Best Food Styling Tips for Food Photography

Food styling is a skill that every serious food blogger needs to know. It’s one thing to be able to master the art of cooking, but it’s another thing entirely to learn how to make your food look mouthwatering on camera and in photographs.

Food styling can seem intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll realize that it’s actually pretty simple and straightforward. And with these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to bring your recipes to life!

Start with a clean slate.

A good way to begin styling a recipe is by choosing one of your favorite dishes and using it as the base for your styling. If you are styling for a group of friends, choose something that can be easily prepared in advance and that will feed everyone. Or, for a wedding, a dish that is made just for the occasion and won’t require much attention on the day.

Use your ingredients wisely.

Be sure to use what you have on hand. If you don’t have a particular spice or flavor in mind, think about what would complement it in your cooking. For instance, if you are using curry, consider whether you would like a sweeter dish or a savory one. If you are looking to incorporate a color into your dish, use items that will make it look bright, such as red wine or citrus.

Keep your presentation simple.

The simplest of presentations are usually the most successful. You don’t need to spend hours designing a special tablecloth or creating a centerpiece, unless you are entertaining a crowd. In fact, a simple arrangement of your food will often be more eye-catching than anything else.

Add in the details.

Additions such as fresh herbs, garnishes, edible flowers, and condiments are the finishing touches that bring your food to life. Consider adding them to your dish before serving and then tucking them away when it’s all eaten. The possibilities are endless and the beauty is that no one will even notice them.

Make sure your ingredients are fresh

Before you start shooting your recipe, make sure all of your ingredients are fresh and ready to go. You should also make sure that all of your equipment is clean and free of dust or dirt.

Layer colours

One of the most effective ways to decorate a plate is by layering colours in an aesthetically pleasing way — whether it’s using different shades of the same hue or contrasting colours altogether. For example, if you have a green salad, try adding some red tomatoes or yellow onions for contrast!

Use different shapes for variety

Another way to add visual interest to a dish is by using different shapes for variety (square vs round).

Serve your food from the best.

While the hostess may not be responsible for the state of their home, they can still make a big impact on how the food looks. A simple tablecloth can make or break a beautiful presentation, so if you are serving at home, take the time to design something unique and attractive. Choose a tablecloth that complements your dining room, one that has been washed and ironed.

Mix it up.

Even the simplest of dishes can be given a more interesting presentation. Try placing your food on a serving platter, arranging it on a special plate or serving tray and layering the ingredients in a certain way. Your presentation may be simple, but the way you style your food can make it appear as though it took weeks of preparation.

Keep it simple.

If you are planning a party or event, keep it simple and don’t overdo it. When in doubt, less is more. You don’t want to leave people confused about what to do with their hands, or overwhelmed by choices. Choose something easy, and you will be more likely to enjoy the whole process.

Keep your tools close.

Having a good set of knives, forks, spoons, serving plates, and so on, will make your life a lot easier. You can even buy specialty sets designed for entertaining. Choose utensils that are appropriate for the food you are serving and that will not scratch or stain the table, leaving you free to concentrate on what you are doing.

Use Colorful Ingredients

Fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs all add color to your dish. They can also be used as props for food photography, making the whole scene more interesting. You can also use them to add different textures and shapes that will make your food look more appetizing.

Use Glasses, Bowls, and Jars as Props

You don’t always need fancy props like bowls or plates when you’re styling a dish. Glasses, jars, and other containers work just as well! Just make sure they match your theme or color scheme so they don’t look out of place in the photo shoot.


“Food styling” is the art of making food look delicious. It’s a lot less glamorous than it sounds — but if you’re serious about food blogging, it’s a crucial part of the job.

Food styling is all about getting the right colors and textures on your plate, so it looks appetizing to viewers. You can use props like fresh herbs or lemons to add some color, or use clever lighting techniques to make your food really shine.

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