How to Find a Photography Mentor

It depends what you want to achieve and what level you are at. If you are just getting started it is easy to find a photographer who will give you advice and offer a few tips. Once you are more confident you could go to an educational institution such as a college, art school or university where there will be opportunities to meet up with other photographers.

Alternatively, you could look on the internet. There are plenty of websites that cater for people looking to improve their photographic skills. The National Association of Photographic Art Societies (NAPS) has a website with links to other organizations across the country.

For a more informal experience, perhaps it would be worth getting involved with a photography group. This can be either a local club or an online one. Most clubs will have members of varying skill levels and they often provide advice and … Read the rest

Common Mistakes that Beginner Photographers Often Make

The worst mistake a beginner photographer can make is to assume that the camera will capture everything. There are many reasons for this, including lack of experience, fear and ignorance. The end result of such an error is usually a poor quality photograph, where everything is out of focus or badly exposed.

This is a mistake that we see novice photographers make on a regular basis. As a beginner, it’s natural to be concerned with capturing the perfect image. To help you avoid making mistakes, below are some common mistakes made by beginner photographers and the reasons why these mistakes occur.

What Mistakes a Beginner Photographer Should Know to Avoid

1) Not taking enough photographs – If you’re new to photography, you may not know how many photos you need to take. Many beginners think that one or two shots is plenty, when it’s actually quite different.

It’s estimated that … Read the rest

What Makes You A Professional Photographer?

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Professional photographers are often judged by their ability to create a certain kind of image. This can range from a beautiful landscape or portrait to an advertisement or fashion shoot.

A professional photographer must have the following attributes.


You must understand the technical aspects of photography. You must know how to use camera equipment such as a camera, lenses, and flash correctly. You must understand light and be able to make the best possible exposures using a variety of different settings. You must be familiar with Photoshop, one of the most popular digital editing software packages. In addition, you need to know how to use Photoshop’s basic tools and understand how to modify, manipulate, and retouch images.


You must have the right technique. A professional photographer’s work should always be technically sound. To be technically sound, a photographer must possess skill in a variety of areas including the … Read the rest

Reasons Why Photography is Important in Our Lives

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What’s the attraction of photography?

Photography helps us to record memories and connect with people. Many people say they love photography because they enjoy looking at the results. It’s also true that taking photographs can offer emotional rewards and help you gain a new perspective. You can find creative satisfaction in using a camera, editing images and printing.

Photography is not just about capturing moments, it can also help us think about things differently. You can learn about what you see, how it works, and what your experiences are about. For instance, photographing a tree can help you to appreciate the variety and beauty of nature.

Photographs can also help you understand people. Take a look at the portraits that your grandparents took and how they changed over the years. You can see them as individuals and perhaps see how they are similar or different to yourself.

The other reason … Read the rest