What Is a Photo Licensing Agreement?

Photo Licensing Agreement

A photo licensing agreement is an agreement between you and the person who took the picture of you to be used in another publication. If you publish a magazine or book you might want to use the picture of someone who has given you permission to use it, such as in a fashion spread. In exchange for this permission, you would pay them a fee. A photo licensing agreement is usually needed for personal photographs, and should be agreed between you and the photographer before you take the photo. Most photographers, however, will ask for a payment when you buy their work, rather than asking for a separate fee to license the picture.

If you want to use a photograph, you must get the rights to do so and that means agreeing a photo licensing agreement with the person who took the picture. You must also check whether the person who took the photo gives you permission to reproduce it in print or on a website. You must pay a fee for the photograph you want to use, but this fee is usually agreed in advance and added to your final bill.

The fee for using the picture depends on where and when you want to publish it, and the amount of space you want it to occupy. Some photographers charge £100 for a full page, £50 for a half-page and £25 for a quarter-page. You may also need to pay for the model’s work permit or visa, plus travel and expenses. The amount you are asked to pay will depend on many factors including how famous you are, what you look like, and the type of picture you want to use.

Most photographers will offer you a free copy of their portfolio as a service to you, in return for the fee. Some photographers have websites that you can access to check their work. However, do not rely on a photographer’s word, as you cannot always be sure whether the pictures they are showing are their own. Many photographers also ask for money up front, before you decide whether to use the picture.

If you decide to use the picture, make sure the photographer agrees to you selling the picture on a website. Otherwise the copyright will belong to the photographer and you will not be allowed to use it again.