The Best Tips to Take Beautiful Garden Photography

How to improve your garden photography?

You have a beautiful garden and love taking photos of it. If you have taken a lot of shots you might find it hard to see the quality. Here are 10 ways you can use to make your photos really stand out.

1. Get Creative – Take More Photo Opportunities

Take more chances. If you don’t have a special garden for photography then look for other places where there is interesting scenery. You can photograph things like unusual architecture, bridges, ponds, trees, buildings and the sea.

2. Get A Close Up Look

To achieve this look try using a macro lens. You can also try using a wide angle lens but be careful as it is easier to zoom out the wider the lens. This will make it easier to get closer to the subject, especially if the subject has large plants in it.… Read the rest

Best Tips for Taking Beautiful Hummingbird Photos

Hummingbird Photography

Hummingbirds are tiny, beautiful and fast. When you see them, they zip around and fly backwards. To capture this movement, take photos at the right moment. If you are photographing a hummingbird feeding, wait until the bird has taken its mouthful of nectar and then shoot. Try holding a flower and watch how the hummingbird adjusts its body position and speed as it goes in for a drink.

If you want to photograph the hummingbird itself, look at its posture and expression. Then, when it is flying backwards, make sure you follow it and focus on the front of the body. This will give you the best chance of capturing the bird in flight. If you use a macro lens, the hummingbird will appear close up and you will get a good shot of the eye.

It is possible to photograph a hummingbird without disturbing it. Stand quite still and … Read the rest

How to Become a Wildlife Photographer

Wildlife Photography

Nature has always inspired me and I love to travel the world capturing images of animals and landscapes. It’s been my dream since I was a child and I finally achieved this in 2013. It took years of perseverance to achieve this but I am so happy!

I have learnt so much in my journey so far. I have learnt that patience is key, you need to love animals and be able to endure their unpredictable behavior. The only way to capture the perfect moment is to put yourself in the animal’s position and wait patiently. As a wildlife photographer, there are many challenges, you can find yourself spending a lot of money on equipment, your time and you may even have to spend months away from home to get the shots.

Being a wildlife photographer requires the ability to adapt quickly in any situation. You must be able to … Read the rest

Insect Photography Best Tips and Techniques

Insect Photography

Use the right equipment

First and foremost you need a camera that suits your needs. If you are serious about photography then you need a digital SLR camera. A digital SLR camera is far superior to a point and shoot, it will allow you to capture your images more precisely and accurately.

The key to getting great photos is to use the right equipment and this applies to any subject. If you want to take photos of insects, you need a macro lens. This lens will enable you to zoom in on your insect, and get close to it, so that you can achieve the perfect shot.

As you are going to be working with insects, there are a few additional items that you will need. Firstly you will need a tripod. This allows you to stand comfortably while taking your shots and it will ensure you have a stable … Read the rest