Best Tips, Techniques, and Ideas to Take Great Hand Photography

Hand photography is a type of photography that captures the hands of your subject and makes it the focal point of the photograph. This can be done by taking pictures of your own hands or by having another person hold their hands in front of you to create an image. There are many different ways to take hand photographs, so let’s take a look at some tips and ideas to make your hand photography better.

Best Tips to Take Hand Photography

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Photography is not just one technique. There are many different ways of using the camera or taking photos. And there are also so many factors involved in the process of creating great images. You need to combine all the techniques and ideas to create perfect images. Here are some best ideas for taking good hand photos.

Have a great camera

If you are a professional photographer, you can skip the first sections. Because they are the basic things that all photographers should know and acknowledge.

First, the most important tool is a great camera, or digital camera. This is the most expensive thing you need to buy. When you purchase a digital camera, you have the option of buying a kit lens. The kit lens comes with your camera. The lenses are used to focus the light onto the sensor in your camera. This means you can have a much clearer image than when you use the naked eye.

A good quality camera will give you more freedom and options when taking photos. A camera with manual controls will allow you to adjust the exposure settings such as shutter speed and aperture. Many cameras come with a manual mode, but a few come with auto settings. An auto setting is the same as the standard setting on a camera. Auto settings usually offer the best results but you can change the settings to suit your needs.

Take multiple shots

Don’t expect to get it right on the first try — even if you have good lighting and position, there’s no guarantee that your first picture will turn out great! Always take multiple shots until you find one that looks good enough for posting on social media or sending as an attachment in an email or text message.

Get creative

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Be ready to be creative in changing the composition, lighting, poses, angles of the photos you are taking. The more creative you are, the better your photos will be.


It is important to focus properly. Focus means making sure that the picture in the viewfinder or screen is sharp. If you have a camera with manual settings, then you can adjust the aperture and shutter speed to create a sharp image. If you don’t have manual settings on your camera, then you can use autofocus. This will help the camera focus automatically. It is important to make sure the subject in the photo is the sharpest part of the photo.

Keep taking pictures

If you are having trouble getting a photo you like, take a second, third or fourth picture until you find one you like. Taking a photo at every opportunity will help you develop your photography skills.

Take pictures of both hands at once.

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This tip is just one of the poses you can use to create great hand photos. This tip is especially helpful if you’re trying to capture both hands at once (for example, if you’re taking pictures of both hands holding each other). You can see the examples below for more inspiration.


When you are taking photos of hands, you will need to make sure that the lighting is appropriate. In low light conditions, you will have to increase the amount of light to the subject. This can be done by increasing the ISO.

If you can use natural light, it is better. If you can’t see the sun outside, use a window instead. The sun will provide soft, flattering lighting on your hands that’s perfect for taking photos.

Hand Modeling

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When shooting hands, there are many things that you need to consider. One of them would be the location where you will take your photos. Whether you have a studio or not, it will still be best if you choose a place with natural lighting so that it will look better when editing your photos later on.

Hand Poses

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You can use different poses for your hand models depending on what kind of photos that they wanted to take such as portrait shots or landscape shots, etc., but make sure that they can do those poses without hurting their fingers as well as their wrists because they might get tired after doing those poses for too long so make sure they’re comfortable while doing it too!

In the below section, we will give you some ideas on how to take photographs of hands beautifully.

Use Your Hands as Props

Just like other products, hands work best when they’re used as props for something else. If you’re selling jewelry, try showing off your rings on your hand in a photo shoot. If you’re selling clothes or accessories, try showing them off on your hands as well.


Another important thing that should always be taken into consideration when taking hand photography is their background because if the background doesn’t look good, it may affect your photo quality.

When you are taking photos of hands, the background should be clean and clutter free. The subject is the most important thing here, so don’t compromise this by placing the background in the picture.

If you want to take photos of hands while on a picnic, you will have to use a backdrop which doesn’t obstruct your view of the subject. This can be done easily by having a plain white sheet or a tablecloth. If you want to take photos of hands while sitting on a bench, then you have to be careful in choosing the kind of backdrop you are using. It should be in a dark and light pattern so that your hands don’t appear washed out.

Try different angles

Another consideration which you need to look into is the angle at which the hands are taken. When you are taking photos of hands, you have to focus on the fingers and thumb. These are the most interesting part of the hand and they should be in focus. While you are taking the photos, you will have to hold the camera close to the subject and tilt the camera in order to capture a clear image.

Get in close.

The best way to tell a story with your hands is to get up close and personal. A macro lens will allow you to capture the details in your hands and put you at eye level with your subject. If you don’t have a macro lens, then any type of zoom lens will work just fine.

Take Photos of Your Hands in Action

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If you have a product that requires hands (like jewelry), take photos of your hands in action, wearing the product and doing whatever it is that makes sense for that particular product type (like typing on a keyboard). This will give potential customers a better idea of how the product works and what it looks like when worn by someone who uses it regularly (instead of just lying around).

Use the hands to communicate emotions and feelings with your photos

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That’s true. You can use your hands to tell a story or to convey some meanings. Sometimes, the way a model shows her hands can create some emotions and you can see some below examples to understand more about this point. For example, you can use a variety of gestures, like a smiley face with your hands on the face, or simply wave at the camera to show you’re happy.

Hand Photography Ideas

The below photos are some examples for you to study. You can learn from these ideas and after apply them into your own photos. You can change or make some adaptations to make the idea more suitable for you.

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