having to worry about accidentally causing your camera to refocus again by accident (or even worse, causing it not to refocus again). This is especially useful when shooting sports or wildlife where animals are moving quickly through the frame.

Because back button focusing prevents accidental changes in focus, it can be used as an alternative method of ensuring sharpness when shooting landscapes or macro photography where there isn’t much movement between frames (such as flowers).

It allows you to take multiple shots without having to wait for each one to process so that you can take another one. This makes it possible for you to capture more moments without worrying about missing out on anything important.

It makes it possible for you to capture photos without having to use both hands at once – something that not everyone can do easily or comfortably!

This method makes it easier for users who don’t have large hands or long fingers because they don’t have to reach over their screen in order to take their pictures.