How to Take Amazing Photos of City Skylines

Skyline shots are one of the most popular photography subjects and there is no end to the number of amazing photographs taken around the world. Here we share some of our favorite places to take stunning skyline shots.

We live in a city and we often find that the sky looks the same everywhere, so why not create some unique images of our local scene? The answer is: because it can! There are so many things that make a photo great, but if you start with a little experimentation then you may find you create something special.

city skyline photography

Use a long lens to capture the sky and cityscape.

The rule of thumb is the further away the objects are from the camera, the bigger they appear. That means if you want to capture the entire skyline then a long lens is essential. Long lenses allow you to include more of the scene in front of the camera. In some cases, a wide angle lens can also be used, although this tends to distort the view. We’d suggest starting with a prime lens, such as a 50mm f/1.8 or a 100mm f/2.8. These types of lenses produce a large depth of field which allows you to focus on the subject without losing the context of the background.

Capture the light in the sky.

city skyline photography

In the early morning and late evening, the sky is often filled with sunlight. This creates beautiful silhouettes and highlights. As the sky gets lighter, try to shoot during sunset, which is known for creating dramatic skies. If the sky is overcast, look for interesting shapes or details in clouds, or shoot against a bright sky. The trick is to try to capture the light in the sky.

Keep a steady hand.

A tripod is essential to take any type of image that includes movement. There are many different styles of tripod. A full-sized tripods are usually heavy and cumbersome, while a compact tripod may be easy to carry and lightweight. A flexible arm, such as a monopod, is a good option if you are using a zoom lens. Another useful piece of kit to take along is a remote release, which allows you to shoot photos without touching the camera.

Wide angle lens

When you use a wide angle lens, the image will be wider than the subject. If you’re taking pictures of tall buildings or skyscrapers, you will need to use a wide angle lens.

Choose the sky/skyline location with a clear view.

Choose a location with a clear view and avoid tall buildings.

The light source should be above the horizon.

If it’s daytime, make sure that the light source is coming from above, otherwise it will be quite dark.

The most important thing is a clear view.

If you’re trying to shoot a clear view of the sky, be sure to focus on the horizon, and avoid focusing on tall buildings.

Keep shooting during the day and night.

If you’re taking pictures of the city skyline, it is best to take photos during the day and at night, as the light changes and the cityscape is a bit more interesting at night.

Look at the time and change your shooting schedule.

If you’re taking pictures at night, set your camera to continuous shooting mode so that you can take photos even if you’re not focusing. If it’s daytime, take photos of the city landscape instead.

Try to capture different light sources.

Shoot the sun at different times of the day, including sunrise, sunset, noon, afternoon, dusk, and dawn.

Try different types of light.

Try taking photos in different environments. You can use different types of lighting such as sunlight, natural light, studio lighting, artificial lights, flashlights, and so on.


Explore new places. Travel to new cities and take pictures of the city skyline.


Advice on how to take great photos (for beginners and skyline photographers)

Do you have any advice on how to take great photos? My family are a pain to photograph and I hate it when my photo’s come out horrible.

There are many tips and tricks to take good photographs, however one of the most important is to know your subject. If you want to take pictures of your family, you need to be comfortable around them and know what they would enjoy doing. This helps your photos look natural and not staged.

Do your research online and find photographers that fit the style you want to go for, such as city skilines photography. Check their work out and see what they have done before.

Once you are comfortable with taking the photos, set up your equipment and get ready to shoot. Remember that the most important thing to have is a good camera. If you are not familiar with your camera, check out the manual before you use it. Also, read through the settings to make sure you know what each one does.

Get as close as you can to your subjects to fill your frame. In the summertime you can get good shots of the sunset or a beautiful rainbow. During the winter you can find beautiful snow scenes.

If you are using a tripod, have a clear view of your subject. If you have trouble getting a good shot of something, move it into another spot and use a different angle. You may also want to try using a macro lens to take close-up photos.

Keep your settings on automatic and have a few different ones available to use, this way you can experiment with what you like. Experiment with the white balance and the exposure. You can use the light meter to determine what settings you will need. The best setting to use will depend on your lighting and subject.

You can also take a picture of your favorite things. Put a mirror in front of your subject, to reflect your subject in the background. Use props that are close to your subject to create interesting shots.

Take a picture of your favorite subject, even if it isn’t perfect. Sometimes it’s fun to have a blurry photo of something you love.

Use filters to make your photos pop. You can get creative with different filters and see what you like. If you are not familiar with a filter, use your camera’s manual to see what it can do. You may want to take more than one photo with different filters and combine them to make a single image.

In general, remember to relax and enjoy your time with your family. A good photographer can make your memories last a lifetime!