Best Ideas and Tips for Indoor Christmas Photography

Christmas is an exciting time of year, but can be stressful with the pressures of family gatherings, decorating and gifts. So, how can you relax and enjoy yourself? Follow our tips below to create stunning indoor photographs this Christmas and beyond.

Have fun with food.

There is nothing better than making your own festive meals for loved ones to enjoy. You can create a delicious Christmas dinner from scratch in no time at all with plenty of recipes to browse through. If you can’t face the cooking, have a look at ready-made festive meals and seasonal snacks.

Keep an open mind.

A new gadget, app, camera or toy could add a lot of fun to your holiday snaps. There are loads of great online resources with inspiration and tips for capturing great images.

Try out different settings.

If you want to experiment with lighting, try shooting at night. In bright light, shadows are thrown and can create interesting patterns. The darker the room, the more the image will come alive. Take the opportunity to play with depth of field too – focus on just one part of the picture and then zoom in to create a more detailed shot.

Have a go at DIY props.

If you’re struggling to think of gift ideas, try putting together a set of DIY decorations, including Christmas trees, ornaments and garlands. Even old items can be used to make creative gifts.

Give some thought to the season.

You don’t have to get it all done in one day. Plan ahead and make a list of the things you want to do. For example, decorate a tree a few days before Christmas and get it up early so you have plenty of time to put presents under it.

Shoot with your phone.

It’s easy to take pictures of the kids with a smartphone, but if you want to take some special family photos, why not get out your camera. The simplest method is to use the built-in flash. To get the best shots, set the camera to manual mode, point it where you want the picture to be taken and adjust the aperture, shutter speed and ISO until you get the shot you want.

Use a tripod.

You can’t always rely on your mobile phone to hold steady and you need to be able to freeze fast-moving action. If you’re using a DSLR, you can attach it to a tripod. If you’re using a point-and-shoot camera, try using the self-timer option.

Make sure the battery is fully charged.

This might seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget. Always check the battery level before starting to take photos.

 Other tips

Ask your family and friends for permission before you snap their photo. It will help you to create images that capture the true essence of the day.

Capture a beautiful sunset, snowfall, or even the moon in the sky. This will add a magical and romantic feel to your photographs and can also be incorporated into your Christmas cards.

Take photographs with a timer to capture the moments that are most precious to you, such as a special moment with loved ones, a sweet kiss or embrace, or your family together.

Use a tripod to steady your camera so you can freeze action, capture candid moments and avoid blurry images.

Use a flash to light up dark areas, such as faces.

Create seasonal images, such as a snowman or a Christmas tree.

Consider using a backdrop. If there is a fireplace, window, or wall that you find inspiring, make it the main subject in your photograph.

If you are photographing multiple subjects, use props to bring people closer together. For example, you can use a plant, a Christmas card, a bottle of wine, or a teddy bear.

Think about what you would like to say about your family, your home or holiday memories in your Christmas cards.

Keep the design simple and fun to match your personality and style.