Lens Calibration: What is it and How to Use

What is lens calibration?

Lens Calibration

Lens calibration refers to the ability of your camera to make adjustments for different lenses. These adjustments include the correction of errors in a lens. They can be made automatically or manually.

Lens calibration is a process that involves measuring the distance between the subject and the camera lens. It’s done using a tool called a ‘calibration sphere’, which comes in three different sizes, which will correspond to the different types of lenses you use (e.g., wide angle, standard zoom etc.). The tool is placed against the front of the lens and the scale on the sphere is aligned with the focal point of the lens. A photo is taken and the distance from the lens to the subject can then be calculated.

The calibration sphere can be purchased from photography retailers. The instructions will come with the calibration sphere itself. If you have problems ordering online you can ask your local camera shop to order one for you. If you have bought your camera from a retailer and don’t see the calibration sphere supplied with it, you can buy a replacement kit from a photography retailer.

How do I know if my lens needs calibration?

If you are unsure, check with a local camera shop. You may also want to take a look at your manual. If it doesn’t mention lens calibration, it probably doesn’t need it.

How do I perform lens calibration?

Before you do it, it’s important to read through the instructions on the calibration tool, and also to understand how the calibration works. The procedure involves aligning a sphere with the front of the lens. To do this, simply hold the tool and place it against the lens. You’ll see a mark on the tool. This marks the focus of the lens.

Next, take a photo of the subject and use the camera’s display screen to measure the size of the circle on the calibration tool. You can use this measurement to determine the distance from the lens to the subject.

If the distance isn’t correct, you’ll know the lens has been misaligned. There are several ways you can go about it.

First, you can purchase a lens alignment tool (also known as a lens extender). You’ll find these in the same place as the calibration sphere. They should come with instructions and diagrams on how to use them.

If your camera doesn’t have a lens extender, you can use your camera’s manual. The manual should also tell you how to calibrate the lens.