What Is a Zoom Lens?

Zoom Lens

A zoom lens is a type of lens that enables a photographer to change the size of the image that is recorded by the lens. This is accomplished by moving the lens inside the camera body.

A zoom lens lets you change the focal length of your camera, depending on what you are shooting. You can take pictures and videos that would otherwise be impossible. For example, a zoom lens makes it easy to get close up shots of flowers, wildlife, buildings, landscapes, your dog, and so on.

For most smartphones and point and shoot cameras, you can switch between different lenses that come with the camera.

However, not all zoom lenses fit all smartphones and point and shoot cameras. Most smartphones have built in zoom lenses. However, you still need a zoom lens if you want to use the widest angle. Most point and shoot cameras have … Read the rest

What Is a Macro Lens?

Macro Lens

What Are Macro Lenses?

A macro lens is a lens that has been designed specifically for taking images of small objects. Macro lenses are sometimes referred to as “narrow-angle” lenses, as they provide a narrow angle of view. In general, the shorter the focal length of the lens, the wider the maximum aperture.

A typical macro lens with a focal length of around 50mm will have a maximum aperture of f/4, and be able to focus on objects approximately 50mm away. With a macro lens, you’ll be able to take photos of small objects, such as insects, flowers, and even people, with incredible clarity and detail.

When the maximum aperture is extremely small, the amount of light that enters the lens is also reduced, producing less overall light. As a result, the depth of field is very shallow, which means that the foreground and background will appear blurry. This is … Read the rest

What Is a Pancake Lens?

Pancake Lens

A pancake lens is a plastic sheet with a number of small holes cut out of the front. The idea is to use this to magnify objects such as plants or insects. There are different kinds of pancake lenses, with the holes cut in different shapes. You can also buy a “zoom lens” with variable magnification. This has two plastic sheets with the same holes cut in the same pattern, attached to one another by rubber bands. The difference between a pancake lens and a zoom lens is that the pancake lens is fixed in one place and the zoom lens is attached to your camera, so you can move it around. If you are taking photographs of flowers or insects in a garden, you can put the lens on the camera’s lens and zoom in closer. For example, you can zoom in to see the tiny details on an … Read the rest

35mm or 50mm Lens: Which Should I Choose?

lens numbers

There are many photographers who have to choose between a 35mm or 50mm prime lens. Which one is best for you? Here are some things to consider when choosing which lens will work best for your style of photography.


Should I Choose the 35mm Lens?

The main difference between these two lenses is field of view, or how much of what you see in front of you the lens captures. The 50mm has a narrower angle, so it captures more than the wider angle (35) does. This makes sense if you’re photographing people and want them all in frame without having to step back too far from them whereas if you were photographing something like landscape shots where distance doesn’t make as big a difference

What is a Prime Lens?

A prime lens is a type of lens that doesn’t zoom. There are lenses that are considered “bad” optics, but … Read the rest