Useful Gadgets for Photographers

We often find ourselves in a fix and end up spending money we didn’t have planning a shoot. So, here’s a list of gadgets that will save you time, money and trouble.


The old standby. A digital camera has lots of benefits over a film camera. They are much lighter and easier to carry and have much higher resolution pictures. This means they can capture more detail and allow you to crop and add images and text in Photoshop later. They can also save a lot of photos automatically.


One of the most useful items to have is a good lens. Having a wide angle lens will mean you get lots of interesting backgrounds but also makes a shot look bigger. A zoom lens will allow you to make your subject larger and can be used to include more of a scene. There are loads of different ones to choose from so experiment until you find one you like.


A flash is a must have. It can make the difference between a great image and an average one. Most cameras now have an on/off button, or can be turned on by pressing a specific button. If you are not sure about using a flash then ask your photographer before the session.


When taking photos in bright sunlight or near a window a polarizer can be a life saver. It helps control glare and reduce the harshness of the light. You can buy them in packs of three, or if you are planning to use your camera regularly you can just buy one. You can also get them in sunglasses form if you are worried about wearing one.


Having the correct batteries is a must. Make sure they are fully charged, you will need a spare and you won’t want to run out halfway through your photo shoot. If you are unsure then bring a charger so you can use a different set of batteries while you are charging.

Storage cards:

With a digital camera you will be filling up storage cards quickly and it’s important to ensure you have enough space. Having too little memory can slow down your camera so make sure you have plenty.

Camera bag:

Don’t forget your camera bag. Even if you don’t have a big DSLR camera there are plenty of other items you might need. We recommend a good quality bag as they will protect your equipment, hold it securely and make it easier to carry.


If you’re planning a long day out then you will need to have a backpack. It should be lightweight, comfortable and able to hold everything you need. It’s also handy if you want to bring your own food and drink.

Memory sticks:

For those times you aren’t able to take your memory cards off the camera. They are small and cheap. You can carry a few in your pocket or handbag and have a couple left in your camera bag.


For those times when you are shooting in a noisy environment. A set of headphones will block out background noise, allowing you to concentrate on what you are doing.

Comfortable clothes:

If you are taking your own photos it is worth investing in a wardrobe of comfortable clothes. If you don’t know what to wear you can always ask your photographer or just take a few pieces that you know will work.

Memory card:

If you are planning to edit your photos you will need a memory card that is large enough to hold the number of pictures you will be taking. Don’t forget to charge your camera battery and make sure it is ready for your next shoot.