The Best Photo Collage Apps in 2023

Photo collages are a great way to showcase your best moments with friends and family. The best photo collage apps make it easy for you to create beautiful, professional looking photos in minutes!

What is photo collage app?

Photo Collage

A photo collage is a fun way to remember all of your favorite memories. You can create the perfect photo collage using only the best photo apps available, which are now easier than ever to find!

A photo collage app is a mobile application that allows you to blend or merge multiple images into one. You can then save the new image and share it on social media, email it to friends and family, print it out as a physical postcard, etc.

How can I make a photo collage online?

Photo Collage

Photo collages can be made online using Photoshop or photo collage apps.

The best photo collage apps 2022


iPhone | Android


One of the best free apps is Layout. The app contains a lot of templates to choose from, which come in different styles and color schemes. You can also get more templates for it by purchasing them through an in-app purchase. This app is available on both Android and iPhone devices.

The app is a free photo collage maker from Instagram that allows you to combine multiple photos together in the style of your choice. It’s easy and fun, especially if you’re looking for a creative way to share more than one picture at once on social media or through email.

Layout by Instagram helps users create unique-looking designs with their favorite pictures using over 250 different layouts options such as bold grids, colorful squares, sleek circles and many others so each design can feel fresh yet familiar depending on what they choose. Layout also has filters which are very similar ones found within popular apps like VSCO Cam & Afterlight where all these tools allow people around the world enjoy sharing memorable moments captured throughout life into memories that last forever!

Photo Grid

Photo Grid is a photo collage app which makes it easy to create and share amazing photos. You can choose from hundreds of high definition layouts, textures/backgrounds, borders & patterns as well as stickers for your projects with just one tap! The best part about Photo Grid is that you don’t need any technical knowledge or design skills – making these customized memories has never been so simple before.

PhotoGrid allows you to make personalized pictures by choosing different backgrounds within the app opening up endless possibilities in terms of customization options available depending upon what your preference might be at the given time. To further enhance this experience they even have their own online community where people upload new grids every day.

Photo Grid, an easy-to-use substitute for Photoshop or other complicated software, enables users to create stunning designs with their photos in no time at all. The interface of the program makes it simple enough even for beginners while still retaining advanced features such as filters and effects from more complex programs like Adobe Illustrator CC which can be added on top of your projects if desired.


iPhone | Android

Diptic is an easy to use photo collage app for iPhone. It has a ton of options including the ability to choose from various layouts, grids and ratios as well as dozens of amazing backgrounds that can be mixed with your own photos.

Diptic is made for creating different types of photo collages on iPhones based around several themes or templates provided by the developer such as choosing between nine ratio choices which range in size up at 16×9 all the way down to 1:1 square format shots so you have plenty choice depending upon what type of content are trying fit into each individual layout template . You also get access more than 50 gorgeous background graphics which look great against any one image let alone multiple ones laid.


iPhone | Android


Canva is a great app that allows you to create photo collages on your devices. They have many templates and the process of choosing photos, adjusting them in size and layering can be customized according to your preferences. The selection of fonts and colors makes it easy for users who want creative designs while not breaking their bank accounts at the same time. It’s simple interface also helps beginners use its features easily which saves everyone some frustration if they are just getting started with graphic design tools such as Canva!


iPhone | Android


I love the Moldiv photo collage app. I can make fun photos with my friends and family by using this creative tool to place our faces on top of each other’s bodies, or even use it to create personalized greeting cards for birthdays! The best part is that you don’t need any fancy software; just download the free application onto your smartphone (iPhone, Android) device and start creating memorable moments whenever inspiration strikes.

The Moldiv photo collage app allows users all over the world who own either an iPhone or Android phone to enjoy making humorous images featuring themselves along with their loved ones together in one frame – whether they are posing as cartoon characters like SpongeBob SquarePants, Buzz Lightyear from “Toy Story”, Olaf…

Moldiv is considered one of the best photo collage apps because it allows users from all backgrounds to create unique postcard style images using their own pictures and designs. These customized canvases have been used by millions around the world in order to share memories through social media platforms such as Facebook , Twitter , Instagram etc . Moldiv makes this process simple enough so everyone can participate regardless if they are artistically gifted or not since each user will be able assign different layouts options based on what mood you’re going


iPhone | Android


PicStitch photo collage app is an easy and quick way to create high-quality photos. Users can simply upload their images from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or take a new picture with the camera and then select layouts for each individual image before stitching them together into one large picture that takes up the entire screen of your device. The free version only allows users to choose three different sizes while paying members have access to all six included in this application which could be useful especially if you are creating several pictures at once such as multiple wallpapers on our phone’s home screens.

I love the PicStitch photo collage app! It gives you options to make a quick, beautiful collage in seconds. You can choose from different layouts and backgrounds or even upload your own picture background if preferred. There are many filter modes for each image that makes it very easy on the eyes when viewing all of them together, which is great because these photos will be kept forever as part of an album with this app. I think people should definitely try this out and start making their own mini-masterpiece today!

Pic Collage

iPhone | Android

pic collage

Piccollage is an application where its user’s are able to select multiple pictures from previous events, places they’ve visited etc., which will then appear as one single image within Pic Collages interface; this may range anywhere between 1-20 images per “page”. Users have found themselves enjoying these features because it brings back good memories when looking at past photographs with friends & family after time has passed by since their last meeting/event occurred.

With the Pic Collage app, you can create a photo collage with just one touch. There are more than 500 layouts to choose from and 30 different backgrounds available in this free iOS download application. For those who love taking photos of their loved ones or pets, there is an option for adding text as well. You can even upload your own personal background design via Dropbox! I think that pic collages make great gifts too because they’re personalized by default – perfect for holidays like birthdays or anniversaries where it’s best not to send real flowers but something funny instead 😉

Photo Blend & Shape Collage Maker

photo blend

Photo Blend & Shape Collage Maker is a free app for iOS devices. The application allows users to blend two or more photos together, as well as add shapes such as hearts, stars etc., on the top of their picture. It also has other editing tools including filters which can be added onto your photos with minimal fuss involved in getting them done right away.

You can choose from hundreds of different collages to blend two faces together. It also features over 100 filters and effects for making the perfect image! It allows users to merge two or more photographs into one image by using blend modes such as additive, multiply etc., allowing them to create unique collages on their phones without spending money in studios. The user can also add different kinds of shaped overlays onto his/her photograph easily with just few taps which helps transform any regular picture into something eye-catching and could be used for sharing it via social media platforms like Facebook.


What are some examples of popular photo collages apps?

Some great examples include Picstitch, Diptic (Diptic), Layout from Instagram (Layout) , Photo Grid – Collage Maker & Pic Frame + Sticker!, Splice -Photo Editor Collage lnterface-, Mosaic Me! Free Selfie Social Camera App for Facebook  and InstaCollage Pro. Each offers beautiful templates with different features including text boxes for captions, stickers.

How to make a collage of 50-60 photos?

I recommend PicCollage. It’s free and has a lot of different layouts to choose from, as well as an option to add text or upload your own graphics. You can also make collages with shapes and filters if you want.

How to create a photo collage in MS Word?

If you’re not sure how to do this, just follow these basic steps:

1)Open MS Word and click on the pictures tab at the top. Drag and drop each photo into the box with a dotted line next to it.

2)Choose “change size” and then “fit”. Next click on “save” and then “yes”.

3)Press enter or click on another tab, and you’ll see your finished collage.

Can I create a photo collage in Snapseed?

There are various ways to edit photos on your device, but one of the most popular apps for making photo collages is Snapseed. With this app, you can cut shapes out of photos, apply filters, adjust brightness and contrast, adjust focus, change color temperature of your photo or even make it 3D. You can also choose to make collages with multiple photos.

Which is the best collage maker for windows?

Windows has photo collage maker PicsArt that is free to use. You can create a collage by selecting the “Pics” tab while clicking on the camera icon. PicsArt has amazing filters, editing tools and colors that allow you to make your masterpiece stand out.


The applications mentioned above are some of the best collage apps available for download in 2022. Each one has its own unique features and aesthetics that will help you create a wonderful piece of art with just your smartphone!

We hope this article has been useful for those looking to create a photo collage! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you.