Best Newborn Photography Outfits For Great Photos


The first year of your newborn’s life is a special time in your family’s life. Your little one is so tiny and helpless; he needs all the love and support that you can give him. In this time, you will be taking pictures of him in new outfits and poses. It will be easier for you to choose outfits and poses if you know what looks good on babies in the first few months of life.

For this season, you should try on clothes that you wouldn’t normally wear. Here are a few best newborn photography outfits that you should try on this season:

1. Baby pink dresses

If your little one is just starting to grow his hair, pink is a nice color to dress your baby in. When she is wearing dresses, it is better to opt for short ones with big, colorful prints, since these will cover … Read the rest

How to Take Amazing Newborn Twin Photos


Newborn Twin Photography

What are the best tips for photographing newborn twin?

Here’s our advice:

• Look happy. It is a great idea to smile, as you never know who will be looking at your photo. It’s also important to look into the lens, as this gives you a better view of your face.

• When holding your babies, don’t let the camera get in the way of your babies. Instead, hold them gently but firmly in front of you.

• Try to position the twins facing each other. This can add a little drama and make a beautiful photo.

• A good place to take photographs of the twins is in a quiet room. Try to avoid a bright background, which will make it harder to see detail.

• Make sure you are able to see yourself, as you don’t want to forget your hair or something similar.

• Try to take … Read the rest

A Complete Guide to Hospital Birth Photography


In this blog post, we will be discussing the basics of birth photography. In particular, we’ll discuss how to choose a birth photographer and what you can expect from their services.

What is Birth Photography? Birth photography captures memories of your child’s first moments in the world. It documents the emotional joys and challenges that come with welcoming a new life into our family! These images are cherished for generations as they bring back powerful emotions and memories of love for a new baby or a new grandchild.

The Newborn Photography Guide: Taking Baby’s First Photos

Having a newborn is one of the most amazing events in life, and it’s essential to capture these memories.


The Story of Birth Photography


For centuries, childbirth was typically treated as a natural occurrence- something not to be discussed outside the home and certainly not to be photographed. Although there is evidence of childbirth … Read the rest

30+ Creative Photography Ideas for Your Whole Month

What are you looking for in a blog post? Do you want to be inspired by creative photography ideas, or do you want something more practical and informational? If the answer is “both,” then this is the perfect post for you! We will go through 30+ different photo ideas that can provide diverse content on your blog. These posts offer inspiration and information for photographers of all levels. Enjoy!

Photography Ideas

Food photography ideas

Food Photography Ideas

1) One good idea for food photography is to take a photo of the ingredients and then create the recipe. This is a great way to give people an idea of what they’ll need ahead of time, as well as get ideas from other foods in your kitchen that would make great combos! You also get the chance to show how you used what you had available and this can be a really creative outlet for your blog.… Read the rest